Friday, December 14, 2007

Debut Day

Today is the day CCSI's international cast opens in "The Santa Caper." I'm so excited. You can hear me mumble my first line. (Seriously, the script calls for me to mumble.)

Before I direct you to Part I of the 4-part series, I'd like to share photos of the wonderful cast and crew from the Red Carpet.

l-r: Opus, Roscoe, Sassy, Mrs. Oz, Monte, Karl, & Ruis

front l-r: Bonnie, & China Cat
back l-r: Tybalt, Samatha, Percy, Sanjee, & Miles

l-r: Asta, Momo, Tigger, Gemini, Dragohneart, & Victor Tabbycat

standing l-r: Daisy, Pepi, & Adan in limo l-r: Sammy, & Willow

standing: Zoey
in limo l-r: Trixie, Pyewacket, & Tigger The FBI Cat

l-r: Yao Lin, Maggy, Momo, & Charlie
front: Pinot

Be sure to look for Pinot. He's the picture in a frame on the kitchen wall. Great acting! Well, it is. He's only a baby pup.

Now, pop over to Sassy's Little Studio to view Part I of "The Santa Caper."

aka Pepper Minstix, CCSI's "The Santa Caper"


  1. It is very exciting! :) I enjoyed being part of the production. I just saw part I and I'm looking forward to the rest of it!

  2. Everyone sure looks sharp in their best clothes!

  3. That is wonderful! Concatulations on your Premiere!

    Luf, Us

  4. Good morning! This is Leslie (the adult) and Pyewacket. We just woke up! It's Saturday morning, 7am, here in Australia.

    We can't wait to go see the premiere! Oh, this is VERY exciting!!!

    Tigger and Trixie aren't up yet. They will have to see it later.

  5. I loved being the show. It was ever so much fun.

  6. Efurryone looks so hansum and glammerus on the red carpet. We enjoyed the furrst part of the produckshun and are looking forward to the next. Fanks furr visiting us. We'll add yoo to our links.


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