Sunday, September 14, 2008

Last Post

This is a very sad day for all of us. We are retiring from blogging and this is our last post.

We have had some fun and met some nice blogging kitties, woofies, hamsters and rabbits. It was a pleasure to know each one of you. Many thanks to any who have visited regularly. And also to any who have dropped by occasionally.

We hope we gave you an occasional smile and perhaps a morsel of helpful information on occasion.

We wish you all well. And perhaps we'll meet again one day....


  1. But what will we do without the Funny Farm? How will we get our pet related news updates?

    Seriously though, you guys have served a great purpose here in our community and we will miss your updates. We hope that you will continue to be part of the community even you choose not to have a blog.

  2. I hope it wasn't anything I pawed or woo'd?

    We wish woo well BUT wonder why woo are leaving us??

    Hugz&Khysses Until We Meet Again,
    Khyra and Phyll

  3. We are sorry that you are retiring from blogging. We will miss you.
    Maybe you'll get bored & have to start blogging again, we hope so.

    Hugs & Purrs,
    Sammy, Festus & Emma

  4. Jan and gang:

    After reading this post, this is a sad day for us too. Why would you want to retire from blogging? (I know it's none of my business; it's a rhetorical question.)

    We will miss your blog - it's one of the more intelligent ones out there and we've enjoyed it so much.

    Have you been disappointed in some way? We've had a couple of ups and downs blogging too and there were times we wanted to pull the blog. But we got over it. If there is a problem that we might be able to help with, please email my Mama at:

    We really hope you'll reconsider. We love you.

    Linda and Chef

  5. Don't know what to say... this is pretty sudden. Anyway, whatever you decide to do, a great many people will care and will support your decision. Good luck!

  6. Oh noes! Please don't stop blogging altogether, even if you just do an occasional post! I love you guys and I know lots of others do too! I don't know what's in the air but you are the second blog I've read about closing down today. If you feel like it please email me at or if you feel like a chat you can skype me. My Skype name is tortie-cat (I couldn't get Black Cat unless I appended a squillion numbers to it!).

    Love to you all,
    Black Cat (Penny)

  7. Oh, no! We're so surprised and deeply saddened. It really is a sad day. We don't know what brought you to this decision, but we sure will miss you. Be well and happy. Purrs. ♥

  8. We are so sad to hear this. We have greatly enoyed your blog, and appreciate that you have hilighted some very important issues. You have made a positive impact on all of us through your blog. Your blog has truly made us smile and think. We will miss reading it.

  9. But we only just started to know you and all the animals! And my mom could count on you for the latest news which showed how much you cared for the broad animal community. This is so sad. If you start a blog somewhere else and would like us to stay friends please email my mom at

    We wish you the very, very best and hope that we will be in touch again someday.

    love & wags,
    River & mom
    Pee-ess--thank you for a goodbye post. So many just disappear and we don't know what happened!

  10. Jan and everyone,

    We are also very sad to see you go, but we hope that you have a lovely and joyeous life on the other side of the computer screen.

    Best wishes,
    Kilroy & family

  11. Oh nossss! Please reconsider your decision or at least do an occasional post. I will miss you so much.

    You have been doing a great job promoting the causes of furries. Your departure will leave a big hole in the CB. All your furriends will definitely be saddened and you will be sorely missed.

  12. No, no, no I will miss all of you too much! We have had too many losses and now without you blogging I will have that loss.
    Your blog does good with getting important information to all and you gang, well they all know how to party and have fun.
    Please, maybe after you have a little time off, which once in awhile we all need from time to time, you will come back.
    Please don't foret me. All of you are good friends and I don't want to loose you all too.

  13. "Oh" this has this been a sad day.I will miss your blog :)

  14. JFF we will miss you furry much. Hope you drop by to visit now and then.

  15. Jan, I hope you will really not close the blog. I dont have one as you and a few others know-
    just a silly web site..
    but I always enjoy reading the funny things the pets do. I will Miss your funny stories and things so much. You do such funny things.we all need these smiles you send. I agree with others -at least post now and then to share a smile ...and your heart of Gold!!

