Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Just Another Crackpot

PERCY:  Some of you might remember our post A Perfect Failure from last July.

CYNDI:  It was the story of our new lightweight vacuum that made such a big mess it took longer to clean up after than it did to vacuum the entire house.

BUDDY:  It was returned!  Jan has been looking for another bagless vacuum ever since.  We couldn't care less.  We like dirt!

CYNDI:  She bought a new vacuum a month or so ago and returned it when she couldn't align the screws to attach the handle.

PERCY:  This is what she bought to replace it. It's a bit heavier than she would like and bulkier.  It doesn't fit under the bed or the desk or in a number of spaces she'd like to vacuum.

BUDDY:  The good news is that it has a flexible hose with a wand attachment, and our old vacuum wands fit this machine.  The hose on the other two machines were not flexible and had to be detached.  Now she just turns the dial and pops the hose from it's station.

PERCY:  See the large canister with the dirt?  She just has to lift the canister off,  open the bottom and dump the dirt into the trash can.  She doesn't have to change her clothes or clean the house.again every time she empties it.

BUDDY:  So guess what happened when she tried to take pictures?  Yep.  Marcus zoomed in for a closeup.  What a ham!

MARCUS:  I am not a ham.  I'm a model.  And if the right person sees my picture, I could become the vacuum company spokesdog. Just think, my picture on every box of vacuum parts.

CYNDI:  Marcus, you don't honestly believe that, do you?

MARCUS:  Why not?  Without a dream, I'm just another handsome face.

PERCY:  And with a dream, you're just another crackpot.

BUDDY:  When I was young I had a lot of dreams and I pursued them.  They never worked out well but I had a lot of fun testing them.  Percy, you were young then too.  Wasn't it fun to be involved in life?

PERCY:  Let's see.  We were almost arrested because you stole Jan's car.  You flooded the house when you tried your paw at plumbing.  We were almost fried when you took up TV repair.  You're right.  We had a lot of fun back then.

MARCUS:  You did all those things, Buddy?  Wow, you're my hero.  I want to be just like you. 

PERCY:  Stick to modeling.  It's a lot safer!


  1. BOL!!

    We thought you had put just another crockpot in your title, and then we were wondering why the post was about a vacuum...Oh, MY!!

    Our Growlmy/Meowmy is just as witless as they come,Tee-hee!

    You are a good photobomber, Marcus, BOL!

  2. Lady Shasta here - oh that duzn't say crockpot? I thought it did an'wuz hopin'u cood help my mom cook sumthin'good. Butt u wuz talkin'bout a vacuum an'my mom iz allergik tue thoze.
    An'Marcus - u just keep showin'up in thoze pikchurez - never know when u just mite git "discovered".
    Lady Shasta'n Angel Shiloh of Beaglebratz Manor

  3. Our Hoover Lynx cordless does really well on fur.

  4. Looks and sounds a lot like our Dyson. ::shivers:: We hate that thing!

  5. Hari OM
    YAAAAYYYY for a vacuum which does what is required!!! Washing the filters can be a bit of a pain, but I certainly much prefer my bagless to the old style vacula!!! Marcus - I think you may be onto something, try working it from all angles... hugs, wags, and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  6. Human intolerance for dirt is beyond our comprehension,

    Misty and her minions

  7. Marcus, we think the vacuum company should hire you to be a model. We are glad Jan found a vacuum that works without making a mess.

  8. Looks like that vacuum is doing a fine job for you!!
    Marcus you are a good model.

  9. Purrseidon here: if this machine doesn't work out, maybe you can try a Roomba - not only do they go under beds, and have little drawers, which are easy for my staff to empty, but all I need to do is push the button and they do the vacuuming by themselves... oh, and they are fun to ride on. >^.^<

  10. Marcus, you're so handsome!!
    Our mom said finding a pawfect vacuum is challenging. You find the one, Jan! Super!!

    Momo & Pinot

  11. BOL...Great photobomb, Marcus!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  12. Marcus that is some super photobomb and i can see no reason why the vacuum company would not use your face for it's ads..i mean i see real sales potential :) great to see you all have missed you while on blog break :) Loves Fozziemum xxx

  13. Nice photobomb, Marcus! Hooray for the new vacuum, Jan. It's so nice to have one that works well, isn't it? :)

  14. Yoon Marcus! Cool vacuum. Mommy brought home a new one a couple of weeks ago and boy does it suck!
    Me thinks it's noisy.
    and yours is cuter

  15. hello funny farmers its dennis the vizsla dog hay vakyooms!!! i am not a fan!!! the wun we hav now is sum kind of speshul trixie fur slurping vakyoom and wunse it brayks down i am hoping mama and dada deeside to just giv up on this hole vakyooming konsept i meen reely wot is a littel bit of dirt heer and their??? the karpet hides it all ennyway am i not rite??? ok bye


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