Monday, March 27, 2017

Great Swampi Marcus 5

Marcus:  Hello, furry fans and humans.  I am the Great Swampi Marcus.

Percy:  You mean there are other Swampis out there somewhere?

Marcus:  Of course.  But I am the greatest.

Percy:  So what do you see this week?

Marcus:  First, I see the answer for 15 and Meowing.

     Can you predict lottery numbers?


Percy:   Go ahead. I'll just write down the winning numbers.

Marcus:  I was asked if I can predict lottery numbers.  I was not asked if I can predict winning lottery numbers.

Percy:  That's too bad.  Winning numbers could be worth a fortune.

Marcus:   Purrseidon the water cat wants to know, by any chance, did Stella sew catnip and/or dognip into it?

Percy:  It?

Marcus:  Yes, "it", my magic turban.  (Great Swampi Marcus 4)

The answer is no.  But there was a faint whiff of pug attached to it.

Percy:  Our next question is from Loulou.

Marcus:  Hey, does this nice Stella actually slip Jack Daniels into her knitting gifts?

No.  But don't tell Jan.  We dogs are crafty at hiding things, so she is still hopeful Stella Rose Long hid a bottle between the stitches of my magical turban.

Percy:  I thought Stella gave it to you as a blankie.

Marcus:  Blankie ... turban?  Either way it keeps my ears warm.

Percy:  Do you have anything to say about this strange email we received recently?

Hi There,

I'm a newish reader of your blog...but I just wanted to let you know that you are building something awesome. You are very good at using an individualized perspective as a way to break down complex themes/topics for your readers. I found your blog to be especially engaging because I can relate to a lot of your content.

Anyway, my name is (removed). Last year I started building up a blog/news site called (removed). We write about student debt, financial aid, and education policy.

I do much of the writing myself and I've actually convinced a few other bloggers to help me produce our content.

Would you be willing to let me contribute a post to your site? In 2017, I set a goal to 10x my readership. Specifically, I'd like to submit a post related to scholarships, student debt, and financial aid. I could even write about managing finances as a young adult.

Let me know what you think! And if you would ever like to chat about building a following, I'd love to pick your brain.

Marcus:  Yes, in a pig sty!

Percy:  Huh?  You mean when pigs fly?

Marcus:  No, I mean in a pig sty!  That's where that message belongs.

Percy:  Why?

Marcus:  It's wallowing in mud.  The writer has obviously never read our blog! 

Percy:  What makes you say that?

Marcus:  Everyone knows we don't have any finances to manage.  We could use some financial aid, but we don't want any student debt, unless, of course, a student wants to be indebted to us.

Percy:  I think it would be fun to watch you respond to the challenge.

Marcus:   What challenge?

Percy:  He wants to pick your brain.


  1. Hari OM
    Swampi-ji, Percy doesn't realise that your brain worked out exactly where that message belongs... what a load of pigswill!!! You see clearly and I am your devotee... Pranaams, hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. The ending brought me to giggles, sorry Marcus!

  3. Swampi, will will get extra Milkbones today?
    Snorts and a Woof,
    Lily & Edward

  4. That looks to be a spam fishing(Phishing) kind of left to the trash bin in our opinion.

    Glad you were able to answer some other queries with your good wisdom, Marcus...Swampi!

  5. Purrseidon says it is a shame that no 'nip was sewn in, but she is thrilled that some cat is having fun (a.k.a. wet).

    1. We were working on this at midnight and goofed. Glad you mentioned the "wet cat", which was wrong. We have corrected it to read "pug".

  6. It is a magic blankie, Marcus, and do not let anyone tell you anything different. stella rose

  7. guyz...ree mooved visited uz last yeer bout sum song N dance number that wood knot ree moove frum R reeder; sew if yur mom changes her mind...well...... ! ☺☺♥♥

  8. WHERE do these people GET their info? Those comments really make me tickle! And Great Swampi, perhaps you should tell him that you only tackle metaphysical questions, not mundane things like whether this guy has ever READ your blog and seen that you are THE GREAT SWAMPI, not an advertising company!!!

  9. OH Grrrrrreatest Swampi... do you know how to get our Moms to be more GENEROUS when handing out the SNACKS??? OURS is quite STINGY.

  10. MOL!!! Our mom bean is rolling on the floor laffing her you-know-what off. She says she'd love to be a fly on the wall to hear the conversation between you and Mr. Name Removed. We bet you might eat her though so good thing she can't fly.

  11. You crack me up! We received a letter asking if we'd like someone to write on mental health for our blog because it would be a GREAT fit!?!?! BOL!

  12. BOL Always love reading your blog Great Swampie! Love the giggles.

    Molly and my Mom @The Fast and The Furriest


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