Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Promoted to Back Seat Driver

 Marcus:  I have the sads.  Jan says I have to keep riding in the back of the SUV. 

Percy:  I can see you have something.  I hope it isn't contagious! 

Marcus:  I am ignoring Jan.  She let me into the front seat but she still says I can't drive.

Percy:  I don't blame her!

 Marcus:  She gets the back of disgust.

Percy:  You need to learn anatomy.  That's your right shoulder, not your back.

Marcus:  Did I hear Jan correctly?

Percy:  Probably not.  You hear what you want to hear.

Marcus: Jan said if I'm a really good back seat passenger, she'll let me become a back seat driver.

Percy:  Oh, good, you might have found your niche, Marcus.  I bet you'll make a great back seat driver.  Perhaps you could even become a back, back seat driver.  You know, ride all the way in the rear with the groceries. 

Marcus:  I hope Jan gives me my own ignition key.

Marcus:  So much as happened since September 25th when we posted Locked Door Motor Running.  We're sorry it has taken two weeks to post the answer to the locked door mystery.  You probably need a quick reminder of how Jan got locked out of her vehicle.  Go ahead.  Click the link to review the post.  We'll wait.

We left you with Jan standing outside a vehicle with locked doors and the engine running.  The spare key was in her purse on the passenger seat.  She was alone in the country with no cell phone.  How did she break into the car without doing damage?

We left you clues and many of you assumed the window was rolled down and Jan just reached in to unlock the door.  If that had been true, Jan wouldn't have been so upset and there wouldn't be a mystery.  By the way, I wasn't in the car, so I didn't rescue her by stepping on the button.  I only posted my picture to remind you how handsome I am.   

We mentioned Jan is not accustomed to air conditioning and likes open windows.  Just as she reached Mr. Doug's driveway, she turned off the ac and rolled down the driver's window.  Just a little.  As it turned out, just enough to stick her arm in the opening - below the elbow - and wave at the passenger window.  It didn't wave back and the open part of the window was above her head.  No way to reach the buttons.

She didn't think of it at the time but if worst came to worst, she could have searched for someone with a cell phone to beg a ride home to get her spare, spare key.  Meanwhile, it was panic time!

Then she had an idea.  What surrounds you in the country?  Trees!  She started searching for a particular type of branch on the ground.  Long, thin but sturdy, and with a distinct backward bend.  She found the perfect one, stripped the leaves and little branches off it, and finagled it in the window and down to the button.  She was successful on the second try.

That mystery has been solved, but why anyone would design a vehicle that locks the doors when the driver steps out is still a mystery.

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  1. Our doors chirp loudly if we leave the keys in there. And we don't think ours locks by itself unless petcretary presses the fob or the 'button' on the handle.

    Very clever to use a tree branch as a lever to do the job Miss Jan's arm couldn't reach!

    Back seat drivers get to relax, so its a privilege to be there, Marcus. The drivers these days can have a ton of stress and who needs that!?

  2. The Dads car locks when it feels like it so the Dad always has to make sure he has his keys!

  3. So that's how she did it. Good thinking too. I hate it when I get locked out of anything.

    Love the conversation with the pups. I'm a back seat driver too and I'm very good at it I hear.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. ♥

  4. Hari Om
    ingenious of Jan - though it has to be said this only worked because there was, in fact, an open window albeit not a wide one! Still, it's a thing one would not want to repeat...

    Marcus, BSD seems to me to be one paw closer to getting behind the wheel!!!
    hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

  5. At least isn't wasn't The Hubby locking you outside!

  6. Clever and creative Jan!!! One of our human sisters once got locked out of her car and the little guy was in the back seat in his carseat. Luckily a very nice police man came along and managed to use a hanger to get the door open.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  7. I, Marvelous would have let you drive ME! My Mom has an entirely different opinion though!
    Jan is one smart lady! My Mom is the Queen of locking her keys in the car. She has done it so very many times the Automobile Association knows and asks if it is about her keys...

  8. dood....if ewe wanna drive; stop bye trout towne, we drive all de time, licenz ore knot.....N we wooda never ina million guessed tree limb.. tho we iz purrson a lee thankin all de codz in de seez jan picked a BURD FREE branch ....

    :) ♥♥

  9. Oh, Marcus, if you were my chauffeur I woukd let you take me ANYWHERE!!!

  10. Marcus, riding in the back with the groceries sounds like more fun than driving. That was clever of Jan to use a branch.

  11. Jan is a very smart cookie! Good thing she left the window down just a little bit so she could use the tree branch.

    As for you, Marcus, you are a furry handsome woofie. Though we'd be afraid of you if we met you in purrson!

  12. That was some great problem-solving by Jan! She totally "McGyver-ed" it. :)

  13. They have made cars so safety-proofed it is difficult to get in when we lock ourselves out! I liked the old days when a clothes hanger could pull up the door lock. LOL! Bentley & Pierre ride in their kennel in the back of our SUV.

  14. My ghostwriter is very paranoid about locking herself out of the car. She always checks her purse or pockets 2 or 3 times before closing the door. She doesn't care that she often looks like an idiot doing that. Better safe than sorry! Glad were able to unlock it and got home safely after that, though.

  15. OMC, poor Jan, what a complete nightmare! The P.A.'s car locks itself too, and the P.A. has to be so careful the exact same thing neffur happens - but we're delighted that it all ended well and mew weren't stranded in the wilderness.

    Loving all the fabulous pics today and Marcus anytime mew want to drive anything, let us know and mew can come to BB HQ anytime, we have a tank, hummer, unimog, atv's etc in the bunker... dude, whateffur mew want to drive no purroblem at all! MOL

    Big hugs

    The B Team xox

  16. Mom got a new car a couple years ago. It's the kind with the key fob that automatically allows her to start the car without a key. However she found out that if she leaves her purse with the key fob inside the car when she steps out, the doors won't lock. She tried to lock them (forgetting her purse was still inside the car) but the doors refused. Good thing cuz she'd be scrambling for a brick to break a window since she loves air conditioning and never cracks the windows.

  17. hello funny farmers its dennis the vizsla dog hay that was kwik thinking on jans part to yooze a tree to open the car!!! i think she has ernd the rite to go arownd saying i am groot!!! hay i think riding in the bak with the grocereez sownds like it mite be an ok thing if jan has ben shopping for chikkin or hamburger or bacon!!! mmmm bacon!!! ok bye


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