Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The Lump in the Middle

Marcus:  Jaaaaaaan!  Percy didn't get up.  He's still in bed.

Jan:  No, he's not still in bed.  And stop racing around the bed screeching.

Marcus:  Yes, he is.  See the lump in the middle?  That's Percy.

Jan:  Well, that's okay.  He's an old cat and he's staying warm.  Let him sleep.

Marcus:  That's not fair!  You make me get off the bed when you get up and you don't let me go back to my bed the rest of the day.  You even put a couple of gates across it to block me.

Jan:  That's my bed, and you usually manage to find a spot to perch regardless of how I block you.  And if you remember, you have a comfortable bed of your own.

Percy:  Hey, you two, this lump in the bed is trying to sleep.  Wake me when breakfast is served.

Tomorrow is Halloween, so we thought we would post a couple of non-edited "Halloween" photos from our front porch.  Yes, that is our friend the spider from Open Invitation to Marcus.

Thanks to all of you who assured us this is a good spider.  Except on Halloween.  Come visit it if you dare.

 Happy Halloween.

Oh, and before we forget again, we won the washable piddle pads from the giveaway over at Dezi's World.  Thank you, Dezi and Raena.  Jan says they are really nice and handy to have around with older cats.  Uh, wait, who is she calling old?

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  1. Hey, I wish I, Pipo, could do that too, Percy. None of us have evfur been allowed in the bedrooms here, but um...sometimes we do sneak in there.
    Do we get on the beds? Nope, we spy out the territory there, and hunt for treasures in the 3 walk-in closets...
    they are not that big, but the peeps who were here before our peeps made closets out of the eaves, so that the rooms look better with no slanted ceilings, and no wasted space.
    Clever and fun to get on a closet rod:)

  2. Congrats on the piddle pads! Wow, that spider sure looks scary. He's a great accesory for your hallowe'en decorations.

    Love Laser & McLaren

  3. That spider is wicked cool! (can you tell dad's a Masshole?)

    1. I noticed your comment and couldn't resist- I am a Masshole too :)

  4. Hari Om
    Marcus mate, it's life, this thing called 'unfair'! I know you get certain attentions the cats don't get, like... like... well Jan will tell you... Lovin' the spidey - pawfect for Spooky Day!!! hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

  5. Hey, it's lumpy snuggle season after all!

  6. Cool spider! I like spiders, I have 2 real ones in the bathroom and 1 in the bedroom. :)

  7. I say leave the lump alone. So adorable. I love your conversations with mom.

    I've already linked you to Happy Tuesday.

    Have a purrfect Happy Tuesday. My best to your mom. ♥

  8. Eeks, you put that spider on your blog again! Icky! Percy, you just do what you've got to do; Jan will figure the rest out!

  9. Better to be a lump on the bed than a bump on a log! ☺ We had a friendly spider on our back porch when the kids were young. We even threw him a bug so they could see how it wrapped them up for later. It was a very educational spider.

  10. Concatulations on your win ! Pixie is our usual bump on the bed : sleeping under the blankies is soooooo cosy ! Purrs

  11. Percy, you have the right idea with staying warm and being comfortable on those colder mornings. Just hope the other two kept the noise down a little so you can sleep in. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful day.
    World of Animals

  12. marcus....dood....just sayin....dawgz R knot a loud on bedz...gainst de law...ya noe ~~~~~ :) ☺☺♥♥

  13. LOL LOL our first cat Milky-Way loved to help make up the bed. His favorite thing to do wan lay on his back with all 4's sticking up he'd stay like that for a long time until we messed with his feet. Your photo brought back good memories. As for angel Madi...she was here to be served not to serve.
    D I V A

  14. Hi there! Your question with comment on my blog about the towel art? It's an elephant! Thanks for visiting! Big hugs to all!

  15. Happy Meowloween all of you!!

  16. Happy Halloween guys!

    Wishing mew a spooktacular evening!

    the B Team xox

  17. Our mom bought the Wonderpurr Gang a bunch of new blankets at the Ross store for under $12, some for $9 and they're super warm. They come out only when Dad isn't home cuz he says the site of them lying around the house makes him want to hibernate. Whatta spidey!

  18. THAT spider is the purrfect Halloween Decoration! I LOVE it! I am sorry I've not had a chance to comment much this last little while. Comments will be sparse over the next few weeks too. I will be reading, but its hard to comment from my tablet. Mom is taking her first vacation in 20 years and is leaving me and her computer at home.

  19. We gotta tell ya', mr. spider is just too scary fur us. We'd have to make him go away, good or not. Glad ya'll like the piddle ads. we luv 'em. Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  20. Charlee: "Sleeping under the covers in the middle of the bed sounds okay to us."
    Chaplin: "It's a good way to ambush your sister."
    Charlee: "Or your brother."
    Chaplin: "Thank you for coming to see us and your kind words after Dennis went to the Rainbow Bridge. It meant a lot to us."
    Charlee: "And to Mama and Dada too."
    Both: "And Dennis told us to tell you, 'ok bye'."


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