Sunday, February 08, 2009

Bella and Tara

We just love this story of Bella & Tara. As the news guy asks at the end, "If they can do it, why can't (our humans)?"

We have some good news. At least we hope it is good news and we're not dreaming this. But if you remember, Jan hasn't been able to work with photos since she got her computer back the second time. Both Picasa and a MS photo editor had to be un/re-installed several times. She finally got Picasa going but she needs the MS program. Some of you suggested using and she considered it, but she paid for the MS program and it has a specific purpose. So she kept at it, trying to learn the new programs her brother installed to help her. (We've told you she is not a computer brain!) And this afternoon, she figured out how to get MS to load the photos -- correctly this time!

We were going to celebrate since this means we should be able to post new photos, but Jan said we have to wait to be sure the MS photo editor doesn't actually have Alzheimers. If not, then she can sort and label all the photos she's taken since November.

We don't know what she did, but now our email, which has been slow and stubborn the past month, downloads really fast. So if you emailed us and didn't receive a response, your message might have entered oblivion with a few other pieces. (Maybe we should ask Daisy's Harley to investigate the case of the disappearing emails.)

Oh, and we're hoping Momo kitty and the other bloggers in Australia (and non-bloggers too) are okay. There are terrible brush fires over there -- some possibly deliberately set -- and a lot of humans and animals have died. We're all purring and Jan's praying for their safety.

Update 9/9 -- We've heard from Momo kitty. She and her SS are okay, but SS just lost her beloved aunt, so please stop by and leave a comment for them.

Also Shadow & Molly said
Vampy Vic, Gypsy and Tasha, and Forever Foster have checked in and are okay. We hope all other Australian cat, dog, etc. bloggers are checking in with their friends too.


  1. YEAH! We are glad your computer problems are slowly getting ironed out. I bet Harley would be a big help in finding your emails!

  2. Glad to hear that your computer problems have gone away. Our human doesn't know how to fix anything when her computer is acting strange! hehehehe!

    Haven't been on the blogs much (darn human) but wanted to stop in and let you all know that we think of you and hope you are well. Gonna be dumped in a few weeks when the human goes to America, so all will be quiet on my blog till early spring. Sigh...

    Kitty kisses from Italy,

  3. Yeah!!!! we are very proud of Jan for learning the computer program.

    We loved the video about Bella & Tara, Mommy's eyes are still leaking.

    We sent an email to you that we thinks must have got lost. We sent you a picture of Mommy's birthday present, but it should be posted on our blog this afternoon. ~S,S, C & ..........

  4. Those fires are just horrible!
    We're glad that the computer is behaving better. The story of Tara and Bella is wonderful!

  5. Nice news about 'puter!

    That story was furry sweet - I asked Mom fur my own special pet but so far, nothing!

    We were furry skhared for Opy, Charlie The Big Dog, HM, and all their pawrents...along with all the others affekhted...

    Furry sad...


  6. The mom got leaky watchin the video. She says its good leaks.

    We know (we's seen comments and blog posts) today dat Vampy Vic, Gypsy and Tasha, and Forever Foster are all ok. We purr dat all the other Australian bloggers check in somewhere too.

  7. Our mom does tribal chants over the computer sometimes when she gets frustrated. It's pretty weird but it seems to work.

    Misty the alpha Poode

  8. We've seen this video and its fantastic!

  9. We are glad to read all of this good news about the computer! Yay! We're so saddened by the fires...sending love and prayers.

  10. we tagged you all for an award :)

    also, we're furry glad to hear of all the australian bloggers that are okay! hopefully all of them are and our purrayers and thoughts are with everyone there.

    xo-pippin, turtle, and ava grace

  11. First... we LOVE this video! Thanks for sharing, Jan!!

    We are not going to say much about computer problems because that's stressing the typist, but we are GLAD the photo editor things are solved (crossing paws...) and the computer is much faster!! :)

    And thank you so much for your sweet words, purrs and care for Taylor! She is doing a little better, but we will post about that end of the week.

    I (Ruis) am sorry it took a day before I posted about Taylor. When it happened I was just half way the carnival post and photos and many visitors. Well, and Asta is just the fastest terrier we know! ;-)

    Headbutts and (((hugs))) from us and doggy kisses from Taylor and Buzzer
    ~ Karl & Ruis

  12. That video is simply wonderful! And so is the one below with the kitten and fawn. The fawn doesn't look like a "vishus deer" at all!

    I'm glad your computer problems are getting sorted out Jan. I'm not surprised you don't do Facebook or Slide, you've got enough on your plate! I am annoyed about losing my guestbook because there were so many signatures in there from valued friends. Anyhoo, I've started a new one... I must be a glutton for punishment or something!

    I'm so glad some, at least, of our Australian friends are okay and just hope the others are too. The heat and fires and floods are so awful. xxx

  13. Hey Jan,

    That's great that all your PC issues have been resolved! Finally! What freedom!

    Glad to hear some of the Australian friends have been accounted for, but its absolutely heartbreaking how many other pets and people have perished out there, not to mention wild animals too :(



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