Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Update on Chai

Remember Chai, the dog who had to have his tongue amputated because of a defective toy? Eventually, Four Paws recalled the toy and redesigned it. But how has that worked?

You can read Chai's story here. Just copy and paste the link to the videot into your browser. Or click here to view the news video.

PS -- Sammy, Miles & Billy left a comment, asking about Carrol's dogs, so we're adding a quick update here.

We don't know whether Carrol's request to the court for extra time was granted or what. But thankfully, Rainsville hadn't shown up as of yesterday. We're really purring those dogs all make it out of there.

They had gone back up to 10 for a few days because a rescue pulled out of taking 3, but they are presently down to 5. Carrol's Green Acres

We are really purring all those dogs are soon safe!


  1. hey guys, we haf not been able to find any news about carol and the rainsville dogs. does you all know anything?

  2. Link on CB did not work. Will email and let them know, as I think this is an important follow up!
    ~ Noah

  3. We're so glad to hear that Chai is doing well: it's just too bad that this ever had to happen.

  4. Thanks for the update; I am so glad to learn that Chai is doing so much better now. And I am disappointed to learn that there are still vendors selling that toy.

  5. Praying for the remaining five! SOMEBODY has just got to step up for them!!!

  6. Tank woo fur the pupdate!

    I will inkhlude this on my Thursday post since I had pawed about it some months bakhk!

    Paws khrossed for the other pups as well!


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