Sunday, April 06, 2014

Black and White Marshmallow

Merci:  This is Sam's weekend to be featured.  Yesterday we posted an original photo, the same photo in sepia and also in Poster Art. (Poster Edge Kibble Crumbs)

Buddy:  Today is Black and White Sunday so guess what we'll post today?

Marcus:  Why are you asking readers, Buddy?  Are they clairvoyant?

Sam:  No, but we figure our readers are pretty smart and will be able to figure we'll post the photo today in purple.

Marcus:  I thought Buddy said it's Black and White Sunday.  Why would we post your photo in .... Oh, I get it.  You're pulling my leg, aren't you!

Buddy:  Here you are, Sam, in black and white ... Marcus was right yesterday.  You are looking at the ceiling with your right eye and straight ahead with your left.

Sam:  I am not!

Merci:  Sam, Buddy's pulling your leg now.

Percy:  For our Sunday Smile, we have a short video on Marshmallow the Houdini Cat.

Cyndi:  Marshmallow lives in Marseille, France and can escape any cage at the vet clinic.   

Rusty:  Does he not like the vet or does he have a secret stash of goodies?

Cameron:  It could be he just likes the thrill of the escape.

Micah:  I wonder if he releases any other cats at the clinic after he opens his own door

Percy:  Good questions, but we'll never know the answers.  Enjoy the video.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Come join us at the Black & White Sunday blog hop co-hosted by Dachshund Nola and Sugar the Golden Retriever.


  1. Woofs to you :-) the video made us smile. Happy Sunday. Golden Woofs

  2. That's one smart kitty, unlocking doors. We need to learn that trick so we can get out of carriers before we have to go to the vet!

  3. WE love your picture...
    THAR is one SMART Kitty. Who Knew?

  4. Sam you look terrific!
    OH my we laughed at the kitty escape artist! Wow.

  5. I need to learn this! Wow, a superkitty!

  6. We love black and white.. but then you probably already knew that.


  7. hello funny farmers its dennis the vizsla dog hay duz that kitty hire owt for door opening servisses??? i hav sum kabinets i wood like to git into!!! ok bye

  8. That is one smart cat! And pretty too! Imagine how he must have studied the humans and translated it to himself & his paws! Amazing!

  9. We think Truffle must be taking lessons from that kitty because of the way she escaped the carrier in the car.

  10. MOUSES! he's good!!! I have taken notes. I'm ready to try that myself, if the need should arise.


  11. You looks great in black and white Sam!

    We lubs the kitty 'scaping video. What a smart kitty!

    Sasha. Sami, & Saku

  12. Wow. What a clever cat that is!

  13. The video is so funny. Obviously, the cat was an escape artist in its previous life. : )

  14. Looking good, Sam!!! Haha and that's one smart kitteh!!!

    wif lubbs from Little Reufus

  15. Sam, we love your picture, pal! :)

    Marshmallow is one clever kitty. we had a cat named Splash that could work cage locks and open doors at PAWS some years ago. He would spring his own lock, open the door to his room, the go open the door and spring his buddy Bo. Then they'd roam the halls at the shelter all night. They were eventually adopted together! :)

  16. Now THAT's impressive - and without opposable thumbs or ANYthing!


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