Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Whudunit Butler

MICAH:  Hey, Merci, you sure are concentrating hard on something.

MERCI: I'm trying my paw at writing some fiction.

CYNDI:  I bet it's a romance.

MERCI:  No, it's a whudunit.

MICAH:  If it's a whudunit, I know who did it.

MERCI:  No, you don't.  I don't even know whudunit.  I haven't finished it yet.

MICAH:  It's the butler; it's always the butler in a whudunit.

MERCI:  But there's no butler in my story.

MICAH:  There has to be.  You need to hire one right away.

MERCI:  But I don't want a butler in my story.  It's about a poor family.  They can't afford a butler.

CYNDI:  I don't know.  Micah likes to read.  If he says you have to have a butler, you need to hire a butler so you can finish your story.

MERCI:  Okay, fine.  Micah, would you like to be the butler?

MICAH:  No way!  The butler always goes to jail.  I don't want to spend the rest of my life in solitary.

CYNDI:  I'm surprised at you, Merci.  That is so mean wanting to send your own fursibling to prison.

MICAH:  Come on, Cyndi, let's go look for a snack in the kitchen.

MERCI:  Guys, I told you there's no butler in my whudunit.  I was only trying to hire you because you told me I had to hire a butler and I can't afford to hire a real one.

PERCY:  Hey, what's all the yelling about?  You interrupted my nap.

MERCI:   I wasn't yelling.  I just said there is no butler in my whudunit and the next thing I knew, I was accused of trying to send Micah to jail for life.

PERCY:  No butler in your whudunit?  There has to be a butler in a whudunit.  You need to hire one right away.  By the way, what does the butler do in your whudunit?

MERCI:  *taps Delete key*  He disappears into thin air!


  1. Guess it is Back to the KEY BOARD and a New Genre. Pawhaps a nice Biography. BaaaaWaaah...

  2. I have never read a mystery where the butler actually done it.

  3. MOL, don't you wish that sometimes that delete key worked on those who give advice?

  4. well, at leest ya haz yur plot line now....searchin for de butler who never waz :) !!!

  5. heheheh it was the cat. wienie

  6. Oh that was a good one
    Lily & Edward

  7. Sounds like a game of clue.

  8. That delete key is always good to use! MOL

  9. MOL! That's one way to resolve writer's block, Merci! :)

  10. Delete: The writer's best friend, MOL!!
    And who did it anypaws??


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