Friday, December 07, 2007

A Rose For...

The rose below came from Miss Peach's cottage home and she would love to see it passed around to friends and family.

I shared the lovely rose Miss Peach gave me with my brothers and sisters here at Jan's Funny Farm. And then I asked them what friends we should share this with. We finally decided on -

Chase - She has risen above her own disability to become a therapy cat to humans.

Poppy Q - She is warm and welcoming to everyone and is always introducing new friends.

Momo & Pinot - Momo is such a wonderful big sister to her new baby brother Pinot. She even helped him get a role as a photograph in the latest CCSI production.

Actually, we would love to share this rose with all the actors and production workers for Sassy's latest CCSI production. (Percy's head is swimming from all the new cats and dogs he's met on the set and he can't begin to remember all their names.) They have been working so hard to put the new show together in time for its opening.

The Santa Caper will be airing December 14 at 8:00 pm est with shows running all day. Be sure to stop by Sassy's Tales to see it. Until then, you can stop by Sassy's to meet the cast and production staff.

(s) Cotton,
for Jan's Funny Farm


  1. Thanks for the super rose Jan and the funny farm. I loves roses!!

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Those are lovely choices for who to give a rose to!


  3. Thanks for the rose!! You are too sweet!

  4. Great choices to share the rose. I may be partial but Momo and Pinot are such lovely, friendly, generous doggies and totally cute that I can't think of better recipients


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