Monday, April 21, 2014

Green Bone and Noms

Sam:  Come on, Jan.  Get coordinated so you can take a picture and we can have the toy.

Marcus: Sam and I want the new toy now.  Jan is making us wait.

Merci:  I don't care about toys any more, but it should be interesting to see who ends up with this one.  Sam might be bigger, but Marcus is younger and faster.

Micah:  I'm just here to watch the dogs' photo shoot from a distance.

Buddy:  We received a package from Bartley's with a toy and some treats. The toy is an eco-friendly West Paw zogoflex Hurley.  It's non-toxic, recyclable and supposed to be a guaranteed tough tug, float, bounce, chase toy. We've never seen a bone that color but it should be easy to find when Marcus misplaces it.

Sam:  Three guesses who grabbed the toy first.  You should only need one.

Merci:  Hey, Sam, you should come get a closer look at this before Marcus shreds it like he's done to all our toys.

Sam:  Why does Marcus always end up being first with everything?

Merci:  I think it's payback.  You used to do the same thing to Buddy.

Marcus:  Well, I've chewed it, bounced it, flipped it, shook it, hit Jan in the ankle with it, and it's still in one piece.  It's time to have a serious talk with it about my expectations.  I can't be losing my touch!

Buddy:  The toy has a reputation to uphold for the company, Marcus. It's supposed to survive an encounter with you.

Marcus:  This is what the treats look like.  They're Zuke;s Jerky Naturals, the tender turkey recipe. Let's see, they have turkey and herbs, potatoes, tapioca, maple syrup, molasses, carrots, apples, blueberries, sunflower oil, etc.  Grain free with no artificial flavors or colors.

Sam:  So when do we get to taste them?

Marcus:  It better be soon!

Merci:  I'm keeping my distance.  These guys play rough when there's food involved.

Buddy:  Marcus was not happy Jan gave me the first treat.  Notice Marcus' nose right below my lower jaw. 

Sam:  Jan was trying to give me the second treat.  Look who's trying to push me away.

Marcus:  Ha!  As you can see, I'm not the only one who's pushy.  Jan is trying to give me a treat and both Sam and Buddy try to steal it.

Marcus:  We  gave Jan a headache with all the blurred shots of us moving so fast to steal treats.. But it ended on a quiet note.  No screaming or bloodshed.  Just some nibbling on Jan's fingers as she tried to make me take the treat  gently.

Merci:  We all enjoyed the jerky treats.  They sure were good.  

Marcus:  I'm a bit disappointed in the toy.  It should have shredded under my assault tactics, but it's still in one piece.  Let me work on it some more. 

Sam:  You do know Marcus is only disappointed in the toy because he hasn't been able to shred it, don't you? We would like to thank Bartley's for the samples to review.  They only sell products made in the U.S. and every time you shop you help sponsor a rescue dog.

Buddy:  We were not paid for this review and any opinions expressed are our own.


  1. Awww Marcus! We love your ears!! We are mesmerised! Sorry about the toy! LOL!

    Yay for these treats and as always - fab review! Take care

  2. Great review with lots of goodies! Enjoy!

  3. We had some Zuke's Berry treats for Pierre's happy birthday paw-ty! They are as great as other dogs have told us! Great review!

  4. Looks like great stuff!!!! Thanks for sharing! Hope you had a great weekend!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  5. Looks like pawsome stuff you got there !

  6. Treats and Toys... DO cause a STIR, Don't they?

  7. We are very impressed that the toy stood up to Marcus!

  8. A toy that withstood Marcus? We is truly impressed!!!

    Enjoy your treats!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  9. Maybe you should let some kitties get ahold of that toy, Marcus. I bet they could tear it up! ;)

  10. Jan - thanks so much for your help this morning with the Sinda-birthday thing - It never occurred to me that the CB would have her on the list.

    I hope you and yours are all well. T.

  11. A great review and that toy looks as though it may have out foxed you little one

  12. We are sorry Marcus that you could not get that toy shredded, you sure gave it a good try. Those treats must really be yummy you all are sure trying to get them. We enjoyed all the pictures. Thanks, for stopping by our blog, sorry we have not visited in awhile. Some times we just don't have enough hours in a day to visit all our sweet blogging friends. We will try to do better about coming by to see you. Hugs and nose kisses

  13. Those look pretty good.


  14. toys and treats. You are lucky.

  15. I've had those Zukes treats and they are delish!!!


  16. so did marcus destroy the toy yet

  17. It's a matter of time Marcus, we're sure you'll get it shredded eventually! In the meantime it's a great drool collector!
    You are all so cute reaching for the treats! Glad they were nummy!

  18. Those treats and the toy certainly has all of your attention! That toy must be tough if Marcus did not succeed in his shredding efforts. :)

  19. We can just see you giving Jan an "I'm moving too fast" headache! MOL!!
    Marcus dood - have you met your match?


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