Sunday, December 09, 2007

Percy's Real New Hat

Okay, Jan says I have to stop trying to pull everyone's leg with that photo of my big head and that tiny cap.

Momo kitty really didn't like that photo. She said the hat was too small and I should have Jan sew on flaps - um, straps.

Well, Jan read our back and forth comments and yelled, "Perseverance!" She always calls me by my full name when I'm in trouble. I seem to be in trouble a lot lately. But it's nice to know I'm loved. Otherwise Jan wouldn't get upset with me.

I want to go to Sassy's party Tuesday, so I'm posting a picture showing how the hat actually looks on my head. I wanted to surprise everyone but if I don't apologize to Momo and post a real photo, the surprise might be that I'm not at the party - with or without my new hat.

Momo, I'm sorry for kidding about using a wad of chewing gum to keep the tiny hat on. Perhaps you'll like this photo better.

I think it looks best on me with one ear sticking out, don't you?

Penitent Percy,
Jan's Funny Farm


  1. Ah, that's better. I like the one ear sticking out. Give the whole look a bit of character! You know, you shouldn't mind me. I am rather dense and always get my legs (all four of them, hopefully not simultaneously) pulled.

  2. PS, if you could really keep that tiny itsy bitsy hat on for the whole night there is no reason why you shouldn't wear it to the party as is. At least you will have everyone talking about it

  3. Hi Evewyone
    What a gweat place to live to have so vewy many pals to play's vewy nice to meet all of yoou..Pewcy is tewwific to wowk with..the whole cast and cwew awe gweat!
    Pewcy, i'll see you at the pawty!
    smoochie kisses

  4. Dear Miss Cotton! thank you for the honor of your attendance at my tea party! I hope will attend my birthday tea next month also:)
    I am a happy old cat living out my days in this cozy cottage. I do wish I did not have to take so many medicines.
    Stay peaceful during the holiday rush!
    Love Miss Peach

  5. PERCY you are NOT going to pass on this party. I WILL be expecting you there and we will be so sad if you don't come to it. Not everyone is dressing formally. It is up to you, I almost bet there will be something in the guest cottages provided if need be. Yes I sad guest cottages for all, a nice place to rest up after that long flight, so please, please, please, come.

  6. Forgot to mention love the lhat, please bringit and wear it. Perfect for the sitting on the patio sippin drinks. Yes I said patio sippin drinks.

  7. Jan- Hey HJan where are ya? Stopped by but cannot find ya, I am making an executive descision and I have given Percy the day off today at the set. I am takin Percy with Momo and me and we are headin right now out to California cause Opus & Roscoe are out there waitin for us.
    Again so you won't be worried Jan I HAVE PERCY WITH ME. If this isn't OK with you please let me know and I will send him home right away. I HAVE PERCY with me

  8. Sassy,

    Stopped by your your place to leave a message but you were either on the set or on the plane. Of course it is all right for Percy to go to the party with you and Momo. He was disappointed when he learned the party was formal and he couldn't afford to dress for it. But he was a trooper about it. He said he was glad he got to be part of the cast anyway.

    He'll have a ball! And he's worked hard, so he deserves some fun.


  9. Jan thought ya would want to know that we all arrived OK in California. We had so much fun on the flight out there with Momo along with Percy and myself. We laughed all the way. Oh what a great day. We arrived around 11:20 am est.

  10. Hi Percy!!! I think this hat looks better!

    I'll see you in the castle shortly.

    Momo xoxo

    pee ess: My mom was laughing hard after reading your comment. Thanks for pointing her error out! She does it all the time. Geee, you guys are NOT the 'buildings'!! haahah..

  11. Came back real quick to let ya know Percy is doing just fine. He has been such a help and he is so happy to get to know the Italians so much better now.
    We are a little tired and most are goin back to their cottage to rest up before dinner. I cannot wait to see Percy in his outfit from Italy, how handsome I bet he will be. The events will be in the next post.


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