Wednesday, August 31, 2011

SUV in the Lake

Hey, Sam, Merci and Buddy here with today's post.  We were all eyewitnesses so we decided to write this together. What were we eyewitnesses to?  We're glad you asked us that.

Have you ever been in the position of explaining to police officers you saw something you knew wasn't possible, so you thought you imagined it and didn't report it? Well, Jan has joined that club.

While walking yesterday morning, we started down the hill. We turn at the bottom and retrace our route to home. Across the road is the lake where Jan made the video of the Marching Geese convention.

But there's something different about the view. What looks like the corner of a roof and back of a vehicle is sticking out of the water. But that isn't possible. The area is posted, fenced and locked. There is no way a non-work vehicle could be on the property, let alone in the lake.

Photo taken through the chain link fence.

We picked up the pace for a closer look. The object didn't move. At the corner, we waited on traffic. Jan kept a wary eye on an approaching bicyclist because we get excited and want to chase anything that moves. The cyclist stopped and we watched two vehicles drive by. The second one was a police car. We sped across the road and ... nothing. There was nothing in the water. Not even ripples.

It must have been an optical illusion, the sun playing tricks on us. So we turned around and started home.

Hours later, Jan was coming back from town and there were a lot of men and a boat down at the lake. Cars were pulled over and men were standing on higher ground for a good view of what was happening. That's when she realized she really had seen a vehicle just before it completely submerged.

This morning there was an item on the WTGA Fun101fm local news station. A man had taken a family vehicle and driven it through a fence and down the hill into the water. But the damaged fence was too far away for Jan to see. And who would have guessed?  This is not a case where someone could possibly have been driving down a road and missed a curve or lost control. This was deliberate.

Photo taken from the hill across the street and cropped

So Jan emailed the chief of police and said she had seen the SUV in the water. An officer Jan knows came by to get her phone number and the investigator for the case called to talk to her. Jan doesn't know anything, except the approximate time it happened.

The "accident" was discovered when an employee noticed some items floating in the water. According to the Thomaston Times website, at this time the driver's body has still not been found.  They are still searching for the body but there is a possibility he escaped through the open back hatch.

So we suggest if you see something that is so totally impossible you think you imagined it, report it anyway. No, not the little green Martians you see after a few too many, but the I stopped to cross the street and suddenly everything was back to normal sighting. You might have actually seen what you couldn't have seen.


  1. Oh, my goodness! What a thing to awful. Our mom would think she had imagined it too, that it was just an illusion.

    Suicide/attempted suicide? :-(

    We'll purr for those who are affected by this person's act.

  2. Wow how strange! once my mom and dad saw a puma in the English country side they did report it and it was one! So trust in your eyes unless it's an alien as you said. I would not report an alien even if I really saw it. They may cart me and all the dog's off to the funny farm. Wonder if they will find a body?

  3. Wow. At least now the police have a better idea when it happened! TBT saw a body floating in the water once and reported it. Turned out ta be a drownd pig...

  4. Wow! That is wild. Whoda thunk? We can totally understand why she thought it was just her eyes playing tricks on her.

  5. Wow! That is totally weird. I am told that humans often have trouble believing what they see with their own eyes.


  6. Oh wow! Well done Jan for being so observant and sticking to your gut instinct!!! Wow. What an amazing story - it's sad in a way cos there are so many questions to ask too to get the whole picture!

    But yay for Jan!!! Take care

  7. Someone sure had a big oops!!!

  8. Woah! we hope the person is ok!

  9. How weird is that!!! I wonder if someone was just trying to hide the car. Could it have been stolen? Could they trace it from the serial number?

  10. OH my ... I think if I wanted to do away with myself that would not be the chosen method, in fact driving off of a bridge (and there are lots of bridges here in Northern Florida) into the water is one of my recurring nightmares.

  11. Wow! You never know what you may see. I hope no one was hurt.

    Mom Paula

  12. That's the kind of thing you see on the news, but hardly ever in real life! Hope the poor man is found :(

    I live on an island joined to the mainland by a bridge and sadly a few people jump off the bridge in attempts to end it all. We see helicopters out nearly every day searching for folk in trouble one way or another!

  13. oh dear me oh horrible...I hope you do not have nightmares about this last moment of the car going under now thatyou know you really did see what you thought you did...

  14. Wow ! We glad you rang the police ! Next time you can call me as well. I'm an officer Puddy and I am nosy..heh..heh..heh

  15. WOW.. what a thing to witness!!! Good thing Jan contacted the police and told them what she saw... certainly hope the driver escaped unhurt. :(

  16. WOW.. what a thing to witness!!! Good thing Jan contacted the police and told them what she saw... certainly hope the driver escaped unhurt. :(

  17. We have to agree - better to have too much information than not enough. Glad you could help - good job! We hope the guy ends up being ok....

  18. We have to agree - better to have too much information than not enough. Glad you could help - good job! We hope the guy ends up being ok....

  19. Wow, what a way to end a peaceful walk. Makes you second guess yourself for sure when you see somthing then you don't. Let us know if they find the driver. That wouldn't be the quickest way to end things if that is what the driver was trying to do.

  20. Fascinatin'....hee, hee! ;-D

    Great report, too!

  21. oh dear... The only odd thing Mom has seen lately was a vinyl glove on an ATM machine at a convenience store. She told the clerk and a highway patrol officer and they just shrugged and threw it away...

    Weird. What if it was evidence of a crime???? Dumb people.... Next time something weird shows up, she's calling crime stopperz.

    Katie Kitty Too


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