Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hats with Beards

Buddy:  We thought long and hard about what we are thankful for this week.

Cameron:  It's been such a busy few weeks we had to stop, take a deep breath, and put on our thinking caps.

Merci:  Don't use the word "caps" or Sam will be wanting to model a new hat.

Micah:  Yes, and something totally inappropriate for the season.

Rusty:  Probably a large woolen hat now that warmer weather is tempting us.

Sam:  I resent that.  Saying I would wear the wrong hat suggests I wouldn't wear the one I want.  I always wear the hat I want.  I just don't always want to wear it at the time you think I should.  

Cyndi:  I like your hats, Sam.  You always look so dapper and handsome with one.

Percy:  *under his breath*  You mean weird!

Sam:  What did you say, Percy?

Percy:  You need a beard.  A guy in a hat looks better with a beard. 

Sam:  I didn't know that, Percy.  I'll give a beard some thought.

Marcus:  I don't own a hat, but I wonder how I'd look with a beard.

Merci:  You'd look like a pup pretending to be an adult.  You're too young to shave. 

Buddy:  What does Marcus growing a beard have to do with Thankful Thursday?

Rusty:  I don't know.  Perhaps we should be thankful Marcus can't grow one yet.

Micah:  I thought we all agreed to be thankful for the weather?

Cameron:  Oh, right.  We're very thankful winter is leaving and we won't be seeing another snowstorm scene like the one below for a few months. 

Cyndi:  Yes, we are definitely glad winter has retreated and spring is blooming.

Buddy:  Jan is thankful she didn't have to chase Marcus down the street when she came back from shopping Tuesday.

Cameron:  Marcus has been good *cough, cough* lately, so she decided not to crate him while she was gone.

Micah:  But she forgot he was loose.  When she opened the door and walked in the house, Marcus ran out of the house, down the porch steps and turned left.

Merci:  Jan panics well but she's too old to run.  She just stood there in shock.

Rusty:  She got a second shock when Marcus suddenly turned around and ran back up the steps and inside the house.

Marcus:  I got a bit overexcited and my brakes don't work well when I'm excited.

Sam:  That's true.  Nothing works well when you're excited, except your nose.  The biggest reason you u-turned so quickly was because you got a whiff of the sandwich Jan was carrying. 

Percy:  Should we be thankful Marcus didn't run away when he had the chance?

Cyndi:  Yes.  He'll be leaving soon enough and then we'll miss him.

We are joining Pepi Smart Dog for the Thankful Thursday blog hop.

And also Ruckus the Eskie and Love is being loved by a huskie. The huskies are having a K-9 kelp product giveaway on their blog. You might want to stop by and enter.


  1. Dude, a hat is a very purrsonal thing. You wear whatever gets you revved up!

  2. We think that you should wear ANY hat you Chews to wear. Just sayin.
    BUTT we don't know about that beard thingy,though.

  3. Percy, haz u founds a beard fur Sam to wear?

    Percy, ifs you wear a beard den Sam wear one maybe...

    we ams glad dat winter am going bye bye too...

    but sumtime last month Lil Bear lost hims head. Dats why we am not bin blogging. Mom haz bin looking fur Lil Bear's Head...

    We needs help finding where hims head am rolled off too. It am in a castle sumwhere in Kansas... Kin you helps us find hims head?

    Maybe Sam might find a beard there too.

    Purrz, Lu Lu.

  4. Being thankful winter is over for sure! Have a fun hopefully spring day
    Lily & Edward

  5. MY mom would be thankful for that sandwich she dreads chasing us anywhere!!
    stella rose

  6. Spring is coming! YAY. Hope the funny farm is warming up soon. happy thoughtless Thursday!

  7. Our weather has finally started to warm up! The snow is FINALLY starting to recede!! Haha!!! The huskies won't be to pleased! Thanks so much for mentioning my giveaway! I really appreciate it!
    And thanks for linking up with us as well!

  8. yea, ewe noe ewe will miss marcus when him iz gone...but...ya can all wayz haza ree union once a week :) !!

  9. You guys are too funny! We'd love to see Sam in a hat and beard.

  10. Boy those were some funny comings and goings and comings again! We are thankful Jan didn't have to run after Marcus.

  11. Marcus, you mustn't scare Jan like that. My husband has a long beard and wears a ball cap, so you'll would be good friends! I love the look : ) BOL!

  12. You guys are funny!
    ...and now I've got a new outfit idea for Waffles.
    heh, heh
    ; ) Katie

  13. Yay so glad you finally get to experience spring!


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