Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Open Invitation To Marcus

Marcus:  This is me lying casually on the back seat being brave.

Taylor:  Of course you're brave.  The car isn't moving if Jan is taking your picture

Cyndi:  And this proves it!  Jan would never drive with you parked between the front seats.  You're klutzier than she is!

Marcus:  I didn't say the car was moving.  I said I was being brave.  And I was.  I used to cower on the floo-  Uh, I mean before I got my moving suv balance down pat, I used to have to sit in the back on the floor.  Now I'm so relaxed, I could lie on the seat and take a nap.

Cyndi:  And how many naps have you taken in the car?  While it was moving.

Marcus:  Well, none, but I haven't ridden that many times and I want to see the scenery.

Taylor:  What kind of scenery have you seen so far?

Marcus:  Trees, buildings, and more trees.  But I'm going to see some real scenery soon.  I'm going to visit the UK to drive.  And not just as a back seat driver.  I have an open invitation from the B Team at Bionic Basil to -  Here, read the comment they left for me for yourself.

"Marcus anytime mew want to drive anything, let us know and mew can come to BB HQ anytime, we have a tank, hummer, unimog, atv's etc in the bunker... dude, whateffur mew want to drive no purroblem at all! MOL"

Cyndi:  Oh, no!  He's going to be driving like the gas pedal is stuck and there's no brake.  Does the B Team really know what they're getting into?

Taylor:  I can see him now driving like he races through here screeching at the top of his lungs with excitement, except then he'll be racing in the wrong direction, scaring those poor cats and sending them running for their lives.

Cyndi:  Do you think there's some way we can convince them to rescind their invitation before it's too late?

Taylor:  I doubt it.  You know how those cats love to adventure.  Except for Marcus' hyper fits of excitement, I imagine he will fit right in.

Cyndi:  I hope they have super duper insurance coverage. 

Question.  Does anyone have any idea of what type of spider this could be?  It took up residence on our front porch last week and Jan doesn't want to kill it, in case it's friendly.  Not as in pet friendly but friendly in the sense it kills things we don't want here.

On the other paw, if it's a threat to her or to us, she wants to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Sorry the picture quality isn't that great but the spiderweb is high above Jan's head and this was taken with the zoom.   

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  1. That looks like some sort of common garden spider to me. My human used to have them on her porch all the time when she was living in a house a few miles away from here, and she always welcomed them.

  2. Marcus, you sure are a brave pup! BOL!

    Petcretary looked up some info about spiders, and that is one called, Neoscona crucifera...or some type of Neoscona species, They are orb weavers and not aggressive. They mostly will only bite a human or animal if provoked. They eat other insects.

    Here is a link to the article she read:

  3. Hari Om
    yup Hentz Orb Weaver...Neoscona crucifera is most often sighted outdoors, and during the month of October. Harmless.

    The same is pawssibly not the case if Marcus takes up that invitation!!! hugs wags whiskeries YAM-aunty xxx

  4. Marcus you can drive my car! Hey, we know, that's and ugly spider!

  5. You can drive my car or ride in the back seat or do whatever you want to do. That's the way I roll.

    Have a woof woof Happy Tuesday. My best to Jan. ♥

  6. I'll ask Master Munchkin about that spider.... he has studied them. Since it's matte instead of shiny, I suspect it is probably poisonous.... Do know that the daddy-long-legs is an extremely poisonous spider, but it doesn't bother humans due to tiny jaws.

  7. Spiders are our friends and that is a pretty one.

  8. marcus...next time ya mite wanna DRIVE de car......just sayin ;)

    pleez ta tell mom it mite bee an american house... ??


  9. We host the Pet Parade with the B Team and if they offer you their vehicles, they are good for it. BOL!

  10. Hey Funny Farmers, we can't wait fur Marcus to arrive, and don't wurry guys, he'll have all the propurr training furst! We'll make sure all the safety protocols are put in place and then the fun can begin! MOL


    The B Team xox

  11. Looks like a regular garden spider that makes orb webs. We love spiders. If they're someplace we don't want them to be, we just catch them and move them.

    Good luck on the driving. I'm still the type who cowers in the back seat.

  12. EGADS!!! Every word left my head when I saw that spider pic...I do NOT like them, and have no idea what kind it is, except that it's scary!

  13. Oh Marcus, we're pretty happy to live in Canada. You do know they drive on the wrong side of the road in the UK, right?

    Mom bean searched and found the same info on the spider as others have said. But she also says she's afraid of it, harmless or not!

  14. I like spiders, but that one looks scary. I would try to move it in a cup or something. Glad I won;t be driving in the UK :)

  15. That spider has nice colors, but we don't know what it is. We're glad to see that the B-Team thought of giving you a "propurr training" first ! Purrs

  16. MY mom doesn't mind any spiders except the Brown Recluse and the Black Widow one. We have both. That looks like a garden spider to me and mommy. I'll get hm for you.

    XX Katie Isabella (on Mommy's blog account).

  17. and Marcus, as you were told by someone else, remember that they drive on the wrong side of the road there, You will have a hard time.

    Katie Isabella

  18. I'm not a spider or a driving expert! So not sure I can be much help. We have lots of spiders around, but none that look like that.

  19. Marcus, that is going to be so fun for you to visit Basil and the B Team. Driving all sorts of stuff sounds awesome!

  20. That is an interesting Spider, all kinds of colors. We don't mind spiders as long as they stick to their own webs. Hope you have a good visit to the UK.

  21. Marcus, we think you are a pretty brave doggy. Just think about all the new scenery that you are going to get to see. You must be really excited. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful time.
    World of Animals

  22. hello funny farmers its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmm marcus yoo shoor ar beeing brayv in the car all rite but as for driving cars that kan be a bit komplikayted like the time i stole dadas rental car and aksidently crashd it into a krooze ship or the time flat stanley stole that dusenberg and we kept running over peepul so umm maybe best to leev the driving to the hyoomans!!! also pleez tel yore spider charlotte that i sed hello!!! but do not tel her ware i liv!!! ha ha ok bye

  23. Well, furiendly or not, harmless or not, we say kill it. Ifin not, it might end up in the house or worse yet, in your mouth while you sleep. Did you know a study was done that said humans cwallow spiders durin' their sleep by the handfull? (shivers) Eeeek big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena


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