Monday, September 15, 2008

Psssssssssst, Meezers

Psssssssssst, Meezers. All of you, but especially young Billy. Can you cry a little louder? Your sobs are breaking down Jan's resolve. Especially right after Opus & Cyndi's messages.

Jan told us very few bloggers would notice if we retired, but that we were to be polite and leave a last post for anyone who might stop by so they wouldn't keep looking for us to post. She's surprised so many of you have come by and left a comment.

Now she's feeling guilty. (Well, she should! This is our blog!) And she's melting. But don't tell her we posted this. We aren't supposed to be on the computer today. But we wanted to let you know .....

Jan: Guys, come here a minute. I want to apologize for making you close your journal. I didn't realize you had so many friends who would miss you. So, I've been thinking .....

Buddy: Yes? You were saying?

Jan: Oh, right. I've been thinking that maybe I was too hasty and if you give me a few days to work some things out, perhaps you can re-open JFF. But you'll have to cut down on your blogging time. Is that okay with you guys?

JFF: Yes, Jan.

Jan: Okay, then, you can let your friends know you'll be back soon. Don't even ask that, Buddy!

Buddy: What? I didn't say anything!

Jan: You had the "I'm going to drive Jan crazy with questions look" in your eyes. I'll let you know when you can start posting regularly again. Now, go let your friends know. And please tell the Meezers to stop sobbing. I can't bear to hear cats cry, especially when one is a baby.

Psssssssssst! Thanks, Sammy, Miles & Billy. You heard what she said. We'll be back. We hope soon. Our paws are itching to get back to the keyboard. We already had a couple of posts ready when we were forcibly retired and today we received our prize package from Skeezix ....

So keep your reading glasses handy! We're coming back.

Buddy: Whatever made her think 9 talkative animals could "retire"?

Percy, tapping his paw on his heart: Insanity, Buddy, insanity. It's inherited, you know. She got it from us.


  1. I heard a cry for more meezer cries. I'm SO there. MEEEEZZZZZZZZEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!


  2. Once woo start blogging, it's like breathing:



  3. Oh Binkies - we were afraid we needed to come over and chomp up some baseboards in protest!

  4. Oh we'll holler lots too. Pepi is good at hollering and meezing. Hear him? I don't. I have my paws over my ears.

    We're SO glad yall will be able to keep your blog tho!! Yay!!! We'll be happy to see you post whenever you can. :) :) :)

    Mini and the rest of the Hotties

  5. ::wipes eyes:: ::sniff sniff:: REALLY? YOU WON'T LEAVE??? Oh wait, we has to meezer more??

    ok, you asked for it:

    MsJan??? FANK YOU!!! ME know that we doesn't always comment, but we does read effury post, so ME has askded mommy to help us comment more. - Billy

    ::clears throat and wipes nose:: - oh just fank you - we wants to hold tight to all of our furriends!!!!

  6. Hooray!! Hooray!! Mom, why are your crying??

    love & wags,

  7. Yay, we are so glad you are back!!!!! We subscribe to JFF, and our email was very empty without you.

    Please be nice to Jan, she works very hard for all of you and has lots to do. So try not to pester her about blogging too much. But we hope we see lots of the JFF gang.

    ~Socks, Scylla & Charybdis

  8. YAY! i iz soo happies yoo guys arr not gonna leeves us. Shadow iz secretly leepin fur joy, but I izna spose ta say nofing. hehehe!

  9. Yay, Yay, YAAAAY! We're all doing the happy dance here!

    We always visit you guys (even if we don't have time to comment) - we're glad we're not gonna have to miss you!

  10. Somehow, I knew you all wouldn't retire, how could you? It would be total Chaos around here.
    I love you all and glad you still here
    Deetzy Boy

  11. Somehow, I knew you all wouldn't retire, how could you? It would be total Chaos around here.
    I love you all and glad you still here
    Deetzy Boy

  12. Oh we saw a response by you guys on a post and we had high hopes that somehow you had been convinced to stay! YAY!! We are so glad, we cannot bare the thought of losing another dear friend and you all would have been missed so much!!! YAY!!

  13. I am glad that you are not going away.

  14. Yay! We are very glad you've had a change of heart. We would even be willing to Meez and Merf, if necessary!

  15. I am ceasing my pout for a moment to say HURRAH!
    Me and mine would have missed you very, very much!

  16. WHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and woooooooooooooooo!

  17. we just saw the news that you were retiring and had to dash by and tell you that we would not allow it!!!

    you are such a lovely blogger gang and we would miss you so much!

    if time is an issue just blog meowmie has time issues too and is hardly helping me, but she tries at least once a week at the moment.

    we hope you stay :)

  18. gorshdarn! we blinked (well, ok, we were pretty low-visibility for a couple of weeks), an' THIS happened. we're glad we've tuned in during the happy ending!!

    we woulda meowwwwwwwwd an' yarrrrooooooood wif the best of the meezers, had we known--but thanks for sparing us the effort;-) we allus enjoy yer funnies an' stories, an' kindly emails when we needs 'em. youse guys (especially our beanbuddy, jan) is A-OK wif us, an' we're glad yer here to stay!!

    hugs & purrs--
    the meowers

  19. YAY!!! We're so glad you're coming back! We would have missed you so much.

  20. HOORAY!!!!!We're glad you are staying. I only have a little meow, but Flynn yowls at the moon, and now he's doing a happy yowl at the top of his voice. Can you hear him?

