Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Post Santa Caper Notes

This past weekend was exciting. Percy thoroughly enjoyed being associated with Sassy's CCSI show, The Santa Caper, which aired in 4 parts.

Percy took a little breather and now he would like to show you some wonderful things he/we have received recently.

Sassy sent Percy champagne for the opening night. He shared it with us.

Percy received this CCSI Member Badge for participating in the production. He had a great time and we are really proud of him. This was his first acting job.

Dear Momo the cat sent us this lovely basket to share.

Momo also gave us these refillable catnip bags. Boy, are some of us going to have fun with those! If the dogs don't eat them first, that is. They eat all our toys.

Life Is Like Hell Without Friends Award

Momo said we should feel free to download this lovely award and pass it on. After much consideration and debate - there are so many deserving cats and dogs out there - we decided to give this to Opus and Roscoe for helping Sassy take such good care of Percy while he was in CA for the cast party. He is looking forward to the next occasion where he can wear the white tuxedo they gave him.

And last but not least, the past couple of days has brought good news for many. Sassy has hired Karl, Opus & Roscoe, and Ruis to work for her production company full time. Sassy and her new hires have moved to Littleproductions-CCSI, their very own home office. They have also set up a store where you can purchase CCSI-related gifts. "The Santa Caper" was Sassy's second show and obviously not her last! She and her staff did a marvelous job of entertaining everyone. We congratulate all of them, as well as all of the cast and crew for making this such a success.

Note: Percy didn't want to appear immodest, so I have posted this in his stead.

(s) Merci


  1. Percy was great on the set and I really enjoyed our time together. Hope we will get to work together again now that CCSI is expanding and has acquired its permanent headquarter, thanks to those hard working kitties at Little Productions.

  2. Percy, it is a cat's right to toot one's own horn. It wouldn't have been immodest at all! Let's go enjoy that champagne!


  3. Percy Was wondewful to wowk with I loved meeting him..he's also vewy handsome and a tewwific actow!
    Ithink he can be justly pwoud of himself and celebwate with all of you at the funny fawm!
    Pewcy, when you have the time, can I have youw pawtogwaph pleez
    see you at the pawty
    smoochie kisses

  4. Oh Thank you Jan and Percy so much for the wonderful award! It was so sweet of you think of us.

    We had such a wonderful time working with Percy and really had fun with him at the cast party.

    Looking forward to many new adventures with our new friend!

    Opus and Roscoe


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