Thursday, May 12, 2016

Marcus Saves A Broken Nose

Marcus:  Today I'd like to tell you the story of how I saved Jan's broken nose.

Percy:  Did I miss something?  I'm not aware Jan has a broken nose.

Marcus:  We wrote some posts on the 2016 saga of our new city water pipes - the explosion, the flood, the dry pipes, the midnight dig by flashlight, the knee-high flesh-eating grass -

Cyndi:  Marcus, I think you're exaggerating a bit.

Marcus:  The pipe connection blew, it flooded our dog pen, we had no water in the house and a guy from the water company was digging in our yard just before midnight one Saturday ... Need I continue?

Percy:  I hate to ask, but where does the flesh -eating grass come in?

Marcus:  Well, I might have exaggerated just a teeny bit there, but it was knee-high.  The guys left behind a mess of uneven rocky ground and a deep hole where the old meter used to be.  Jan could have stepped in it and broken her nose and then who would feed us?

Cyndi:  Wait a minute.  Jan would break an ankle if she stepped in the hole.  How is she going to break her nose?

Marcus:  You know Jan.  Whenever she falls, she flies and crashes.

Percy:  So the city sent this huge machine to fix the hole?

Marcus:  No.  I just think it's the neatest thing since the pocketknife with all the gadgets.  This toy can dig the hole, haul away the dirt and then brush up the mess it made in the street.  I want one.

Marcus:  As we started our Friday afternoon walk, a guy stopped to admire the mess they'd made.  I U-turned and dragged Jan back to ask him if he could please fill in the hole before someone gets hurt.

Buddy:  I know.  I was poised to take a poop near the curb and suddenly I was being dragged down the sidewalk in a semi-sitting position.

Marcus:  When we got home, the rocks and an empty plastic can were in the hole.

Percy:  I saw the guys came by early Monday morning to finish filling in the hole.

Cyndi:  It looks like they did a pretty good job.   

Marcus:  And that is the story of how I saved Jan's broken nose.

Percy:  It sounds more like you're patting yourself on the back with a front paw.

Buddy:  So this week we are thankful Jan didn't fall into a hole and break her nose?

Marcus:   Would you be thankful if she had?

PS - Please excuse us if we are kind of quiet.  Jan is on a house cleaning, clearing, rearranging binge again and it eats up our time and wears us all out!  

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  1. Hari OM
    Bravo Marcus, I see those men understood you better than Goosie... now be helpful Jan on her cleanup, okay??? Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Marcus we are GLAD that you Pawvented Jan from breaking her Sniffer... butt we are very much concerned about this pawt about the POOPus Interruptus.... OMD OMD having a nice POOP inturrupted would be TERRIBLE... What if it caused ... GASP.... constipation????

  3. We're glad Jan did NOT get a broken nose butt wonder if she was injured by that flesh eating grass? That sounds dangerous!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. Oh, Marcus, my hero again. And Jan's! That was a pretty big hole and yes, one can easily break a nose diving into it...
    It's a wonder you guys didn't fall in and not get out again. Then who would save YOU? ONE GUESS. Be thankful Jan can take care of her nose. By the way, that grass looks GREAT! Who says Jan doesn't have a green paw?
    Yours in rescue,

  5. Marcus, I hope Jan realizes all the ways your protect her.

  6. All we can say is thank goodness Jan keeps you around, Marcus!! Who knows what would happen if you weren't around!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  7. Marcus, you are such a hero! I know Jan and her nose thank you for your diligence!

  8. guys.....tell jan if herz board afturr kleenin up round ther....TT could uze a good over haul two ~~~~~~~ ☺☺☺

    we iz off line til monday guys … sew heerz two a collared carpetshark… kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  9. I am glad Jan didn't break her nose. Imagine the size bones you could bury if you owned a tractor.

  10. Way to go Marcus! Hey, cleaning? What's that all about?!?!

  11. Joey.. Hey Marcus you did a furry goods job keeping Jan's nose safe. Not that those subteranean peoples care... they likes holes in the ground so they cans pop up from no wheres and steal golf balls.

    Bear... Mom! Joey am telling weird stories again. Last time he told weird stories, he said that nooters meant I was gonna become a kangaroos...

    Katie Too... Bear, Joey am talking abouts gophers. They lives underground and eats dirt.

    Bear... oh. MOm! Where's the waters... I needs a drink.

  12. Yep, ya definitely saved a broken nose! We know Jan...

  13. Yous guys is just so wonderful taking care of your Jan like that!
    Mes would never do anything, anywhere near like that! But I guess thats why mes is the Cat From Hell!!!
    Tee! Hee!!!
    PS Mes has a special post on Monday!!! Please stops by!

  14. You mentioned Jan eating in front of the TV on our blog. Yeah, TBT does dinner there (and we engage in a great game of kibble toss and chase) and after he finishes, we get to nap on his legs and lap (whereever there is room). He eats lunch at the table while reading the newspaper (and we do our best to get in the way of his reading), but that doesn't thrill him so much. We re talented at sitting at just whatever spot he is trying ta read. Well, we can tell where his eyes are looking and we want to be there.

  15. MJF had to tell the road crew here not to furget to put down the tacky stuff before putting down the new asphalt on our road...which covered part of the end of our driveway...else purrty soon it would come off, and cause holes and stumbling blocks...and meowmy here sure can be a Calamity Jane...we don't need a new tail of woe either.

    Good Job Marcus!!

  16. What would Jan do without you to look after her Marcus?

  17. PepiSmartDog: wow! Thats some hectic action going on. Thank goodness no one got a broken nose too. Hee Hee!
    Thank you for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. Sorry I am so late in commenting. We always appreciate you joining us. Love your posts. Hope to see you this week too. *waves paw* :=o)


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