Friday, March 31, 2017

The Alien Rusty Virus

Rusty:  It's been a quiet day.  I hope we have a quiet night so I can catch up on my sleep.

Cyndi:  I hope the aliens have gone!  I'd sure hate to have them playing on our computer again.

Rusty:  What aliens?  Did I miss something?

Cyndi:  How could you miss that?  I could have sworn I heard Rod Serling's "Twilight Zone" music playing.  If not, it was the only noise missing.

Rusty:  I didn't hear any music and I didn't see any aliens.

Cyndi:  I didn't see any either but don't tell me you slept through last night's events.

Rusty:  I must have.  What happened?

Cyndi:  Jan was reading an email in Thunderbird on our computer when it suddenly started winking, dinging and zipping up and down , and boxes started opening and nonsense typing sped line-by-line across the page.

Rusty:  What did she do?

Cyndi:  She shut down Thunderbird.  She reopened it and it commenced doing the same thing.  She shut it down a second time.  She had just edited some pictures in Picasa and brought that back up on the desktop.

Rusty:  Was that okay?

Cyndi:  NO!  It was doing the same thing.  Scrolling really fast and dinging like crazy.  She closed that program too.

Rusty:  So everything was okay then?

Cyndi:  You know Jan.  She opened it back up and it did the same thing.  Only that time,the Thunderbird icon in the tray was pulsing a glowing orange as if it was sending Morse code.

Rusty:  Did she get a virus or did someone get control of our computer?

Cyndi:  Actually, she looked down at the keyboard.  Guess what she found?

Rusty:  What?

Cyndi:  YOU!  You had been sleeping on the desk with one paw dangling, but then, your head - and you are a big cat with a big head! - must have slowly lowered onto the keyboard until it was resting flat on a mass of keys. 

Rusty:  Why didn't Jan notice that right away?

Cyndi:  Jan watches the monitor screen, not the keyboard, when she is concentrating on a task.  She's not going to let you sleep on the desk when she's working again.  You were oblivious to the chaos you created as you slept.

Rusty:  You mean I slept through all that dinging and typing?  Is why Jan so rudely pushed me off the desk?

Cyndi:  You could say that. She was sure relieved the computer survived the Alien Rusty Virus.

Merci:  Well, the cats wrote the first part of our post, so guess I can introduce the second part.  It's Friday, time for another Mousebreath cat interview.

Percy:  This week our subject is Purrseidon the Water Cat.  You will enjoy meeting him and his fur siblings Saphera and Mister M.

Taylor:  Here is a link to Purrseidon's blog.   Her human is Jeanne Foguth who writes Sci-fi and Fantasy books.

We are joining the Pet Parade hosted by Rascal and Rocco, Basil the Bionic Cat, Barking from the Bayou and Owned by a husky.


  1. MOL! I can't believe Jan didn't notice a big kitty head on the keyboard right away!

  2. Hari OM
    Crikey never mind sci-fi at Purrseidon's place... you've got your very own episode going on!!! Hugs, wags, whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. hahahahaha! Glad the mystery solved!!

    Momo & Pinot xo

  4. Our IT guy at the office said a similar thing happened here years ago, but instead of a cat head, it parts that are held in a brassiere! That lady claimed the computer was messed up, but somethings were resting on the keyboard...hahahahaha!

  5. Bear has a couple aliens he blames for his own misdeeds around here. Before I got my desktop, he irritated me to no end by plopping on my laptop keyboard. He rotated the display several times, caused that incessant dinging and window action, and then capped that off with popping the keys off, only to bat them under the furniture.

  6. Thunderbird had a virus alright. Mom was at work one time and googled directions. All of a sudden naked people kept popping and popping up. After she nearly croaked she immediately call the internet peoples to let them know.

    That kitty is hilarious
    Lily & Edward

  7. Bentley often puts his head on my laptop and begins typing random stuff. I'm glad it was just a Rusty problem. Thanks for Pet Parading!

  8. Beautiful cat! And your header is stunning!

  9. Cats and keyboards are made for each other.

  10. Good thing she didn't CTL-ALT-DELETE!

  11. rusty....we iz crackin UP !!!!!!!!!!!! good one dood ☺☺♥♥ headin over ta mousebreath rite now ~~~~~

  12. Yikes! A Rusty alien virus sounds very scary. Glad Jan found out the cause of it.

  13. That is funny. :) I loved your interview with Purrseidon, she is a cool cat.

  14. M's tail has been known to migrate to the keyboard of the mainframe, but he hasn't used it as a pillow - yet.

  15. So we guess you could say the HEAD Alien... caused the problem...

  16. And Jan didn't notice you there at all? MOUSES!!!

  17. Heehee, Rusty. That is so funny although probably not to Jan.

    We'll head over to Mousebreath in just a bit.

  18. Ha ha! Rusty, that's hilarious! Though we can certainly understand that it wasn't funny to Jan as it was happening ... viruses on the computer are scary!

    We will go read your interview of Purrseidon now.


  19. That is funny!
    Glad it was not a malfunction or a broken whatchamacallit!
    Sometimes Minko puts a paw or two on the mousepad with similar results.

  20. hello funny farmers its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow the rusty virus sownds like it is verry insiddyus!!! fortchoonatly it apeerz to reekwire fizzikal aksess to the kompyooter and is unlikely to develup into a widespred thret!!! ok bye

  21. MOL ! How couldn't she notice this ? We're glad it's not a naughty virus, but just a cute kitty ! Purrs

  22. MOL! Our mom bean has had that happen to her too, so she was pretty sure she knew somebody was sitting on the keys.

    We're heading over to read the interview now. Have a great week efurrybody!


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