Friday, September 12, 2008

Nutro Pet Food

We would like to thank Milo for the award his mom made for his kitty friends.

For Crystal, Cotton, Cyndi, Percy, Cameron & Rusty

Milo's friend Brownie the hamster was pleased Milo doesn't think of him as food, but a kitty award wouldn't be appropriate for a hamster. So Milo's mom got to thinking, and then she made a special award just for Brownie and another for his woofie friends. Wasn't that sweet of her?

So this award is for Buddy, Merci & Samaritan

Tesla gave us this lovely award "fur always keepin everyone up to date on goings on- an bein real good peepolls." Thanks for taking notice, Tesla. We work overtime trying to become real good peepolls. Some days we succeed. (We won't talk about the other days.)

We worked for hours on this post last night because parts of it kept disappearing. We set it for auto-post this morning and although it posted, even more of it is missing, the most important part of this section - the 5 we are passing this award on to and why.

As many of you already know, Roscoe passed on to the bridge Tuesday. We have enjoyed the adventures of Opus & Roscoe. They have been an integral part of Sassy's CCSI from the onset. We will miss him! And so, in memory of Roscoe, we would like to pass this on to his brother Opus and some of his closest friends.


And now for the really important news. (Anything that pertains to animal health and welfare is important.) We've been receiving information for several months now that there has been a change in the Nutro Pet Food recipe and the new ingredients have been making animals ill. Some have purportedly died. Is this true? Read the information on these 3 links (or run your own Google search) and decide for yourself whether you want your human feeding it to you.

Illness, Death Dog Nutro Pet Food

Nutro sells both dog and cat food.


  1. Khongrats on your khool awards!

    BUT YIKES on more pet food issues -

    I had to switch from my khanidae since they switched their formulation AND produkhtion facility - fur now, the CN Herring and Sweet 'tater is yummy fur me!

    Thanks fur sharing the news -

    Have a great weekend!


  2. Congratulations on all your awards! They are well deserved.

  3. Congratulations on all your awards! We have never heard of Nutro food, but it is good to know.

  4. Congratulations on your awards! I am very honored to receive the "You lift my Spirit" award from you.
    The unexpected loss of Roscoe has us really shaken. I can't even imagine CCSI or traveling without him right now....
    Thank you for giving us the award!
    And thank you for letting us know about the dog food. It is soooo hard these days to find food without by-products and crap in it. And then you can still not be sure because as for corporations and pet stores our love for our pets is nothing but big business. They couldn't care less about animals, they only want to sell sell sell sell to humans who love animals. Every time I go into a pet smart (which really isn't that often!) it makes me sick. You can't even buy toys anymore because they ALL come from China - and who know what's in or on them!
    I get carried away easily on these issues, sorry...
    Thanks for being aware.

  5. How cool from Milo to give us that awards just for us! Fortunately, humans here in Costa Rica knows the purroblems of Nutro food and they don't allow to sell them here, woohoo!

  6. You guys have some very nice awards.
    Mommy is taking thiose articles with her to the pet food store tomorrow.
    She's a good customer there and I think they might want to know that as consumers and a pet parent, she pays close attention to what goes in her kids tummies (it's never been Nutro)

  7. With tears in my eyes I write you to thank you for this beautiful award in memory of sweet little Roscoe. I am almost at a lost for words, believe it or not. All awards are special but given to me by you, my good friend, im memory of Roscoe makes it extra special. I shall treasure it always.
    Thank you so much.

  8. Congratulations on your awards, and thanks for sharing the info about the pet food too.

  9. Dear JFF
    We are very sorry to hear the sad news about Roscoe.
    It is great you continue to raise awareness of animal health and welfare issues.
    Thank you for telling us that you are not a part of DWB. We always thought you were. Mum receives many more website visitors than comments on my blog so she felt that there were non-DWB visitors to my blog who were helping us find Beau.
    We will always be grateful to everyone who helps us find Beau including our kitty kat friends.
    Mum is not a website designer and she knows very little about the internet. She only recently learned that Google uses links to the Home Page of a website to increase rankings. So, by showing a link to the Home Page of Beau's website on a blog will increase his Google rankings so that his website will hopefully appear on the first page of a Google search result. Many DWBers who have not joined Stormy's Mission are showing a photo of Beau linking to his Home Page and this is helping just as much to spread the word about Beau on the internet.
    Love from Hammer

  10. Dear JFF
    Thank you very much for not only showing Stormy's Mission button but also the photo of Beau with the link to the Home Page of his website on your blog. You are all very kind to care about Beau and to help us find him.
    Love from Hammer

  11. ConCATnDOGulations on your well-deserved awards and for outing that nasty pet food company:) xxx

  12. Congratulations on your awards!

    And thank you for your birthday wishes! You're right, a house-trashin' IS in order! In fact, the peoples are going away AGAIN in a couple weeks, maybe even twice. We're going to have a HUGE house-trashin' then. Details later, but please come and bring the woofies!


  13. Congratulations on your awards!

    Thank you so much for warning us all about the pet food problem!

  14. You deserve every award you receive, my friends! Congratulations!


  15. Thankyou so much for the warning and for giving me the award. I am still reeling form the loss of my dear friend Roscoe. We are still grossly behind in our blogging and visiting and hope to resume normality soon.

  16. Congratulations for all those pawsitively cool awards! Thanks for the paws up on the Nutro. We switched from them when they sold out to Mars. We've been very pleased with Natura products now (Calif. Natural and Healthwise). They're YUMMY and Mom says they're good for us.

  17. We came by to say hi and to thank you for the wonderful posts you wrote about our sweet Roscoe. We also wanted to thank you for the kind award and to let you know that we will get it posted on our blog, but that for now we aren't blogging just yet.

    We are so sad to find that you wrote your last post and we hope from the bottem of our hearts that you will change your mind.

    Kitty kisses from Italy,
    Opus (and Cyn)


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