Monday, May 05, 2014

Look Up and Smile

Buddy:  We're going to post something a little different today.

Cyndi:  We furries aren't guilty of this but our humans are, so we thought this would be appropriate to post.

Sam:  Jan doesn't have an iPad or a cell phone but she has a computer and it does take a lot of time away from us.

Rusty:  She's not very social media savvy, though, so we can't blame that on her. 

Cameron:  Jan is so old she actually remembers when there were no cell phones to go off in church or a meeting because someone forgot to turn it off, and, oh, well, since it rang, I might as well see want the caller wants.

Micah:  Pssst, Cameron, how old is Jan?

Cameron:  She's older than all of us, even Merci.

Micah:  Wow, she's that old? 

Merci:  Hey, I heard that!  Evidently humans used to talk to each other, but now we see most humans drive or walk by the house with a cell phone glued to their ears.  And while they are with one human, they either talk to another human who isn't present or keep checking to see if anyone has texted them.

Micah:  Jan said it's irritating to walk through a store and hear people talking louder than necessary on a cell phone.  She doesn't want to listen to a stranger's one-sided conversation.  

Percy:  Yes, Jan is an old fogy, but we wonder what would happen if she suddenly had a cell phone.  Would she morph into a tech age junkie like much of society today?  Perhaps one day we'll find out.  Until then, we want to share these words of wisdom with you - look up and smile!  It might change your life.

If the video doesn't play, click here.


  1. AGREED! No social media ('cept for the blog 'n' the email), and none of the toys. Well, OK on the cell phone, cause there is no house phone, but it's an oldie-not-a-smart one with no fancy stuff! A necessity, not a toy. Oh yes, we do agree ...

  2. Selfish mobile phone users are the worst!!

    And people on their phones going round shopping asking whomever they're speaking to what else they ought to buy. What happened to the good old time honoured method of making a shopping list!?! LOL!

    Have a good Monday! Take care

  3. I SO agree! You know, 8 years ago when I ate lunch with co-workers it was actually fun and I got to know them. Now, they have their phones out before we even reach the break room and nobody eats together. I work with strangers....

  4. WE only have a Stupid Phone... and just do Email and Blogging... NO FaceBark and stuffs like that.
    WE are more PEEPLE PUPS. Would rather talk to peeps and not just type.

    BUTT... it is causing kidlets to READ... NOT TO LEARN to Spell though and not to WRITE the words.

  5. I'm guilty of spending too much time on my cell and on the computer, too. Thank you for the reminder to be present with the people we love more often! That time is so precious.

  6. That is a good video, yes. And we mostly agree with it. But we also know that it helps us connect in ways we could not otherwise. Like for example, with all our kitty friends, and being able to share Mumsy's artwork.

  7. Meez mommy membews a day afuw all dis technology tu. And hers sez dat shes agwees 'bout da stowe fing. Weez wish dat 'putews didn't take so much time and dat mowe people wealized just how cut off and dummed down we's becomin'.

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥


  8. Such a great reminder to step away from the technology. It has it's place, but it should not be at the expense of real engagement with the people and life experiences around us. :)

  9. We have all of the gadgets & gizmos but only out of necessity. I don't mean to shock y'all but I remember when phones were connected to a cord and the high tech stuff was an electric typewriter! Haha

  10. So true. People seem to love their phones so much that they miss out on life.

  11. Most of the time we are smart with our smart phone...we leave it sit and talk to itself!

  12. True indeed! My secretary also remembers the time before any cellphones existed! She claims though that she's still young. I say she's in denial, she's way past her best before date!! Anyhow, she does use her smartphone a bit too much, I try to remind her to look up by biting the phone in her hand :-)

  13. guys...R mom bee witness ta de day de WHEEL wuz invented....can ya imagine de hooooo rayz THAT day !!!!!

  14. We are like Jan we remember those things too. Mom thinks it sad that today's current "young" generation only communicates through social media and they haven't learned how to interact person to person. If they can't text or FB they don't know how to do it. Kids are more interested in playing on their computers or tablets rather than playing ball with other kids. It's very very sad. But it's the way it's become.

  15. I still take a grocery list. I don't have one of those fancy phones. I feel like people are being rude with their phones sometimes.
    Sue B

  16. Great video thanks sweet Jan for sharing it. We totally agree with what he said. No smart phones, I-pads and such here and we like it that way. Hugs!

  17. My mom has two friends and when they go to lunch wif her they are on their phones all the time, my momma says she just wants to get up and walk out of the room, thank you for this post.
    stella rose

  18. I listed and have to agree more - more time away from electric things gives us furries more pets and love!

    Thank you so much for stopping by my Gotcha Day.



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