    I love u my precious friend

    KC aka
    Annie, Gyp,and Mollie
    and the spirit of Mistydawn..

  16. We will miss you all very much. Thanks so much for bringing so many wonderful, sad, poignant, and touching stories to our attention, and for letting us get to know you all. We'll miss you very much.

  17. oh no, we will miss reading your blog. We are so sad to her that this is your last post. All the best to you all.

  18. I came over to thank you for your kind offer to help with the 'helmet' pic (mom managed to find it in her compooter) and we read this piece of sad news!! Oh nooo.. Just as I was getting to know more about you guys..*sob*
    Anyhowl, I respect your decision (cos mom had actually considered doing the same thing not too long ago). Hershey and I will miss you so much. ** hugs to all**

  19. wat happened? I luf yoor bloggy, who will halp us make da werld betteh? We simply canna go on wifout yoor farmness. Pwease stay wif us!

  20. We're sad that you are retiring from blogging! We enjoyed reading about the Funny Farm! And you also posted useful info and news!

    We will miss you...but hope that you will come back to visit.

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  21. Jan, I will miss your funny farm so much! You are an important part of the blogosphere. Please continue to visit. Just email me once in a while and let me know how you are doing!!!

    I don't want to lose any friends!

    Love, Deb

  22. Please don't leave us all Jan. You are part of our family in the CB. Can you reconsider your decision? You can blog once in awhile when you are not so tight up with your daily life but let us keep this friendship to be forever... pleeeeaseeeeeee...

    Lots of purrs and hugs,
    Criz & The J Family Kitties

  23. Jan :( I'm so sad you're leaving :( I wish you would reconsider. If you need to go, though, I wish you the best and lots of love and hugs and purrs.

  24. I do not wan yoo ta go, but I wil unnerstands. We arr jus furry glad to hav mets all uv yoo. Yoo hav edyumacated alla us on sum furry impawtant stuff an we arr furry gratefuls. We hopes yoo wil styl com visit us frum tym ta tym an lets us all noes yoo arr doing guds. *sigh* Shadow sed ta tell Merci dat he will miss hers an wansta givs her sloppy woofie kisses. YUCK! Oh an iffen she eva wansta goes fur anudder walkie wif him ta jus lets him noes.

  25. We're sorry to hear that you are leaving. Best of luck to all of you!

    Luf, Us

  26. We are sorry we won't be able to read your grate posties anymore, buddies. We hope you get lots of relaxation in your retirement.
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  27. Oh Jan, please don't go. You sight is such a great source of information and inspiration.

    But if you must, please stop by once and a while to let us know that you all are ok. And thank you for saying good-bye rather than just disapearing.

    Mom Amanda, Pearl, Bert, Jake and George

  28. We are sorry to see you go. We want to thank you so much for checking in about Ninja and her toe situation. It was very kind of you to keep her in your thoughts.

    All the best.

    Brenda & Ninja

  29. Dear Funny Farm Kitties, Woofies and the Management Team:
    It was great knowing you, trust all will be well and good for you on the road that lies ahead...
    stop by and see us once in awhile.
    You will be missed!
    Maggy & Zoey, and the Zoolatry Human, Ann

  30. We do hope you don't leave permanently. We understand life is busy and it can be tough to blog all the time. We hope to see you again.

    Junior, Orion and Meowm

  31. We will miss you. Thanks again for all the support you gave me when Texas was ill and went to the bridge..

  32. Oh no!! We will miss you guys and your information on Pets was so wonderful! Please know we will always have a place in our hearts for you all! Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing once in awhile!
    Your sad FL furiends,

  33. Dis is furry sad. We'll miss you lots an lots. Sad purrs, Victor

    But... but... I only just met you! Sad licks, Nina

  34. We will miss and wish that you would not leave us! If you must go, we wish you only the best and hope you will come back and visit fromt ime to time. Take care, all of you!

