Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rainsville Situation Update

We have what appears to be another update to the Rainsville, Alabama dog rescue story. If this is true, we are glad we emailed Best Friends about the conflicting information.

Zazu left a new comment on our Saturday post, "Carol Crocker Update." We don't know Zazu or how to contact this person but we're posting this in case ......

Hi. I'm a volunteer with Forgotten Paws Dog Rescue, working in conjunction with Best Friends Society for Carol's dogs. We have been on site with Carol and all of her wonderful dogs.

As an up to the minute update (9/28at 10:00 p.m.) we have pulled one dog from Carol's today and transported to an FP foster home. We will be pulling 2 more on Tuesday, one to FP foster and the other to a permanent home. 2 are scheduled to move on 10/6 to a permanent home if all goes well. There are a few rescues in the northeast who are interested in taking a few of the dogs and a few individuals from whom we are accepting applications.

This is very much still a desperate situation so please continue to post far and wide.

Also, please sign the petition (google Rainsville petition). (We googled it. Click here for the petition.) This is an effort to stop the city from destroying these beautiful animals.

Also, write to the Oprah show at\contactus. Put Help Rainsville Dogs in the subject line. She needs as much exposure as she can get and as quick as she can get it! Thank you for caring! These dogs are AWESOME! Friendly, sweet, loveable and so very deserving of a great life.

The email is NOT correct and has served only to hinder a very desperate rescue effort.

**There is a link above to our Saturday post where we included an email stating Best Friends was taking all the dogs today and none would be euthanized. This is the email referred to above as not correct. This is a very confusing story to follow, but the gist of this post is that Carol Crocker still desperately needs help to place all her dogs before the city of Rainsville confiscates and kills them!


  1. Thank you fow continooing in all youw effowts to help these poow awe wondewful..I will go sign the petition
    smoochie kisses

  2. Thanks for the update, we will sign the petition and e-mail the Oprah Show, just holler if we can do anything else,

    Ben xxx

  3. We will sign the petition and email the TV show. This is terrible. So glad you followed up on this so we know she still needs help. ~S,S & C

  4. This soooo looks to be good news!

    Thanks fur sharing!


  5. we will sign the petition. we are purraying for a good resolution and that none of the dogs have to go to the bridge.

  6. Great news for some of those dogs. Our paws are crossed that even more are rescued.

  7. Thanks Jan for continuing to keep us updated.

  8. We signed and also the mom put an entry on her myspace page and sent bulletins to her friends, one of which is the guys from Rescue Ink (she secretly hopes they do somethin to help!).

  9. Hi Farm friendzees! we're trotting around giving love licks. our computee box is still broke but we got one to use till it is fixed. Love your banner with all your pawsome faces however did you do that ~ way cool. This was good news for some of the doggies now we will pray more good news is to come for the rest. We gots lots to catchup on your bloggie so we'll be back. wish we had been around to celebrate Roscoe's wonderful life, extra love licks xoxo

  10. Thanks for the update. We hope all those dogs can be saved.

  11. Thank you all for singing the petition and writing to the Oprah show. We hope that this will be a huge help in getting even more attention to Carol and her dogs.

    If anyone is interested in assisting in transport efforts for these dogs, please write to me at There are a number of rescues in the NE who are willing to help. Now, just need to get these babies there!

  12. We signed the petition and are hoping against hope that all will work out. Have any Canadian shelters been contacted?



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