Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Nutrish Dish With Butt Pictures

Merci:  Hey, Buddy, a package just arrived for us.  We should go check it out.

Buddy:  Okay.  Just give me five minutes to climb off the bed and we can do it together.

Marcus:  Hey, look what I found.  It's a bag of dog food.

Merci:  You're blocking the view.  No one can see the bag.

Marcus:  Oh, sorry.  Is this better?

Buddy:  No, your ear is blocking the view now.

Marcus:  It's the new Nutrish Dish chicken and brown rice dog food from Rachel Ray.

Merci:  The package says there is no corn, wheat, soy or gluten.  And no poultry by-product meal, fillers, artificial preservatives, colors or artificial flavors.

Buddy:  That's quite a list of "no" ingredients.  Is there anything in it?

Marcus:  Yes, chicken.

Buddy:  Is that all?

Merci:  No, it says on the bag there are chicken, carrots, peas, potatoes, apples, brown rice, flaxseed and poultry fat and cranberries.  The full ingredient list is on the Chewy website.

Marcus:  Hurry up, Jan.  We're all ready for breakfast. 

Merci:  Hey, you ran into your Private Dining Car before Jan asked you to.

Marcus:  I know.  I can't wait.  I want to be served NOW!

Marcus:  Uh, Jan, did you hear me?  I said NOW!

Marcus:  It's about time! 

Buddy:  Finally we get to eat too.

Merci:  Hey, every picture has Marcus in it.  Buddy and I finally get a turn and ... wait, we're posting pictures of my butt?

Buddy:  Don't complain.  You're the one who refused to turn around and face the camera.

Merci:  We really have been enjoying this bag of food since it arrived. It's too bad this is the last of it.

Buddy:  Yes, we've enjoyed every bite of this Rachel Ray Nutrish Dish.  There's nothing left in the bag now except crumbs. 

Marcus:  Hey, where did the waitress go?  I need a trip to the restroom.

*** We were given the bag of food by Chewy.com in exchange for an honest review.  We were not paid.  Any opinions or comments are our own. 


  1. Marcus, Me love your food bowl...VERY BIG !
    I think I can do all-you-can-eat whole day with your bowl =^x^=

  2. Marcus Marcus Marcus... we don't know WHAT about you Marcus... BUTT we DO know about this Rachael Ray Foodables...
    it is MADE IN MEADVILLE, Pencil Vane E Ah which is just about 87 seconds or so from OUR HOUSE... and OH is that factory ever CLEAN and FRESH and the workers are GRRRREAT... JUST LIKE THE FOODABLES they Pawduce here. WE are thrilled that YOU ALL like it. WE do TOO.

  3. Marcus you always make us laugh!

  4. We love all of you,Marcus, even the derriere...Hope the waitress showed up.

  5. It must be great if Marcus puts himself in his private dining car!

  6. there is real stuff in there. Yum!!
    Lily & Edward

  7. Oh, Marcus. You're so handsome! Love the pic of you waiting in your dining car.

  8. Y'all always enjoy that yum!!!

  9. Glad ya'll liked it. We don't know zactly what it costs, specially fur doggies, but it's not too costly, is it? Anyways, glad ya'll enjoyed it.

    Luv ya'


  10. Oh Marcus, you are adorable!
    The food looks yummy...

    Noodle and crew

  11. We love the Rachael Ray cat food.


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