Friday, May 06, 2016

Dedicated Determination

Percy:  Hey, Marcus, I heard you were baby bird sniffing again yesterday. 

Marcus:  Yes, and they were singing for us when we approached.  Jan put her ear down to the pipe to listen to their tiny voices. 

Buddy:  She got some exercise!  On our morning walk, Jan discovered she'd left the camera on the desk.  She had to come home to pick up the camera and drop off the old timers - Merci and me.

Marcus:  I get so excited when we approach, I run up, stand on my hind legs, sniff, and lick the top of the pipe.  I'd really like to invite those birds to lunch but Jan said their mom probably told them not to talk to strangers.  I'm not a stranger.  Everyone knows I'm Marcus.

Percy:  The sun was shining this morning.  Was Jan able to get a better picture than last evening?

Buddy:  That's debatable.  Jan has a very small camera but the pipe is narrow and the "handle" over the top makes it next to impossible to take a picture.

Percy:  There isn't any handle showing in the pictures she took, most of which we watched her delete, so how did could she even try to get a shot? 

Marcus:  The camera will barely fit under the handle.  She slides it under, then turns on the camera so the lens will open and blindly tries to change the zoom setting and just as blindly aims down the pipe.  Then she has to turn off the camera to slide it back out.

Buddy:  She made a third trip to see if she could get anything better than what she had.  I insisted on going along. 

Marcus:  This is the best she could come up with.  It's from trip #2.  The bright yellow strips are tiny slivers of sunlight inside the pipe.  (Can't use a flash in there.)  The gray circle area is the nest and in the nest are the birds.  It's just amazing how tiny they are!

Percy:  And it's amazing Jan was able to get even that little bit of detail out of this.  It's the original picture (looking down the pipe at the nest) before she cropped and played with the picture.

Buddy:  While Jan maneuvered the camera under the handle, Marcus stood up and begged to get his face in the picture.  The camera was pointing down a pipe and Marcus still tried to photobomb.  Now that is dedicated determination!

Marcus:  For those of you who asked for updates, when Buddy and I took Jan on our evening walk (4th of the day), I licked the top of the pipe.   Jan not only heard the low singing but saw and heard bird wings flapping in the pipe.  What kind of bird could be so small?

Percy:  Since this is Thankful Thursday, we would like to thank a sweet blogging friend for sending us some kitty and some dog Science Diet.  Jan says it is such a blessing.  We say let's eat!

Note:  Perhaps you have already figured out this is not Thursday.  It's been a hectic week and we just learned we lived through two Wednesdays.  Please ignore that this is Friday and pretend it's part 2 of yesterday's Thankful Cat in Hat with Scarf post.

PS - Quinn's mom Carol from Catitude blog asked if we would let bloggers know their internet is down until at least next Thursday.  The modem died.  Also, she's recovering from a bronchial infection and would appreciate your prayers.

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  1. MOL human is hopeless sometime.
    Concats for da yummy food
    & Have a fantastic day guys

  2. Hari OM
    Well I fur one think Jan did a sterling job of picturing those little posers!!! Their markings suggest to me that they might be chickadees.. my concern would be how they are ever gonna get outta there to start their flying lessons>!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. Thank you for the nice blog today. And you are so kind to keep checking on the birdies and letting Marcus lick the pipe and keep it warm (probably they'll bond with Marcus and you'll have three birdies living in your living room).

  4. That was nice of someone to send food. Jan did well with the photos of the birds.

  5. Those are the cutest birds! Very clever of them to build in such a safe place, though I imagine it is still vulnerable to some things.

  6. MARCUS... we don't think you should hang around that Pipe Nest.... the mamma and daddy might just start SWOOPING you...

  7. Those birds are so cute. I can't believe that you can hear them down in there! How fun.

  8. We have ta admit we prefer grownup birds. Plumper...

  9. We sure hope those birdies will be able to escape the pipe when they fledge.

    Clever though, safe we think...great set of pictures, too.

  10. Oh my gosh, that baby bird picture looks like a painting. How far down are they?

  11. Who would have thought that birds were so smart?
    Have a wonderful weekend...

    Noodle and crew

  12. The picture of the birdies is amazing ! We wonder how the adults are able to get in and out that small pipe ! Purrs

  13. Thank you so much for your kind words when our Bennette left us.


    Cory and family

  14. Those must be some really little birds if they can fit in that pipe. We're impressed by Jan's photos of them!

  15. We wonder what will happen when the birdies get big...will they still fit in the pipe? Marcus, we think they probably wouldn't be much more than a snack for you.

    As for Jan messing up Thursday, we have to say she's doing much better than our mom bean. We can't even remember the last time she posted for us!

    have a great week efurrybody!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  16. hello funny farmers its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow birds in a pipe!!! wot wil they think of nekst??? i bet saya wood try to shove her hole fayse in their and maybe eeven git stuck and then i wood hav a fyoo minutes of peese until she got free hmmmmmmmmm no mama wood git mad at me if i riggd up sumthing like that!!! ok bye

  17. PepiSmartDog: we will be very interested to read the development of the baby birds. May I suggest you report your bird find to a local wildlife rescuer, in case they are needed as the birds grow larger. As you know, mum Michele is an animal rescuer and I know she'd be happy to hear if someone found something like this. Hopefully the parent birds will handle everything perfectly, but its always good to be prepared. Hee Hee!
    Thank you for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. We always love your posts.
    Hope to see you again this week too. Have a great week! *waves paw* :=o)


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