Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Feline Inalienable Right

Rusty:  We cats are notorious for changing our minds.  It's our inalienable right!

Buddy:  What does that have to do with today's post?

Rusty:  I changed my mind.  It's my right.  That's all I have to say on the subject. 

Merci:  Are you referring to the Nature's Variety Instinct Raw Boost Minis duck formula cat treats you were taste testing?

Rusty:  Yes.  They're freeze dried raw duck and turkey. They sounded like they would be delicious when Jan asked us all what flavor we'd like to try.  And they smell yummy too.

Merci:  What made you change your mind?

Rusty:  I told you, I'm a cat.  It's my inalienable right!

Sam:  Mmmmm, they look good.   May I try some?

Rusty:  No, you're a canine, not a feline.  But there are also raw treats for canines. 

Cyndi:  Yes, they do smell yummy.  I do think I will try one or two.

Percy:  Delicious!  Can I have the box so I can see the list of ingredients.  Hmmm, They also contain turkey liver and heart, pumpkinseeds, apples, carrots, butternut squash, ground flaxseed, montmorillite clay, broccoli, lettuce, spinach, dried kelp, apple cider vinegar, parsley, honey, salmon oil, olive oil, blueberries, alfalfa sprouts, persimmons, rosemary, sage and cloves. 

Cameron: Okay, I sniffed them.  Now what do I do with them? 

Marcus:  I'll be glad to taste test them for you.

Cameron:  You dogs don't share your treats with us.  Don't even think about taking mine!

Percy:  Okay, Rusty doesn't want to taste his and neither does Rusty, but they won't let me eat their share and Jan won't let me have any more from the package.  This isn't fair.

Micah:  Nom, nom, nom.  These are pretty good.

Cyndi:  Jan thought we might like to try these healthy raw treats, but some of us didn't know what to make of them.  I ate 2 or 3 and that was all I wanted to try.    

Rusty:  I wouldn't taste any for a couple of days.  Yesterday morning Jan dropped a couple on top of my breakfast.  I turned up my nose.  Then she opened my mouth and popped in one.  Hey, that wasn't too bad.  I had a second.  Then I ate my breakfast but left the third for Micah.

Cameron:  I'll pass, thank you.  Veggies and fruits aren't my cup of nip.

Buddy:  You cats don't know what's good.  I've seen you get all excited over fresh roasted turkey and then turn up your nose when Jan gave you a taste.  I don't understand you.

Micah and Percy:  The raw treats were delish!  We haven't minded cleaning up after the others.  They don't know what's good for them!

We would like to thank Chewy.com for sending us a box of cat treats to taste.  We were not paid to write this.  Any opinions expressed are strictly our own.


  1. Oh! I LOVE those! They are some of my favorite treats!

  2. If it's food or remotely edible...it belongs in the mouth.....my mouth!


  3. Mind "ALTERING" is in the Kitty Konstution. RIGHT?

    those treats looks good..even if they ARE fur Kitties...

    Love that CHEWY.COM.

  4. I finks our mom ordered us some of those wif Mr. Andrew but wesa haven't heard back from him, wesa finks he is ignoring us cos Gussie is a bit of a stalker wif him.
    stella rose

  5. ewe guys haz that rite...catz can change ther minds any kinda time they want.... be coz itz DE LAW......

  6. I dunno about the vinegar in them. I don’t usually eat hippie food with all those veggies in it. Cameron has it right. MOL!

  7. Those treats sure sound delicious! We love duck!

  8. We all love freeze dried chicken treats. 100% chicken. IT's real good. glad to hear some of you liked the good noms!

  9. mmmmmM!!!!! They look yummmmy!! my kitties would love those I am sure!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  10. We have a feeling it'd be a split vote here, too. Gracie and Zoe don't seem to like ANY treats. Moosey is a connoisseur, though! :)

  11. Thanks for the review. My cats are so picky I never know if they will like them till we give them a try. Have a great day.
    Sue B

  12. Duck! Nomy! Mumsy like pumpkinseeds! We all like Honey :-) We may just have to try some of these, us kitties, we'll let Mumsy know how good they are :-)

  13. Well, not evreykitty LOVES evrytreat! Just goes that way sometimes.

  14. Lookin' mighty floofy and handsome there Rusty! Glad some of you enjoyed the treats.

  15. Definitely. Changing one's mind is a cat's right. How else can they handle thinking about 5 things at a time?

  16. The photograph of Cyndi is so pretty on the Cats of the CB Calendar today.


  17. Happy Calendar Cat Day to Cyndi.


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