Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Energetic Excitement

Cyndi:  Hey, look at that dog riding in the wagon. 

Merci:  That's Moses and his human Stanley.  Moses rides around town in style in the wagon or in a back pack.  Sometimes he gets down and walks so he can explore.

Cyndi:  Moses is one lucky dog!  Stanley obviously loves Moses more than Jan loves us.

Merci:  What makes you say that?

Cyndi:  Look at him pedaling away as Moses directs where to go.  We cats don't go outside but you dogs walk Jan every day.  When is the last time you guys rode in such style while exercising Jan?

Merci:  Moses rides because they are going somewhere that's too far for him to walk.  We walk Jan so she won't be a couch potato. 

Cyndi:  I can picture you guys now riding in a wagon.  Jan is huffing and puffing up the hill.  Marcus is leaping around screeching with energetic excitement -

Merci:  Yes, he is.  I can picture it now too.  In fact, Marcus has so much energy, Jan pushes us out of the cart, climbs in, snaps our leashes, and yells, "Mush!"

Cyndi:  Mush?  Didn't she eat breakfast before she left the house?

Merci:  You know none of us eat until after our first walk of the day.

Cyndi:  Well, if you guys are going to become wagon dogs, you had better start eating first.

Merci:  I have a better idea.  How about if we forget the wagon and make Jan continue to hoof it down the road with us?

Cyndi:  Okay, but don't come home again and tell us how much you envy Moses.

Merci:  I don't envy Moses.  I envy Stanley.  He isn't being herded down the road by Marcus. 


  1. Forgive us, but we would give up a day's treats to avoid that. On the other paw, Ayla would stay on TBTs shoulder iffen he walked around on the street.

  2. What a thought...Moses telling his master where to ride him to, BOL!

    And taking Miss Jan for a walk to prevent the couch potato syndrome, bwhahahah!!
    She is so busy with this and that, couch potato?? We beg to differ...yesiree we do!

  3. Oh yes I would luffs to be directing where the peeps to the nearest puppicino shop...please (why's my manners!)
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. Hari OM
    Yup, keeping footsies on firm ground sounds like a much better plan to me!!! Hugs wags whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  5. WE like that the peep takes the Pup fur a ride... that would be FUN... WE have OUR No Walkin Wagon... butt when our mom pulls it... she goes SO Slow that it is Boring... butt with a BIKE to pull... OH NEVER MIND... mom probably can't even peddle fast.

  6. Now that's a cool ride
    Love & Peas,
    Lily & Edward

  7. WE would love to see what would ensue if Marcus was in a wagon!!! MOL

  8. Moses is just as cute as he can be riding in that wagon! The boys walk us so we don't become computer potatoes. LOL!

  9. Maybe Stanley would pop by every now and then and ALL of you Funny Farmers could jump in the wagon with Moses and go for a joy ride. Now THAT I'd like to see.
    OR...even better: Stanley comes around and take JAN for a joy ride so she can rest from her walks with YOU GUYS.

  10. all are too funny!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  11. ~~~~~~~ waves two ewe moses & stanley !!! veree nice ta meet ewe both :) ♥♥

  12. Moses is one lucky pup, if you ask us! Having his human take him wherever he wants to go is pretty darned special. :)

  13. Maybe Jan would like if you pulled her in the wagon!

  14. Looks like Moses has his human very well trained ;-)))

  15. Moses looks like one lucky little pup!

  16. They look like they are having fun :) Think of all the good smells you would miss if you didn't walk on your walks!

  17. Moses does seem to be enjoying his ride.

  18. We need our mom to do that also. stella rose


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