Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dusty Deserves Justice

Last night we came across information on the Cat Blogosphere. As much as we hated to, we followed the links to check out the story and we watched the videos. They made us feel sick and helpless, as we watched one teenage boy abuse a helpless cat while another filmed it. Can you believe that? These -- we're angry but we have to watch what we call them -- these deranged "boys" think it's funny to abuse an animal. And they're proud of it. So proud they posted videos of this abuse on YouTube.

This story has caused an outcry of outrage across the county, as well it should. There is no excuse for such behavior. It should never be encouraged or rewarded, so we're glad YouTube has removed the videos and deleted the account. They deserve a reputation of infamy, not congratulations from fellow abusers.

From the first frame, you can tell this is not the first time this abuse has occurred. The cat acts much like a human who has been beaten up or beaten down so many times, she or he (adult or child) knows resistance is futile and there is no escape. And not surprisingly a videotape was found of them abusing another cat. Both cats have been removed from the home and will soon be given an opportunity to have a happy life in a new home.

The teenagers involved are from Lawton, Oklahoma -- Kenny Glenn, the abuser, and either his brother Weston or a friend (depending on which version you read), the videotaper. They have been arrested and are being charged as juveniles. The phone number for the juvenile court handling the matter is, we've read, 580-353-3717.

What we want to know is where were the parents? How could they not know, or at least have suspected? Why were these boys not taught kindness to God's creatures as young children? Are they acting out their home life or were they just "born" angry and violent? We have a lot of questions, but no answers.

View Lawton's KSWO news story and news videos.

As of last night the Please Help Dusty the Cat site had a link to the original videos. We don't have the heart to check today to see if the links there are still good. We don't want to watch them again and we don't encourage you to.

We're glad those teenagers won't get Dusty or the unnamed cat back to abuse again. We wish they would never have opportunity to repeat this, but at 14 and 16, we're afraid they will never learn what it is like to give and receive unconditional love from a pet. Or a human.

PS -- Bogart's dad is on life support and needs all our prayers. You can click on the graphic to visit his blog.


  1. Sorry...

    We khan't even khonsider chekhking out any of it....

    Tank woo fur sharing...


  2. It is so sad to see such depravity in young people against the helpless animals.

  3. Thanks Jan. We just couldn't watch it but we did sign that petition.

  4. Just awful, poor kitties. We just couldn't watch the videos, but we did sign the petition.

  5. That is very evil.. No animals should be abused..

    ~ Bae

  6. We read the post, but couldn't bring ourselves to view the video. Here I am worried about my Sweet Praline and I read about people abusing the helpless animals.

    Thanks for dropping by with the well wishes. I had to take Praline back to the vet today and she thinks Praline has a bladder infection.

  7. I read about it, but couldn't watch, makes me ill. I signed the petition and passed it on to friends. Hope it gets them as adults.

  8. Just reading your post made my stomach turn. No way will I watch the video. However, I think all of us on the Blogosphere are hugging our kitties a little tighter tonight. I know I am. SSS's Mom

  9. Oooh, we heard about Dusty on youtube, it's quite amazing how those boys were tracked down! I'm so glad Dusty is safe now...


  10. Deep down inside they must know that it is against everything good to do such things. When they grow up, they will be haunted by these pictures. Or at least that is what we hope. You are right, where were the parents?

  11. We are so sad about this. Mommy says it makes her ashamed to be a bean. We hopes the boys get locked up for a long time and get some serious help.

    We hope Dusty and the other cat find a sanctuary and learn what it is like to be loved and safe. ~S,S, C & F

  12. Hi! We are finally back to blogging. We missed all of you so much!!!

    Purrs from all the Taylor CatSSSSSS

    Love and kisses from Auntie Deb

  13. Breaks my heart to hear about this abuse. All you have to do is look into our eyes and see our innocent souls that radiate the lord above.

  14. I would not watch the video, either. But we signed the petition.

  15. Didn't watch the vids - but signed the petition.


  16. OMg I am in practically in tears just reading that story about cat abuse, that is GOD AWFUL. WHAT IS WRONG WITH KIDS? How could they do that? Kids who hurt animals end up growing up to be adults who murder, rape, and beat other women and people. Its a proven fact. I hope those kids get what's coming to them in Juvie. that is a horrible tale.


  17. I can't bear to watch those videos, but I do hope that Dusty is able to find a loving home. And we're so sorry to hear about Bogart's dad--that is sad news, indeed.

  18. Hi! Thanks for the birthday wishes to Buttons :)

    I don't have the heart to watch the videos you mentioned. It's sad that some people enjoy such depraved activities. I've signed the petition and hope that Dusty and the other cat finds a good forever home soon and learn to trust humans again someday. So sorry about Bogart's dad.. he is in our thoughts and prayers.

  19. Thanks for dropping by again today with the well wishes. Mom says I appear to be feeling a little better. Please keep me in your thoughts and purrayers!

  20. Momma read about that case and got furry upset. She kouldn't watch the videos but she signed the petishun. Alla us Ballicai hope that preshus Dusty gets a caring fureffur home with beans who treat him with love and kindness.

    We are headed to Bogart's bloggie. Thankies fur the heads up. We are so sorry to hear the sad news.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  21. Hi Jan, thanks for posting.
    you dount want to know what I think! [gr*&#&%$!##rrrrrrrrrrrr]
    how could they do things like THAT?
    I did not see the video- it would just tick me off big time--
    and make me sad to claim to be an Okie !
    they need jail time.. and removed from the home and serious mental help!
    I pray the furies will overcome the bad things and get a wonderful forever home where they will only know LOVE.


  22. i cannot an i will not watch dat video ... if it'z still dere. u know wut dey say abowt kidz hoo abyooz animalz ... hurtin hyoomanz iz da nex step.
    i'm so sad.

  23. OOOOHHHHH I gonna slap dem boyz!

    Lemme at em!

    Katie Too.

    n we be purring fur Dusty n dis uvfer baby.

    Bootsie Woo,
    rescued frum a salvage yard.

  24. We can't watch the video since images have a way to stick in our head and won't leave. Purrs for the kitties.


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