  21. That makes us happy! Even if we didn't comment we always read your posts!

    Kisses, Sky boy

  22. A sad day has become much brighter when you stopped by to say your blog will be back! Yay!

    Mindy & Moe

  23. This is good news!! We don't post everyday because we are not creative enough, we just post when we can and leave it at that. Some others go quite awhile (months) between posts. Just do what you can!! We love you all!
    (pee ess: shame on you for making little Billy cry!!!)

  24. WoooHooo, I am sooooo glad you are not leaving us! I would miss you too much. Yes, guys, good work there with Jan, keep it up!!!!!

  25. Yipeeeeeee!!!! We didn't want you to stop blogging! We are so happy that you convinced Jan to let you keep blogging...even if it's not as often!!! YEAH!!!

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  26. YAAAAY!!! I iz so glad you stayin!!!


  28. Oh my! I'm glad to hear that you'll be back soon ... :)

  29. Cool Beans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Glad you will be here in one way or another ;)
    Purrs Mickey

  30. YEAH!!!! YEAH!!!! YEAH!!!

    Had I known someone would actually listen to me I would have demanded that you continue blogging (however I am woefully ignored around the house--sometimes I suspect it is just to listen to my dulcet tones).

    So consider this a meezer demand: KEEP BLOGGGING!!!!!

  31. Janice: Hooray!! Auntie Jan will not be moving out from here!!

    Daddy: Now brats... you can start clearing up that rolls of tissue papers on the floor...

    Joey: Huh? But we are all babies still Daddy. See... my paws are still so small.

    Jolyn: Errr... I'm still new here. I don't even know where those rolls of tissues are kept... I just join in the fun...

    Jimmy: What? We did not tear all those rolls apart Daddy. Blame it on Justin. Hehe.. but i did play with a tiny weeny piece here.

    Justin: Don't always blame me on playing with those rolls of tissues. You know they have always excite me. Jeremy's are partly to be blame for digging those out.

    Daddy: Duh! Jeremy is involved as well now?

    Jayson: **nod nod** I saw him forcing the cabinet door open last night.

    Jeremy: Wait a minute there! I did not force open that door! It was opened when I was there. I wanted to get a marker pen to draw Auntie Jan a "Please Come Back" card but those rolls just distracted my attention.

    Papa Jonathan: Gosh! I wasn't that playful when I was still your age... 10 rolls of tissue papers all torn and scattered all over the floor? This is just too much!!

    Mama Jessica: Now how is Daddy going to wipe those tears of joy that Auntie Jan is planning to make a comeback? See! He's still crying over there...

    Daddy: Tik Tok Tik Tok... **furiously pressing the calculator** Sob~ Sob~ **mumbling** One roll of tissue is $x.xx... 10 rolls equals $x.xx... Arghh~~ The kitties had just burned part of their food cost...

    Janice: Psss... guys... Do you think we should get Daddy to make us some paper mache balls out of those spoiled tissues?

    Jayson: Errr... no new toys after this? Those are going to last us for years... Now I'm crying.. Sob~~

  32. I'm not really a meezer, but here goes... MEEEEEEEZE!


    You can't see it - but from what we here Mrs. OZ is actually 100% meezer...
    Retirement is not an option.
    Once a cat blogger. Always a cat blogger.
    Or let me put it like this:
    Resistence is futile.
    You will be blogged.
    WHY would you even THINK of stopping to blog????

  34. Hear, we HEAR not here. Darn paws, as Sassy would say.....

  35. me and tesla are SO glad you're staying! Why would you ever have left us?!

  36. Yipee you are staying! You don't have to post everyday, take a break when you need to, but leaving totally. Not allowed!!!!!

  37. Whooooo-hooo! ::spin:: Aminals can be quite purrsuasive, specially in large numers. Tell Jan you don't haf to post efurry day (we don't). An she can be glad you has only 1 blog, not two (1 fur woofies an a better 1 fur kitties) or efun NINE! ::spin::
    So affer a short brake, you'll be back, RIGHT???!

  38. YAY YAY YAY!! This is great news! So glad that Jan's changed her mind about 'retiring'.. Oh great, I am so happy that I can't stop chasing my own tail!!

  39. Woo hoo...Willow and I are glad that you are staying! We can't meeze like the meezers but we are pretty loud too!

    Purrrrrrrrrs, China Cat

  40. I'm glad you are staying. I'd really miss you!

  41. Come over to our blog and pick up the awards we are giving you!

    Mindy & MOe

  42. Gang!

    I don't know what a Meezer is but I'm meezing... YAY!!! We are so glad we haven't lost you as our friends. Even if you'll be posting less often, you will still be in our lives. Oh, it's a happy day!!

    My catsisters, Beauty and Rugrat, are happy too,like they just had some catnip or something!!



