Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Post Ike Galveston

5:00 PM UPDATE: The page of photos has been removed.

Our friend Mark (yes, he's still talking to us after yesterday's post) sent us an email with a link to some post-Hurricane Ike photos and said it is okay to post them. Galveston has extensive damage, as do other areas hit by Ike. Usually, we would say, enjoy. But today, we ask you to pray for those whose homes and livelihood have been destroyed, as well as though whose homes have survived but are without electricity and many necessities.

There used to be a button here to view photos of Galveston Island, Surfside Texas Crystal Beach, Port Bolivar and Houston.


  1. WE have been purring and purring for all the people who lost so much in the hurricane.

  2. Oh wow - just wow! It's awful! We have friends that lost everything in New Orleans in Katrina and this one looks just as bad, though hopefully the flooding will dissipate sooner. Looking at those pictures reminds me of the Galveston Hurricane of 1900.

  3. All we khan say is WOW -

    Mom shared them with friends at work -

    Their responses were the same -


  4. We are purring for everyone. We know that after Katrina the pets were the last to be rescued and in fact their are still cats and dogs suffering because of Katrina. We are purring that the recovery from Ike will be speedier for people and pets.

  5. Oh JAn!!!! What iz goin' on wit da bloggospear!!!! Retiremint!!! I don't tink I wants to try any retried mints!! I cannot belleeevz it!!! We shouldda gots by sooner to tanks you fur sendin' da momee emailz to keeps her updated. We iz worried now dats you are tryin' to takes care of too much. PLEEEEEEEEEZE do nots lets doze mints try you!!!! PLEEEEEEEEEEEZE!!!!
    Momee iz home sick & saw dis & almost fainted.
    We iz purrin' fur you all, & purrin' fur doze dat haz losted dere kitteez lately, & purrin' fur doze peoplez & anymalz in Ike's wake.
    But PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE Jan... do nots retire your bloggie!
    -Dr T

  6. w00f's JFF, that iz sooo sad, life sumwatt sane one minute, then the next devastation...the picksurs says it all....they iz all in out thoughts and prayers...

    b safe,

  7. WHOO HOO......YOU ARE BACK!!!! We are a little behind on things!!! We are so happy!!!!!!!

  8. First off, we're so very glad you are staying!

    Secondly, wow. We've been purring and purring for all those folks in Texas. We got just a little taste of things when Ike moved through Michigan as a tropical depression and it was bad. We only hope that they can all recover as soon as possible.

  9. awww we can't see the pikshurs right now. but we haf other furriends who are down in that area, and one of our local DJ's akshually lives in Galvaston, where he broadcasts from his home. he losted efurryfing. but he's ok so that's what important. he says "stuff is stuff, but I'm still here and happy to be here".
    we is purraying hard for all of our furriends that are in that area.

  10. Wow. Those photos are just so terrible. We are still purring and purring for them.

  11. Weirdest hurricane ever. Big chunks of Ohio still have no power. That's right, Ohio! It must be just terrible in Texas. Purrs to everyone in Texas.

  12. We are purring! We saw pictures - it is bad! We hope that not too many lives were lost.....

  13. Sonbean has a friend now living in Galveston, we sure hope he is OK, along with everyone else affected by Ike.

    Mindy & Moe

  14. We're purring for the hurricane and flood victims. Ike was a very bad dude.


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