Friday, May 23, 2014

Problem Humans

Rusty:  Woo hoo, it's Friday again.  Time for another interview.

Micah:  And this week we have the very talented advice columnist for cats with human problems, George from the blog George Online Cat. 

Rusty:  I think Micah meant George is an advice columnist for cats who have problem humans.

Cyndi:  If Micah means a problem human, he must be referring to Jan.  We got to read his book One Hundred Ways For A Cat To Train Its Human.

Cameron:  We hope Jan doesn't find it.  If she reads it, we're all in trouble.  She'll learn our secrets and we have enough trouble with her now.

Percy:  We hope you will stop by Mousebreath, the ezine for cats written by cats, to read George's story, Human Agony Aunt George.  Yes, his story is as intriguing as the title.  :)

Buddy:  The Funny Farmer Felines won't let us help with their interviews but Friday is also Pet Parade day so they can't keep us dogs off the post.

Merci:  Yes, the blog hop has no rules and is open to any pet blogger.

Sam:  We can't wait to see who is the Featured Favorite this week.

Marcus:  We had this post all ready to go as soon as we added the Mousebreath link, but we  had a frightening experience this morning.  We tried to sign in to our blog and it kept telling us our name or password is incorrect.  No matter what, we could not sign in to our Google account.  We finally found a means to ask for information and received an email.

Buddy:  Now try to figure this out.  We could not sign in to our Google account to access either our blog(s) or our gmail.  BUT our email program could sign in to pick up our gmail.  So obviously, our ID and PW worked.  And we were able to receive the message; however, if we only used gmail online, as many do, we would have been unable to receive help since we couldn't sign in to access our gmail.  Are you confused yet?  Because we are.

Sam:  Anyway, there was a list of blogs our account is associated with.  Yes, yes, yes ... WHAT?  We aren't associated with hollyzacandtheiradventures.  At first, we thought we'd never heard of it, but we just realized it might be one we used to have permission to VIEW when it closed except to invited readers only.  That was a few years ago.  But suddenly it wanted us to sign in to that too.

Merci:  For some reason, we were finally able to sign in to our account and access our dashboard.  There is no hollyzacandtheiradventures listed, of course, since they aren't on our account.  Or at least, not supposed to be.  We tried their link again and now that we were signed in, we were told the blog is open to invited readers only and we don't have permission to view it.

Marcus:  Does anyone have any clue how we would go about telling Google there's a screw-up on their end and getting this straightened out?   We were really scared for a while that we were permanently locked out of our own account and with no means to find out what the problem is. 

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  1. Problem humans? Should be problem Google. My head hurts now. Thanks guys. LOL! Just glad you were able to get in. Don't you just love that the top sites used, Google, FB, etc have absolutely no way to contact anyone for help? What happened to customer service. Ugh

  2. Ugh!! At least you finally got in! BOL!!! Headed over to mouse breath, happy pet parade and have a great weekend!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  3. Google and Facebook are the most difficult sites to receive help on ever! We can't comment on any page in Facebook. There was a time when we could. I have asked so many times for help but nope, nada, zilch. Frustration overload!

  4. I know Jan doesn't have a cell phone but that is what they Google is going to tell you to do is set up a cell phone account to link to. It's a giant and they don't care about the little folks. I don't know why it would not let you sign in. that is really strange.

  5. We have had lots of problems with blogger lately ...our Wednesday post was deleted and we have lost some blogs in our feed. Sigh ...


  6. OMC Meez don' know anyfin' 'bout how tu alewt google. Wees twy not tu stay signed in der fuw long. Deys a little intwusiv fuw us. Always wunnin' sumfin' in da backgwound and spyin' on evewfin' yous du. MOL Mommy ddusn't like anyfin' spyin' on us. Not dat wees hav anyfin' tu hide, but deys like tu seek out yous furiends and mess wiff yous fotos and all kinds of fings. Bein' so new tu 'putews it scawes mommy. MOL Hope yous get it sowted out.

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥


  7. We're so sorry you're having such problems with Google and Blogger. We wish we could help you, but we feel like they intentionally make it difficult to contact them on purpose. :(

    We will go and check out your interview with George, because we do no know him.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. I heard that Google had some sign in issues. But when does it not have issues anyway?
    They keep wanting us to make them our front page and do Google plus and give them our cell phone number and not let us read some Google plus blogs, or comment on them, etc.
    Thank goodness you finally were okay.
    For now.
    I have paws crossed!!

  9. Maybe we kitties need to establish a Google problem blog.

  10. another grate interview guys...we troo lee enjoyed reedin george's answers !!!

    anda az far as google....

    we can due one food serviss gurl ree ceeved a letter once manee yeerz ago delivered two: HER HOME A DRESS, that her tax refund chek could knot bee mailed coz they dinna noe wear her lived....

    cod's trooth

  11. Google gremlins.
    We're CONVINCED!!!
    ; ) Katie

  12. Wow, we don't know. Google just looses it's mind sometimes. We hope you can get it worked out.

  13. Sorry ... I have never worked with Blogger so I have no idea. Really wish I could help. If you ever switch over to WordPress, then I could help you :)
    Read your interview and you asked the hard hitting questions tht everyone wanted to know about ... Great Job!

  14. Hi Y'all!

    You could re-link this post with Mischief Monday! It's perfect.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


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