Sunday, April 27, 2014

Barking Deer

Merci:  We're going to do a fast post for tomorrow so we can shut down for the night.  Jan needs some rest.

Cyndi:  So far this week ...
at 3 AM Sunday night she tried to break a toe ...
Thursday Marcus messed up one knee ...
Friday "Anonymous" attacked her with a large ice chest, dropped onto and kicked her in the eye, clawed her face and arm ...

Buddy:  And Saturday evening when we started on our walk, the next door neighbors were sitting on their porch with their dog, who promptly raced at us challenging us to get off "her" property.  We got excited and yelled back, but Sam lunged so hard at the other dog Jan's feet left the ground and she nearly followed him face down on the cement.  She did regain control, yelled at Sam for nearly taking her out, and tried to continue walking but had to turn back because she was shaking with pain.

Sam:  I said I was sorry.  I was just trying to scare that mouthy little dog to protect all of us. I guess I don't know my own strength.

Micah:  A new week is dawning. What we all need right now is a Sunday Smile.  We never heard of a barking deer before but they actually do exist.  This one wandered into a yard and was so rude! It barked at the family cat.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Rusty: Can you imagine meeting one of these in the dark?  It would give you quite a scare.

Cameron:  I think it's cute.We should get a couple to keep our grass mowed.

Marcus:  I'd be really jealous of all that beautiful green grass if it wasn't for the fact I like having a nude mud hole in the dog pen.

Percy:  Yesterday we posted the original photo of Angel Cotton, a sepia copy, and one in cinemascope.  Today we post it in black and white.  We didn't like the natural colors of the original but we do like the muted tones of the sepia and this black and white.

We are joining Dachshund Nola and her co-host Sugar the GR for the Black and White Sunday blog hop.


  1. We are nearly meowless! Your lives are sure not like ours. But we can send purrs...

  2. We're beginning to get worried about guys have got to take MUCH better care of her! Jan!

  3. Poor poor Jan :(
    I think you need to take better care of her !
    My mom-person have heard barking Roe Deer´s in the woods.

    Happy Easy SUNday to all of you :)


  4. Poor Jan ! Be careful, boys, you're so strong ! Purrs for Jan

  5. I guys need to take better care of Jan! Remember, she's the one who feeds you!! Mum laughed at that deer...we'd never heard of a Roe Deer but guess what. Mum's grampa's name was Roe!! How cool is that?

  6. Whoa. We have never seen a barking deer, so thank for sharing that video! Amazing!

    We love that picture of your sweet and beautiful Angel Cotton -- in any color. Hugs to you as you remember her.

  7. That is one silly deer! Mom's feet left the ground on one of our walks. It was the longest and bloodiest walk home EVER. Sometimes we forget how strong we are.

  8. I hope you have a better week. Seems like all that stuff comes at once. That deer is too cute. Almost looks like it wants to play. Have a wonderful Sunday.
    Sue B

  9. Jan Jan Jan we think you need a bubble suit so if anything happens it just bounces off of you! Hope you're OK.

  10. First of all, OMD!!!!!! that sound that comes out of that thing is really something!!!!! WOWZA!
    It was cute though.
    And poor poor Jan! I so hope things start turning around for you soon, and you can stop being the target of all this pain!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  11. Are you ok, Jan???

    This deer is cool. We have to bark back to her!

    Momo & Pinot

  12. Oh my, are you sure that it didn't escape out of a Hitchcock movie ?
    Life in your house seems dangerous, lol !

  13. What a week Jan! Maybe a piggy kiss will help like a barking deer?

  14. Now that is one Vishus Deer! Stay back!

  15. Okay, that's just too weird. I think that little deer there should be seen and not heard! Zip it, Bambi!


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