Thursday, April 24, 2014

Strange Things of Life

Buddy:  Why are we posting such a strange picture today?  Because we feel like it!

Cyndi:  Yes, things have been happening and we've been kind of down in the dumps the last week.

Rusty:  We wracked our collective brain and couldn't come up with anything to post for Thankful or for Thoughtless Thursday this week.

Cameron:  This morning we decided to be thankful for the strange things of life that make us smile.

Micah:  And Marcus is definitely strange.  He doesn't realize he's getting almost as big as Buddy.

Merci:  He's bigger than I am.  I sit on Jan's lap occasionally but the key word is occasionally.  And I'm smaller than Marcus even though he's only five months old. 

Sam:  I haven't ever been able to sit on Jan's lap because I was a good size when I arrived here.  I want - I beg to sit on Jan's lap but she won't let me.  So how come we have this picture in our files?

Percy:  Jan took it one day to show Marcus what her view often looks like while she's trying to work on the computer.  Marcus is a leaper and a delusional "lap dog".  He's also quite determined when he wants a cuddle.

Marcus:  Well, you can all laugh at me if you want to.  I think you're just jealous because I'm so good-looking.

Buddy:  How would anyone know what you look like?  You have no head.

Marcus:  Yes, I do.  Jan just didn't take the picture correctly.  She should have stood back so I fit in the frame.

Percy:  If she stood back to fit you in the frame, she would have had to dump you from her lap.

Marcus:  Oh, right.  Well, she should have leaned back in the chair.

Merci:  If she leaned back any more, the chair would have tipped over backward and you'd have both been on the floor.

Marcus:  Then I guess we should all be thankful that didn't happen or you'd all have been in big trouble!

Sam:  We would have been in big trouble?  How do you figure that?

Marcus:  You're all older than I am and you should know better.

Cameron:  But we didn't have anything to do with the chair tipping over.  That was all your fault.

Rusty:  The chair didn't actually tip over, Cameron.  Perhaps we should quit while we're all confused and just say we're thankful it's Thursday.

What are you thankful for this week?

Pepi Smart Dog - Thankful Thursday blog hop.

Don't give it a second thought, just publish that post you don't know what to do with.  And join co-hosts Ruckus the Eskie and Love is being owned by a husky for the Thoughtless Thursday blog hop.


  1. Greetings furriends, we know the difficulties of trying to come up with post idea's too!!!

    Mew have to see what we ended up posting fur tomorrow - it's insane!

    Happy days

    Basil xox

  2. WE are THANKFUL that you did come up with some thingys to be Thankful FUR.

  3. We gave up trying to come up with good ideas for blog posts. MOL We have become a pictorial blog and it's really what speaks to Mom. Oh yea she'll throw some words in but it's all about the pictures. :) We think you guys did just fine for a thankful Thursday post!

  4. guys....we bee thanx full two day we iz current lee lookin at a burd free sky...

    N its oh kay ta haz de blooz

    ...if EVEREE ONE wuz happee ALL de time...frank lee if wood be kinda like
    ....ugh....two much candee.....

    plus stink eye wood never werk....

  5. ha! Post ideas! I hear ya!!!! Thanks for linking up with us today!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  6. I am thankful that the thoughtless gang at the Funny Farm make me laugh every day!

  7. Love your posts even if I can't comment daily.
    Sue B

  8. We are thankful for YOU, dear friends. Even when you can't come up with anything, you always manage to make us smile. Hugs!

  9. Thanks for the laughs! Glad no one fell out of any laps or chairs. ~Rascal and Rocco

  10. We appreciate your humor and playfulness and we think you rock Funny Farmers, you are such a great crew!

  11. My Mum says you crack her up with the way you all go on. She says she always leaves your blog feeling happy! Have a great, unobstructed day!

  12. MOL!

    We know how hard it can be to come up with ideas for posts! We is thankful the chair didn't topple over and we is thankful to have you as our friends (and we is sorry it's been so long since we've visited!!).

  13. You guys are so funny! I can't believe Marcus is sitting on Jan's lap though...he's so BIG!

  14. I love all your posts even if I don't get here as often as I used to. Hope the down in the dumps are back up now x

  15. I have to admit, that's a strange pic post hahah! But you know what, it's thoughtless thursday so anything goes. Thanks for sharing!


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