Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Locked Door Motor Running

Marcus:  Hey, remember me in my new vehicle?   Locked room mysteries are popular in books and on television, so I thought we could do something different today and you can try to solve the locked car mystery.

Rusty:  I thought we were going to continue my problem with finding a new villa this late in the season.

Percy:  No, we were going to continue MY apartment hunting.

Marcus:  We all love to tattle on Jan, so we have got to tell this story.  You guys can fight over who writes about what later.  We weren't even going to post today since yesterday we celebrated Micah's birthday/gotcha day.

Rusty:  Speaking of Micah, our friend Loulou sent us this to give to him.

Loulou:  Happy Birthday day to you, Happy Birthday TO YOUUUUUUUU. Happy BIRTHDAY dear MICAH, Happy Birthday to YOUUUUU.

Micah: Thank you, Loulou, and -

Marcus: Enough about you, Micah. Let's get back to tattling on Jan.

Percy:  So what did she do this time?

Marcus:  Jan is very independent and isn't particularly fond of some modern computer-related help.  She prefers to make her own choices, complaining she is perfectly capable of rolling her own windows up or down, or un/locking her own doors, etc. 

For many years she had to completely avoid air conditioning so she hasn't had working ac in any car she has owned.  Until this one.  And in order to keep the ac working, she thinks she needs to run it occasionally, either for part or all of the trip.

Rusty:  What did Jan do, break the ac?

Marcus:  No.  She went by Mr. Doug's to pick up a book, where he left it, in case he wouldn't be home.  She left the engine running, got out of the car, walked about three feet, grabbed the book bag, walked back to the car, and -  Oops, all the doors were locked. 

She was in the country and had no cell phone to call anyone.  Not that we have a locksmith here, and she doesn't have AAA any more. 

She carries a spare key in case she ever locks herself out but the spare key was in her purse on the passenger seat.  (Who would expect a vehicle to lock the doors when someone gets out and closes the door?)

Rusty:  Oh, no!  What did she do?

Marcus:  She did what anyone would do.  She broke in.

Percy:  She broke a window?

Marcus:  No, to break in doesn't mean she actually broke anything.  Like when Rusty said Micah "broke and entered" his summer villa (Intruder in the Villa) but Micah hadn't actually broken anything to get inside. 

Micah:  So how did Jan break into the car?

Marcus:  I thought we would offer this locked door motor running mystery to our readers and see if anyone can guess correctly.  All the clues are in this post.  We'll reveal the answer on Friday. 

Rusty:  You're going to tell us the answer, aren't you?. 

Marcus:  No.  You'll have to figure it out by yourself. 

Percy:  You aren't that good with mysteries, Marcus.  How did you figure out the solution?

Marcus:  I heard Jan on the phone telling Mr. Doug.

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  1. I assume that if Jan doesn't like to use the A/C she drives with the window down. If she is in the habit of doing that she could well have had the window down and the A/C on at the same time. When she got locked out she put her hand in through the open window to get her keys and unlock the car. That is my guess anyway.

  2. If she didn't break anything to get back in then she had the window down. It's the only thing that makes sense. Poor Jan...you are such tattletales.

    Have a fabulous day, and my best to Jan. ❤

  3. Yes, I think a window might have been down too! Oops!

  4. YEP!! Window was down a tad and she always wears a coat hangar just in case.

  5. Yep, any nonlover of a/c would leave some window open at least a bit. Great story!!!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  6. Hari Om
    yup - I's a window down gal myself, so that's my guess too!!! hugs whiskeries wags YAM-aunty xxx

  7. I've heard of the newer cars doing something ridiculous like this...locking the doors when you get out but with the key in the ignition? That's really dumb but what do auto-makers know? Well...I tell you what they know is that a lot of people fall for these sorts of trendy, gimmicky things and that's who they cater to NOT those of us with an ounce of common sense to know how to operator a switch. Yeah, that's all it takes is button or switch. I don't need a computer to do the work for me just because it thinks that's what I want which usually isn't what I want. I'm glad Jan was able to get back into her car without having to break a window. I'm amazed that she doesn't skin your tales for tattling on her. lol Have a good week and try to keep Jan out of trouble. ;)

  8. Either she used a phone app or called OnStar-like service that automatically comes with some vehicles!

  9. This is a hard one to guess. Maybe the windows were down a little to push them down to reach in, we don't think anything was broken. Thanks for the share. Can't wait til Friday for the answer. Have a great one.
    World of Animals

  10. guyz....we haz memorized thiz post.....well knot troo lee now we will be a cuzed liarz...tho we reeded it N reeded it sum mor....but we canna find de cloo kneaded....we gotta guess jan toll marcus ta call for help but inn sted him called de pizza dood coz they dee liver any wear N when de pizza dood getted ther him called a lock smith N presto...ther ya go ~~~~~~~~ !! ☺☺♥

  11. I'm with your mom. I can lock my own door and roll down my windows myself. And actually, electronic doors drive me crazy.

  12. Yep, window was down for sure. See how smart Jan is?

  13. That is a mystery. Does she have a aun roof to crawl through?
    She needs a magnetic key holder to put under her car.

  14. Since Jan does not like the AC, maybe she had it on with the windows open?

  15. Oh No, this sounds like somethin' mommy would do. Marcus, were you a good boy and unlocked the car fur awnty Jan? Or maybe she had the windows cracked? Whatever the way, we're sure glad she got into her car and could get back home. Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  16. If it's an older car a coat hanger can be slipped between the crack in the door.

    NOTE: do NOT lock your keys in a Honda Fit, even the police can't open it.


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