Monday, May 16, 2016

Baby Bird in Dog Pen

Taylor:  Hey, how did the baby bird get in our dog pen?

Rusty:   I've been wondering the same thing.  Last week Jan let Marcus outside, saw the bird and decided Marcus needed to come back inside right away.

Marcus:  Yes, I was walking down the steps and Jan suddenly said, "Marcus - she calls me Marcus -

Taylor:  Of course she does.  That's your name.

Marcus:  She said, :"Marcus, let's go back in the house."

     "But I have to pee," I said. 


     So I dutifully went back in the house and sat for hours with my legs crossed

Taylor:  It was only for a short time, Marcus.  Jan went outside to take some pictures.

Baby bird:  Mama, where are you?  How did I get here?  Where am I?  Who is this crazy person following me around telling me to smile for the camera?

Taylor:  Baby looked dazed and lost.  Did he fall out of a nest in our tree or did his mama kick him out and tell him not to come back until he graduated flight school?

Rusty:  I begged to go outside to help him, but Jan hooked the screen door to lock me inside.

Marcus:  He wandered around the pen, hopped a little, flapped his wings here and there, and looked around a lot.  At first I thought he'd dropped his nest keys, but then I realized he was lost.   If I didn't have to keep my legs crossed, I could have taken him a map.

Taylor:  What happened to him?  Did his mom ever show up?

Rusty:  Not that I know of.  He slowly made his way across the pen, stopping here and there to practice lift off, flapped through the chain link, landed and disappeared around the neighbor's tree.

Marcus:  And finally I was allowed outside to pee!

Taylor:  I hope Baby is okay.  Perhaps he'll come back and visit us again.

Marcus:  I hope so.  I'd like to invite him to lunch.


  1. Hari OM
    Oh my word, your place is alive with the burgeoning of spring!!! Well done on 'holding it in' Marcus - am glad baby bird found its way to the tree; Nature will see to whatever is next for it. Hugs wags whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. You guys were very supportive.

  3. OMD Marcus... do you suppose he is one of the PIPE Birds? OR Pawhaps he has heard that You Speak GOOSE and thought you might speak Baby Bird, Too. Hope that he is now Safe and Pooping of someBuddy's Car some where. That seems to make birds Very much happy.

  4. Gorgeous pictures Funny Farmers, we love seeing all the wildlife at your place!


    Basil & Co xox

  5. marcus you are so funny!
    stella rose

  6. OH Marcus!! You are so much fun!!!

  7. Is this one of the babies from the pipe?

  8. Lunch huh? Hope he found his way or learned to fly. He looks a little lean and lanky. Must be a teenager and purrobably went to a pawrty without da pawrents purrmission. MOL

    Luv ya'


  9. Such a nice bird!! I hope he finds his way home!!

  10. They taste like chicken. :-)

  11. marcus .....well, we give ya credit dood that ewe said ....TO...lunch !!☺☺☺♥♥♥

  12. What a good, good doggie. Keeping your legs crossed. Not many doggies are able to do that but you had it in you. OR rather, you were KEEPING it in you.
    Good dog, good dog.
    Lunch, indeed. You are too much, Marcus. And what would you prepare...?

  13. Very nice of you to hold your pee so the baby bird could make his way out of your pen and hopefully back to his mom!

  14. Hopefully that little birdie found his way back to where he didn't remember!

  15. I hope the baby bird is OK, I am glad he could fly well enough to get in the tree.

  16. YOU'D LIKE TO INVITE HIM TO LUNCH???????????? Crikey ..... I knew I liked you, Marcus. That's what birds are for, aye??

  17. We had some baby birds on our front porch a couple of weeks ago.

  18. Wow! You have baby birds all around. That must mean they feel very secure with the Funny Farmers guarding their nests. ♥

  19. Marcus i can see why Jan preffered you not assist...sweet little thing.i hate crossing my legs..not good for you you know :) :) Pee ess think my comment before got forgive me if i am doubling up Bol..loves Fozziemum xxx

  20. You were so gracious to 'hold it' while that wee birdie figured out how to escape your pen.
    Hope it was reunited with its family.


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