Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pop Rod, Trip Jan

Well, thanks to the Meezers (and a few non-Meezers meezering) we had what has to be the shortest retirement in history! Retired Sunday - back Monday. Thank you all for your input. Jan now knows not to mess with our journal!

And while Jan is outside whacking weeds, we have a short story for you. Our idea of a short story is all truth. No, wait, it's some truth, some fiction. Or is it all fiction? See, we were retired so long we've forgotten our own writing rules. Anyway, you can figure out which is which.

Cotton: Hey, Cyndi, look at this email from Jan's friend Mark. It must be about one of his friends.

Cyndi, reading aloud: Live your life in such a way that when your feet hit the floor in the morning, Satan shudders and says, "Oh, no! He's awake!"

Cameron, reading over her shoulder: I guess if that Satan guy was around here this morning, he'd be laughing, 'What a klutz! Jan's tripped and fallen!"

Cotton: Cameron, that only happened once. Well, if you only count when she first gets up in the morning, it was only once. And that was because she tripped over a drapery rod.

Cyndi: It's okay. That Satan guy doesn't live in our neighborhood and he couldn't get in quietly if he did. Not with Buddy, Merci and Sam on the premises. They could wake the dead with the racket they make when a leaf rustles.

Cameron: Don't worry. We don't have a peeping Satan in this area.

Cyndi: A peeping Satan? What's that?

Cameron: You know that old tomcat down the street? I think his name is Tom. Well, if he peeked in someone's window, he would be a peeping Tom. I would be a peeping Cameron. (Not that I'd ever do such a thing!) So Mark's friend would be a peeping Satan.

Cotton: Well, we don't have to worry about a peeping Tom or Satan watching Jan fall out of bed in the morning. We keep our windows covered.

Cameron: Oh, how quickly you forget! In case you've forgotten, a certain anonymous kitty - aka Crystal - pulled down the drapery rod around 2 a.m. Jan still hasn't replaced it, so the window is not covered. All this peeping guy would need to do is bring his own ladder and ..... Where are you going, Cotton?

Cotton: Come on, Cyndi. We need to replace that drape ASAP! Just in case Jan takes another trip tomorrow morning.

Cameron, shaking his head: Girls, I wasn't done talking! Just for that, I'm going to go ask Crystal to show me how to pop the rod. This could be a daily event. Pop rod, trip Jan, watch Cotton and Cyndi replace drape. I could sell tickets. Well, this boring day has just gotten more interesting.


  1. w00f's JFF, heehee, ur all funny today..mayb me needs to learn how to pop a rod...

    b safe,

  2. Between khritter chow and petrol, might NOT be a bad idea!


  3. OOOO! Latte' Dotte', says be vurrry careful whatcha let out to the public because her grouchy daddy, Mark, is a big bad pistol packer that High Noons people that might be mean to any kind of pet that puuurrrrs or barrrks. And he's legal when he carries his BIG automatic 9MM pistol lookin' fur perps. He's BAAAAD news for them and very scary except to pets. They love him at PALS and Pee Wee's where he takes food and medicine to help them until they get their furrever home.

  4. Ha, ha, you guys I think you could sell the tickets of Jan's morning act and make lots of $$$$$$$. Are you sure you all aren't taking turns putting the rod out where Jan will trip on it?

  5. i think you can video tape that and send it in to win money!!

    we have been without power because a hurricane hit Cincinnati! yes, you read that right, and we have been without power.

    we are thrilled to read the news that you are NOT quitting blogging. what a scare we had when we read you were considering quitting. thank you for not stopping!!

  6. He he. I am so glad to know you are going to still blog.

  7. so? is the drape back in place?? you know, you really should be kind to those less fortunate than you, even if they DO have those opposable thumb-thingies.

    an' it's not sensible to take advantage of beans, especially inna morning before coffee time! remember, they control the can opener!

  8. My mom says: PICTURES! Or it didn't happen...


  9. Uh oh, Jan. Watch out - I think the fur children are up to no good!

  10. Hmmm.. at least you could make some money out of selling those tickets and get yourselves some toys/ treats? :)

  11. Gentleannie here.
    ooooooo that was a funny stry,
    we have to tell u our Bean fell today too and hurt her knee,,it's BIG
    but we gave Kiyy lickers and made it all better..
    she went to work so we could have
    goodies and yummies..
    you gotta be good and dont hurt Beans, they cry [ snif ]
    our Bean said she was so glad Jan is back, she would not really leave --cuz she really wus us all

    now we have to figger how to get a blog so we can do this all the time too
    take care all you meezersssss out there--
    the Bean said its bed time-
    Annie, Gyp and Mollie

    and our Bean KC
    aka Gentleannie2

  12. OMC, your paws are sure overworked today! Great story though. As noted before you should tape it and put it in one of those funny home video shows on TV.

  13. I think you are on to something...

  14. We hope Jan doesn't trip again. Don't mess with the Food Lady!

  15. uh oh, our mommy trips or bounces off the walls all the time. it's really funny to watch!

  16. We are glad you are staying in the blogosphere. We will try to get by and visit more often.

  17. Well gosh, we don't get around for a few days, and it looks like we missed all the excitement! We're so glad you decided to stay around.

  18. This was a very funny post. We needed something to laugh about as we have been reading a lot of sad news.

  19. Curtains are for climbing, not for tripping. Okay, it was funny,..but just the once,...and maybe tomorrow morning.


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