Friday, May 27, 2016

Promotion and Raise Canceled

Rusty:  I did not say I want you to take my picture, Jan.  I said I want you to refill my breakfast plate.  Your promotion and raise are hereby rescinded.

Note: We try to keep the blog light and fun but this video about the coming "underhanded invasion" of pet food from China disturbs us.  We are going to have to start nagging Miss I Forgot To Check Where the Pet Food Was Manufactured.  She needs to watch for "Made In China". You might want your humans to do the same.

If the video doesn't play, click here

We will be back on Monday.

We are joining the Pet Parade blog hop with hosts Rascal and RoccoBionic Basil, Barking From the Bayou and Owned by a Husky.


  1. We only buy American cat food, well, American brand, but made here in France. And you know how the French feel about good food!!!

  2. I'm sorry about your raise. I'm sure that Rusty will forgive you. ♥ That video is frightening.

  3. I am careful about our food and the cats' food- nothing from China is eaten here, there just don't seem to have regulations.

  4. Thank you for sharing this video! Good for everyone to know.

  5. Well, my mom hadn't thought about that - she just bought our food supply for two weeks - now she's off to check to see where it's made! OK - she's back -- Yea!! Made in St. Louis, Mo. Made in America!!! She'll be checking from now on!!!

  6. We always look to *know*...cause we need good noms...well the petcretary does that for us:)

  7. My human is worried that the government will drop the requirement to note that pet food has been manufactured in China on top of it all! Because, you know, they CAN do that. So conversely, she only buys food that says specifically it was made in the U.S. or Canada or another country that she trusts.

  8. Kinda scary. I will put my she type care giver to looking in to that.

    Shadow the Kayak Cat
    Sarah the Human.

  9. Hari Om
    Whether it be pet food or our clothing or furniture or garden stuff.......... manufacturers the world over are sourcing from China because it is CHEAP LABOUR; by buying stuff from China, (and where clothing is concerned, India), we are also supporting 'hidden slave labour' - never mind the possible health implications. This reminds me of a situation which arose in OZ some years ago, where it was made public that regulations for manufacture of dog foods were of a level equal to human consumption, whilst cat food was not regulated at all (even within country) as cats were still classified as 'wild' and therefore not worthy of this kind of protections; Whiskas was called to court on their ingredients.

    Whilst it is desirable to always shop local, this is becoming increasingly more difficult and for many consumers, the cost is prohibitive. I know that in OZ, all Chinese/Asian imports are required to meet OZ standards and are tested for such - and those labels (such as Whiskas) who do source from China have their reputation at stake. Being made in China does not automatically mean inferior product if indeed the big names switch to manufacture there; it does mean potential job losses for local manufacture and bigger profits for the already greedy producers. It is the effect on the economy in all the 'home' countries which is the greatest danger. (Here in UK the problem arises not so much from China as from Eastern Europe...)

    Thought-provoking post today! Huggies, YAM-aunty xxx

  10. Never trust greedy humans to do the right thing!

  11. Thank you fur putting this IMPAWTANT info up fur us.
    We have noticed that SOME thingys say... DISTRIBUTED BY... XYZ in Some American City or town... THAT does NOT mean it was MADE there... THAT is very SNEAKY.

  12. Darn. We're sorry Jan's raise and promotion got cancelled. And you are right ... it's so important to check the labels on stuff, especially when it comes to what we're feeding our animal friends.

  13. Oh dear Jan, no raise or promotion.... we'll write a letter fur mew!

    Thanks fur sharing the video, makes mew think fur sure - we like to buy BRITISH as we're from the UK.


    Basil and co xox


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