Thursday, September 18, 2008

Karl's Dare

It has taken some doing but we finally figured out a way to accept Karl's dare before it expires on Saturday. We have seen some innovative ideas around the blogosphere, but we were having a problem coming up with our own "creative, fun, useful way to save the environment."

Rusty, staring in disgust: You expect me to drink this? It's just water in a bowl. It doesn't do anything. No dripping, whirling, swerving. It just sits there and stares back at me.

We've been telling Jan we need a water fountain. But in the interest of the environment, **sigh, hic, sob** we'll all forego our dream.

Sam: What's he whining about? Jan wasn't going to buy us one an....

Percy, paw to chest, breathing hard: Ooomph!

Sam: ...yway. Ouch! Crystal, you bunny-kicked me!

Crystal: Sorry, Percy. That was an accident. I was aiming for Sam. How can we brag about helping the environment when Sam is telling everyone .... Never mind. He's already done it.

Merci: Here I am posing with my idea.

Buddy: So what is it and why do you look like you're about to be attacked?

Merci: I had Jan unplug the night lights to save a little electricity.

Cyndi: That sounds like a good idea. But like Buddy asked, why do you look like you're about to be attacked?

Merci: Well, you know what happens without them. Jan can't see where she's going and she steps on any of us in her path!

Cameron: Can we scratch this one off the list?

Crystal: No, Cameron. Merci's already told everyone about it. We'll just have to stop sleeping where she can step on us.

Cotton: We can always get her a pair of night goggles.

Buddy: And here's our idea.

Cyndi: What is it? You two are just sitting there.

Sam: We're posing with our bags of food.

Cotton: And? What's so unusual about this?

Sam: We have Jan stocking up large bags of food so she has to make fewer trips to the store.

Percy: Jan has always bought large bags of food for us.

Sam: Yes, but notice there are TWO bags of dog food there and ....

Percy: And only ONE bag of cat food! And it's almost empty. We're running out of food, guys. We're going to starve, just faint from hunger! Jan will find our poor shriveled bodies .....

Buddy: Shhhh. Here comes Jan.

Cameron: And she's carrying in a big bag of cat food.

Percy, with paw on brow: Oh, she's just in time. We could have died while she was gone.

Cotton: Percy, you should never have joined the CCSI Santa Caper cast. You've been a ham ever since!

JFF: Thank you, Mr. Chen, for coming up with the winning dare idea.


  1. Oh I like that idea. The more foods, the better! And it's good for the environment too.

  2. Wow, you all have great ideas to help the environment!!!

  3. Stocking up on food--now that is an excellent idea!

  4. Ahh!! Why won't my LL help me with this? We have an idea but need pictures!!


  5. You came up with some very good ways to help the environment. We have our paws crossed Jan doesn't step on anyone without a night light. Our Mommy is bad to step on us even with the lights on, she mumbles something about us materializing under her feet. ~S,S & C

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  7. That is so smart to buy extra cat and dog food to decrease driving! I think I will have to buy my 3 cats more food tomorrow to do my part. That will make them very happy. Thanks so much for the idea :-)

    I do not know about the night lights though. Being stepped on could be very painful.

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  9. You guys came up with some great ideas! And THANK GOODNESS that Jan got home in time with the cat food. Roscoe would always freak out if he could see the blue at the bottom of his food bowl. Not that he NEEDED the food, but always better to have too much than too little! Hehehehehe!

    ps. Thanks for posting Roscoe's tribute graphic for us. It means the world to me. You guys are the best!

  10. w00f's JFF, me iz still trying to come up wiff gots one or two days left...pawsome job on urs...

    b safe,

  11. Those are all really good ideas you guys! Well done!

  12. Hahahahaha! You guyz iz makin' da momee laff. I tinks yer dare iz grreat.. justee don'ts let Jan fur-get you catsez. Mebbe three bagz of cats food iz better den one! We do nots want da cats to starve.. otherwize I will has to sendz oevfur a 567 pound ham.

  13. Those are all very good ideas! Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best! You done good!

  14. Great ideas, you guys! We think conserving water is a really good idea. We also buy humongous bags of cat food too. We love that food picture with your two gorgeous woofies.

    Mindy & Moe

  15. Excellent ideas! I especially like the idea of Jan wearing night vision goggles, but the saving electricity and saving gas ideas were good too.

  16. Thank you for accepting the Dare!!! That was a funny post, I really enjoyed reading it! You are very creative animals! Probably have to be with someone like Jan around.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

  17. At least you are trying to do something. Mom has been out of town too much lately to help me do anything.

  18. thank your mama for not retiring, please. We come and read you all the time, even if we don't comment or anything. And we always like your comments to us.

  19. Thank you for the suggestion for the "dare". Mom is out of town in Washington, DC until Saturday morning and when she gets back, she will go to the football game. We will see what we can do to participate.

  20. You came up with some good ideas for saving the environment.

  21. More foods, less driving... Can't go wrong with that, unless Jan brings back another bag of dog food instead. Mutiny!

  22. well dat wuzza intrestin an enjoyabul post on how to save da inveyronment ... an i'm glad u were saved frum endin yer bloggin career.
    i luv u.
    yer grate frend--jh

  23. We have to keep our night lights because they help our Nana and Grampy see so they won't fall and break a hip. Grampy's hips are going to be 80 in December and we like them not broked. But we're totally with you on Bulk foods. Mom does as much of her shopping at Sam's as she can. Buying in Bulk saves money, time, gas and all the anti-theft and 'look at me me, buy me' packinging that ends up at the dump.

  24. Fantastic ways of taking care of our world. Congratulations!

  25. Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those are great ways to save the environment!!!!!
    Extra foods....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!
    Purrs Mickey


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