  35. Oh my! I am so sorry to hear this! Maybe you will come back to blogging sometime in the future? My mom says she knows how hard it it to maintain a blog, so we understand.
    We wish you well and hope to see you again soon sometime!

  36. Oh no...dis is change, and as yoo know, cats hate change! If yoo must leave us take good care of yoorself and da furries and please let us know dat yoo is all okay once in awhile. We don't comment here a lot but we read all yoor stuff and get some really good information!

  37. We are so sad you are not continuing your blog. We do hope you will drop by to visit us once in a while, that would be very nice.

    Mindy & Moe

  38. China Cat and I are sad to hear that this is your last post. We will miss you and hope that maybe you will come visit.

    Purrrrrrrrs, Willow

  39. Oh noes, you cantz leavez!
    (sorry I speak LOL when I am nervous)

  40. Jan
    We are sad that you are leaving. We hope things will go well for you and your family. Take good care you know you are always welcomed back at any time....

    & Mom Debra

  41. We are always very sad to hear when someone is leaving the catblogosphere and you all are no exception. We know you have your reasons and wish you all the best!

    Hugs and purrs,
    Laila, Minchie and Mom Peggy

  42. We are very sad that you are leaving us and we will miss you.

    {{{{{HUGS}}}} and prrrrrrrrrrrrs and tail wags,
    Jemima, Zeke, Sushi, Tiger Lily and Ruckus

  43. Please don't do this. We don't want you to quit blogging! We know we haven't been around much this summer, but we do stop in and read. It has been a bad week already, we can't stand to lose another friend.

    Please take some to reconsider, we love and need you.

    Hugs from Italy,
    Opus and Cyn

  44. I'm sorry you're ending your blog. I only stop by occasionally, but I will miss it. Best wishes to you.

  45. We are sad that you have decided to retire from blogging. We visit often even if we don't comment often,(usually because we follow the links on your post and forget to come back and leave a comment.) Maybe you could just do an occasional post or leave a message on the CB to let everyone know how you are doing. We will miss you.
    (((Hugs))) to you all at the Funny Farm.

  46. We are sorry ta hear that ya all are retirin from bloggin! Whatever the reason is, we unnerstand...

  47. I am sorry to read that you will not be blogging any more. We always enjoyed your posts and learned lots of interesting things from them.

    I hope that nothing bad has happened and I wish you and the Funny Farm residents the best of luck in life. Take care x

  48. ::SOB SOB SOB:: ::wipes tears from eyes:: but, but........... we will miss you so much. we don't want to lose more furriends. ::SOB SOB SOB::

    ::sniff:: mommy says we're being selfish and that we should say that we have enjoyed knowing you and being your furriends, and that we also hope that nothing bad happened to make you stop blogging.

  49. ::SOB SOB SOB:: ::wipes tears from eyes:: but, but........... we will miss you so much. we don't want to lose more furriends. ::SOB SOB SOB::

    ::sniff:: mommy says we're being selfish and that we should say that we have enjoyed knowing you and being your furriends, and that we also hope that nothing bad happened to make you stop blogging.

  50. We is sorry to see yoo go. Please stop by to visit us all if yoo can.

  51. You will be sorely missed!

  52. Please dont leave. You will be missed....

    Pixel and Samba

  53. I think yoo wood be surprized at how many of us drop by a cuppul of times a week withowt leeving comments - last yeer win the FL's daytime hunting place started taking up so much of her time, she sed I had to eether cut down on my commenting or cut down on my blog posts, so I cut back on commenting cuz I can vizit abowt 4 times as many blogs win I don't comment on evry one. It's not a purrfikt solution, but sumthing had to give.

    We can empathize, tho. Blogging is a big investment in time and enerjy and owr ladeez don't always have enuf of both to spare. Yer all grate members of the blogosfeer and we wood just kerl up in a sobbing ball with the meezers if we never herd frum yoo agin. And I've dun enuf krying this week, so I hope it duzn't come to that.

  54. Come visit our blog. We are giving you awards.

    Mindy & Moe


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