Thursday, March 09, 2017

The Secret Code

Merci:  You do know, don't you, that staring so closely at the computer screen is bad for your eyes?

Taylor:  No, I wasn't aware of that, but I'm trying to figure out what this is.  I think it's a secret code.

Merci:  It's not a secret code.  It's a jigsaw puzzle.  You move the little pieces around until they fit together.  That's something Jan likes to do to relax.

Taylor: Oh, you mean like this?  I guess Jan couldn't figure out the secret code to this one.

Merci:  There is no secret code.

Micah:  Of course there is a secret code, Taylor.  And if you work on it long enough, you'll crack it.


Merci:  What are you doing, Micah?  There is no secret code!

Micah:    Who cares?  It has Taylor's attention and she's playing on the computer.  You know how terrified she is of the screen.

Merci:  Oh, right.  We should be thankful Taylor is so engrossed looking for the secret code that she hasn't run out of the room.

Micah:  Exactly.  And after a while she'll realize there is not need to fear the computer.

Taylor:  Hey, guys, I can read it.  I've cracked the secret code.

Merci:  You have?  What does it say?

Taylor:  It says, my siblings think I'm dumb - and deaf!  I'm going back to the bedroom where I'm safe.

Micah:  I guess that plan backfired, but, still, we should be thankful for small steps forward.

We always have much to be thankful for, so we are joining the Thankful Thursday blog hop at Brian's Home


  1. Hari OM
    every step forward is to be praised indeed! Taylor, you keep working on that code... meanwhile, the YAMster is rather fond of the "spot the difference" game she discovered on her tablet... hours flash by, it is so addictive! Hgus and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. OH! I've just recently discovered online jigsaw puzzles, and I am HOOKED!

  3. Ya done good Taylor and that's no secret! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  4. Wow Taylor is super smart for sure. stella rose

  5. So much conversation and excitement! Woo all must be furry tired at night!

  6. Taylor, you're so patient and super smart!!

    Momo & Pinot xo

  7. You're very smart, Taylor ! Purrs

  8. Taylor, you are one cool kitty. I hope the others appreciate that.

  9. That's really cool. Did you put the puzzle together??

  10. Mr. M & Purrseidon love watching the computer monitor.

  11. Our Mom loves crossword puzzles too!

  12. Those puzzles are fun. I have done the 2 that Colehaus cats posted.

  13. Oh how funny! Taylor is a savvy one.

  14. Taylor... we think this is a Good One you pulled on the rest of the crew. You really had them thinkin that you BELIEVED in the Secret Code thingy and that you were being cured of the "COMPUTER CONCERNS".
    We say... BRAVO to YOU.

  15. Taylor, you sure are wise. And funny! :)

  16. Sometimes Minko tries to catch the little mouse arrow, MOL!!!

    You are getting a bit braver, Taylor. Yeah!!!


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