Friday, December 07, 2007

Percy Is Missing

We are all very concerned here. Percy left for the new CCSI rehearsal this morning and hasn't returned for his dinner. Jan is getting frantic. She left this message on the message board at Sassy Tales:

This is Jan. Do you happen to know where Percy is? He was supposed to be home from rehearsal by dinnertime but he isn't home yet. He's not a street-smart kitty, having been a housecat since he was a tiny baby, so we're all worried here. No one answers the phone on the set. Did the cast stop for a snack after work?

We have just received this reply from Sassy over at Sassy's Tales.

I don't know where most of my cast is??? Tigger says they are together traveling but that is not I believe the case. I think they were earlier together traveling around but not sure about that now.I do know that all are safe but where are they??

Imagine our surprise to learn many of the cast disappeared from the set today and are evidently traveling in places they shouldn't be without a passport - or permission!

Percy, wherever you are, call home ASAP and let us know you are okay and on your way! Jan is holding dinner for you and the rest of us are STARVED!!!! So get your butt home now ..... please. Or at least call home and give permission for the rest of us to share your crunchies


  1. I can't believe this! We have a premiere within less than 7 days, and our actors are playing hide-and-seek with us...

  2. Oh no Percy better come home!!

  3. Je pense, je voir Percy au Paris!


  4. Percy!!! Where are you?? I actually just came back from Asta's pawty. Sorry I didn't tell you but I left the CCSI set earlier to look for something to wear for the pawty. I just came by the set but it was empty!!

    Hope you're OK, Percy!!!

    Momo xoxo

    pee ess: Thank you for the rose!!! That's very sweet of you guys!! :)

  5. Oh Percy, you are in trouble! Better get yourself home!

  6. I hear that Percy is home and all is well. That's OK, Jan, we all need to have a bit of fun on the side. Percy, wasn't that blitz in the hot pink BMW around Paris fun? You need to come with Tigger, Trixie and Pye again. They often pick me up for jaunts around the place and SS is usually none the wiser until she sees the postings at Tigger's or Pye and Trixie's blog. Tell Jan at your peril!

  7. Thought I would stop by and give little Percy a little sweet talkin and some huggin, so glad all turned out OK.
    Jan I would be more than happy to have any and all promote the CCSI II show. The goal of Little Production is to involve as many of our furry ones that we can. As long as nice things are said about us, ha, ha, ha.
    Oh Imade all of the others to make sure Percy is ready for work on Monday.


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