Saturday, December 08, 2007

Percy Is Home

The good news is that Percy is home. The bad news is that he was home when he was missing.

How can that be?

Jan searched the net for him, contacting as many of his new friends as she could, leaving messages for him to call home.

Gemini of Chey's Place (page closed) left this message: Je pense, je voir Percy au Paris!

Sassy mentioned in her story, "Cast Missing," Parts I and II, she'd heard the cast was in Paris, but she thought they were safe and on their way home. So was Percy actually in Paris?

This morning we found a post over at topcatrules. Trixie wrote, But we left ya all text messages on your phones!

We responded, We didn't get the text message you left. Jan is ready to ground Percy FOR LIFE. She hasn't slept a wink ALL NIGHT. Okay, she did snore for 5 or 6 hours, but she didn't sleep a wink!

This morning Jan looked sad when she saw Percy's untouched dinner sitting on the counter. She gathered up our dishes to dispense a late (very late) breakfast. She handed them out automatically, her mind on Percy, and she ended up one bowl short.

You guessed it. Percy, yawning and stretching as if he had just awakened, was waiting in line for his brunch. Jan grabbed him up, hugged him tight, put him down and lit into him, yelling, "You're grounded for life!" (She didn't really mean that, you know.)

We held back as long as we possibly could, then we all began to laugh. Except Percy. His ears hurt. Jan was speechless for a moment. Then she caught on and we had to fess up.

Yep, you guessed it. Percy arrived late and tapped on a window. When Jan was in the kitchen washing dishes, Buddy unlocked the front door and let Percy inside. He was cold and exhausted. He crawled onto Merci's favorite pillow under the short table and was asleep within seconds. We all hoped Jan would forget the incident by morning. But no, first thing, she was back on the net looking for him.

Jan decided not to ground Percy for life, only for this weekend. Actually, we're all grounded. But she doesn't want to ruin the CCSI production this close to the premier, so Percy will report for rehearsal first thing Monday morning.

Be sure to put December 14 on your calendar. CCSI's "The Santa Caper" will be bigger and better than the last production.

Starring Percy as elf Pepper Minstix. Okay, maybe not starring, but he's a star to us at Jan's Funny Farm!
Graphic by Karl


  1. All is well that ends well. Pity about the grounding, Percy probably needs the rest before going on set on Monday. As you know I am all ready to take off to stay with Sassy until the production wraps up.

  2. Oh I am sorry that Percy almost got grounded. I hope that my talking didn't get him in more trouble.

    Oh dear...


  3. Looks like all is quiet on the home front! Great. Oh, hey ya can come on over to my place or Opus & Roscoe's and pick up your CCSI Badge if ya want.

  4. Hi everybody! Thanks for coming to visit us - we like what we see here, too, and have put you on our blogroll! Your Funny Farm seems a lot like ours :-)

    Hey, Cameron looks just like my staff member Oscar. Oscar is a Manx, though ... does Cameron have a tail?

    CEO (Cat Executive Officer)
    & everybody at Artsy Catsy


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