Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Our Friend Jake

Buddy:  Guess we better do tomorrow's post so we can all go to bed tonight.

Cyndi:  I think you mean we better do tomorrow's post before Jan loses her mind tonight.

Micah:  Yes, that's definitely what Buddy meant.

Marcus:  Why, what's the problem?

Rusty:  Jan promised Pam she would make a graphic for us to post for Jake's birthday.  It was a week and a half ago and the two are just getting together on the pictures to use.

Cameron:  So what is the problem?

Sam:  The problem is we have a new, updated version of the old editing program for our new computer and Jan is finding the new techie version has either deleted her favorite tools or hidden them somewhere deep in a maze of choices.

Merci:  Oh, is that all?  I thought you meant we have a problem.  Jan is no stranger to being lost and confused, so there's nothing to worry about.  We can all sleep well tonight.

Percy:  It's already tomorrow, so let's hit the sack.  Sam, you're the tallest.  Hit the light switch for us, would you. 

Sam:  Sure.  *turns off light as he heads to bed*

A moment of silence.

Sam: Uh-oh. *pushes button to turn light back on*

Buddy:  I guess we should actually post the birthday graphic before we turn in for the night.

Cyndi:  Don't forget to include the message from Jake's human mom, Pam.  

Cameron: And we have to sing.  We always sing for birthdays.

Rusty:  All together now.  Buddy, try to keep the howling to a minimum.

Happy Birthday to you - owoo!
Happy Birthday to you - owoo!
Happy Birthday, one year old Ja-ake - owoo!
Happy Birthday to you - owoo!

Percy:  Okay, now we can go to bed.  Hit the lights again on your way to bed, Sam.

Jake with AJay (top bunk) and Chas.

Jake's First Birthday!

What is more exciting than having your first birthday? "Nothing!", says Jake Koon! He was so happy to finally be a "big boy" and not a baby anymore! His 2 older brothers, AJay and Chas, are happy he is growing up, too, because he is a typical bratty baby brother and picks at them to play all the time! Especially when they are wanting to sleep and they don't like that!

Jake's actual birthday was March 29th, but you know when you are the baby, everyday feels like your birthday because you are special! Jake likes to run and play and swim in the lake -typical lab! He is a very sweet boy when he is not tearing everything up around the house and yard!

Happy Birthday, Jake!
Love, Pam


  1. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your furriend Jake on his first birthday !!


  2. Jake is one beautiful boy! Happy Birthday buddy1
    stella rose


    That is funny that you turned out the lights... EARLY.

  4. happee birthday two ewe jake...hope ya getted a bushel oh biscuits anda beer !!

  5. Great card and happy birthday to your buddy Jake! Tell Jan that my husband uses the same program as she does so if she gets lost, drop me a note.

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JAKE!!! A 1st birthday is so very exciting! We hope you have enjoyed it!

  7. Happy Birthday to Jake. the graphic turned out just great x

  8. That is such a sweet graphic, great job, Jan! And a big Happy 1st Birthday to Jake! And many more...I'z got my jazz paws going for him!

  9. Happy birthday to Jake! We bet he loved that graphic (WE sure did)! :)


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