Sunday, December 09, 2007

Percy's New Hat

Whoopee! I'm going to Sassy's CCSI cast and crew party Tuesday night! I'm so excited.

I wasn't going to ask Jan until tomorrow - we're all grounded for the weekend, remember, because I was late coming home the other night. My brothers and sisters sneaked me inside where I promptly fell asleep. Jan didn't know I was home and she thought I was still missing.

So I've been laying low. Really low! On my best behavior. No using the couch as a scratching post. No standing inside the pan and peeing outside it. No playing golf with my food.

And I guess Jan noticed. She went shopping this afternoon and came home with a present for me to wear to Sassy's cast and crew party Tuesday night. I didn't even know she was aware of the party yet. Perhaps she read Sassy's invitation on Sassy Tales.

So, what do you think of my new cap? Yes, I know it appears a little small on my mancat-size head, but it looks jaunty, don't you think? I like it.

Thanks Jan! I'll try to bring a treat home for all the Funny Farm residents, like Cotton did from Miss Peach's tea party.

Jan's Funny Farm


  1. That hat is a little too small for you and will fall off in no time, especially in a party. Glad you are forgiven. See you on the set tomorrow and certainly at the party! SS is envious of us kitties living the high life while she has to slum it on cattle class, paddle bikes and modest guesthouse.

  2. Percy, we look forward to seeing you at the cast party. The more tabbies the merrier! I don't do hats myself, but it's cute.

  3. Wow. that is a very cool hat. I should ask Momma if she will get me something cool to wear to the cast party!


  4. Get Jan to put straps on the hat rather than chewing gum or blue tac. Gum and tac will make a mess of the fur!!!!!

  5. Percy
    Mommi undewstands how boowed i was and all I got was a lectoowe about the shoes, so it's OK..I'll twy to wemembew!
    At least we have the pawty to look fowawd to..see you thewe!
    smoochie kisses


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