Friday, October 05, 2018

Hug Those You Love Often

Hey, Marcus here.  I want to remind you to hug your furries and all the humans you care about as often as possible because you don't know what tomorrow (or even today) holds.

A number of years ago, way before my time, there was a doxy (dachshund) on the  route Buddy and Merci walked Jan.  It ran loose and believed it owned quite a bit of territory going up the hill.  It was always carrying on, even crossing the road to snap and growl.  Jan took to carrying a golf club as suggested by a neighbor (he even provided the club) to protect herself but golf clubs were not intended as weapons.

A woman (not the owner) used to come collect the doxy and walk it back to her place to confine it inside their fence so Jan could walk in peace.  One day things reached a dangerous level.  The doxy was circling them, snapping at their heels with anger.  Jan was trying to stay on her feet and not be tangled in Buddy and Merci's leashes.  They couldn't move on, only try to hold their ground.

A boy from that house heard the ruckus and started to run toward them.  He was unsuccessful in getting the doxy's attention.  A man came from that house carrying a baseball bat.  He came a short distance, then returned home.  Jan believes he was coming after her dogs with the bat but saw which dog was the aggressor and changed his mind.  The boy finally captured the doxy.  It was never seen again.  Either they adopted it and kept it penned with their own dachshunds, or --

Now imagine Jan's surprise Tuesday evening when she learned the polite, friendly young man she has been talking with on our walks for a couple of years or more lives in that house.  Yes, the boy grew up and likes to practice tricks on his bike.  I like to get attention from the guy and growl at his bike.

Before sundown Tuesday, we learned the young man's family was in process of moving to his late grandfather's house. He and Jan laughed about the angry dachshund.  He said we would still see him around but not as often.

Wednesday morning there were sirens - fire trucks, police cars, ambulances speeding past.  Something came up and we didn't get to walk that day.  Early Thursday we heard on the local news the young man's home had burned.  We walked up the hill and this is what we found.

The young man's dad had just left.  He smelled smoke and tried to put out the fire with a hose.

 He was able to save one dog.  Two others died in the fire.

When the fire department arrived, flames were already through the roof.  The cause is unknown.

 It was just a year or so ago another house on our walking route was destroyed by fire.  There is an empty lot there now.  Soon this lot too will be empty.

It only takes a moment and lives are forever changed.  Furries or loved ones are gone.  So be kind and hug those you love often.

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  1. Such a sad and scary story, dang.

  2. That is so sad. I won't leave my cats alone for more than 30 minutes and fear of fire is one reason. I am also afraid someone will break in and they will get out and get run over.

  3. Gosh...what a bitter sweet story! Life cam change so very quickly!
    We are sad about the dogs. And Mom does worry about me.

  4. Hari Om
    OMD Marcus, you are soooooo correct... sending lots ether hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  5. I have tears running down my face. we just lost our Jake, the last of our four dogs and the emptiness was so bad, on day 6 we adopted a new dog and we are in love again... this story hurts my heart for those beloved pets and the people losing their home. I carry a walking cane for just in case. we used to have off leash dogs, and were attacked twice, but they are gone now.

  6. That is such a sad story. I am sorry for the dogs who lost their lives, and the family who lost their home.
    You are right, Marcus. It is important to tell those you care about that you love them,whether human or animal. Don't leave it too late.

  7. Yes, hug and love your babies and your family often. You never know what tomorrow may bring. So sad.

    Have a blessed day my friend. Big hugs. ♥

  8. So very true. Never let a day go by that you don't give lots of hugs and love to all...both furry and unfurred.
    At work on Thursday the 4thm a lady was killed in a hit & run, she was just crossing the street at he crosswalk but someone ran her down.

    Life is tenuous and one never knows what may lie around the bend as it were.

    We feel so sad and bad for your neighbor and the great loss he has experienced. Hugs for him and his family.

  9. Very insightful post, Marcus. This is why my husband and I have a policy of never going to sleep angry. Love always triumphs over hate. At times it's easy to believe hate/anger/negativity is stronger, thankfully, that's a false impression.
    One never knows what to expect in the next moment, so it's very wise to keep positive, uplifting and loving thoughts/deeds current.

  10. Oh, Jan, this is such an important message and we're so sorry for the young man's house and future. Today we are sending hugs to all of you at the Funny Farm and hope they reach you soon and often. Love 💕 from Loulou and family.

  11. Oh, that is just horrible. Marcus, thank you for the reminder that life is unpredictable, and the importance of making sure our loved ones know we love them.

  12. Yeah, cuz of mommy's accident, she totally gets that. Guess that's why she says she luvs us a billion times a day and touches us everytime we get close. And that's why we tell all our furiends we luv them every time we comment. big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  13. Oh no, such a sad tragedy! Fires are so scary. We are so sorry!

  14. hello funny farmers its dennis the vizsla dog hay that is skarry abowt the fire i do not like fire i yoozed to think it wuz just nice and warm but it has gottin up to way too mutch mistchiff this yeer!!! i hope those too poor dogs ar having lots of fun running and playing over the rainbo bridj!!! ok bye

  15. Oh wow, how awful! Sometimes, things turn on a dime, and our brains cannot make sense of the speed of change. And to lose family members and the very sad.

  16. What a terrible thing that fire was!

    We just learned about Rusty and wanted to send our condolences. Your Rusty looked almost exactly like our Rusty who left us many years ago. Hoping they are running around together with Simba right now.
    Rusty and Simba's Mom

  17. I got here with one side trips

    Love ya and all the Farmers!


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