  43. Yippee! Yippee! Yippee! We are glad you are not retiring permanently! We shall be watching for your posts! (((((Hugs, hugs and more hugs to you all)))))))!
    Your FL furiends,

  44. Jan and friends,
    It is almost 5am. Last week at this time, we were rushing Roscoe to a vet's office near Bologna (45 mins from home). This week we are up at this hour to honor and remember Rosoe at an online candle serivce (which didn't start till 10pm in America).

    The point is that we (opus is here too) were feeling so very sad. And then we checked your blog before going back to bed. We smiled when we read your post.

    So glad that you guys will stick around. Opus and I need ALL of our friends right now!

    Now, off to bed! Good night!
    Opus and Cyn

  45. Oh.. I just came here and read that you are keeping your bloggie. Yeah good good. Please keep your blog.

    ~ Girl girl

  46. Hi!

    I just heard that you were considering leaving the Cat Blogging world! Please don't do that. I have had you on my blog list almost since I joined in June and look forward to visiting you. Just blog when you can and please reconsider leaving.

    Sweet Praline and Mom

  47. YAY!!! We are so glad that you aren't going away! None of us are meezers, but Sammy hollered & hollered all day...he finally shut up after Mama told us you weren't leaving afterall. We are happy that you're staying!!

    Hugs & Purrs,
    Sammy, Festus & Emma

  48. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzze!!! Oh, hang on, I'm a bean, though Pinky says I'm 45% cat so I think I'm allowed to meeze... Jan, I'm so glad you're not giving up. You are all so loved!!! {{{HUGS}}} :) xxx

    woooooohooooooooooo Jan is staying to blog with all the meeezzzeeessssss! meows And Purrssss! we are so happy even thos we dont have a blog- we are gonna yell at MoM to get one --she dont know how-- maybe Jan can teach her --''psssssssss this is Gypsy..Mollie..Annie said if she can do a WEB site she can Blog-- so
    we will have to teach her to do it! anyway -- Jan we are so glad u decided to stay we " sniff-sniff"dint wnat you to go !"

    "ok gang-- Nuff now- Annie , Mollie, Gyp.. I will tell Jan OK ?"

    weeeeeeeeeeeeeezerssssssss !

    love u
    Annie Mollie, And the Gyp
    gonna have to get a blog name NOW!

  50. CRYYYYY!!!! *hack* *cough* Err, well that did not work too well since we are not really meezers, but we would do anything to keep you all blogging!
    A compromise is better than disappearing totally, we enjoy reading ur blog, and Jan does not have to feel obligated to make it an everyday event, rite guys?
    C u all soon then! *waves paws*
    Hugs and Purrs,

  51. w00f;s JFF, geesh me wuznt gone dat long and here u wuz gonna quit bloggin, welll me iz shure glad they all talked u into staying...where wood DWB;s b wiffout the funny farm...

    b safe

    pps me iz doing good, only behind 152 post after over 300 this morning...

  52. We just heard the news. Mommie is takin g the week off from blogging to catch up on things, but wanted to stop by and let you know how happy she is that you are staying. We would miss you dearly if you left!!!

  53. You are not going away?

    Oh this is good, very good news!

  54. I just heard you were thinking of leaving and now I find out that you are staying. Yay for staying. Just work the blogging in when you can. When I started blogging I had lots more free time than I do now and I posted every day. I had to cut down on how much I could do considerably since then and at first I felt bad about it, but it seems to be working out now. What I'm trying to say is: Don't beat yourself up if you can only post once a week or so. We will be glad to see you whenever you can post.

  55. I love you Miss Jan and today it is important that I tell you that. You are so special to all of us and we soemtimes don't tell you that enough...we should.
    Thank you for staying with us, we need you here.
    Big hugs from Miss peach

  56. Of corse yoo can use da pyctoor. I fownd it on a fwiends bloggie an now canna amember hoos it waz. Mommie always furgets ta put da credits unner da pyctoors she uses.

  57. Yay Jan! So glad to hear that your are reconsidering! My mom says she totally understands though, because blogging is a crazy thing, sorta addictive, and sometimes she can't stop, but other times she just has too much real stuff in real life to do. We do hope you are back, if even part-time.
    Purrs to you!

  58. Hooray!!!!! We are glad you will not go away completely. We can only blog now and then so we understand.

    PRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRS and tail wags,
    Jemima, Zeke, Sushi, Tiger Lily and Ruckus

  59. This is great news :-D See you again when Jan has free time to help you blog. And don't bug her too much, let her do it when she's able.

  60. Yeah! This is great news indeed. I was so sad when you were going away, thanks Jan!!!!!!! Thanks Jan!!!!! The mom of the house here said I have to cut down on the blogging time too.
    I am so glad that you changed your mind!!!!!!!

  61. We like Percy's "insanity" plea.

    Luf, Us

  62. Whew! I missed the whole thing, so I get to emote here. So:

    NOOOOOO, you can't, I would miss you and you just can't! I'm just yowling and mrowing, really really loud!!!

    And now:

    Whew, I'm so glad you changed your mind..if you can only post once a week, that would still be better than never seeing you again! I'm so relieved!


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