Monday, March 21, 2016

Reimagine Thomaston

MERCI:  We had such peace and quiet around here for a few hours Saturday.

RUSTY:  Yes, Jan went out and put Marcus in his crate so he couldn't get into any mischief.

PERCY:  Jan and her friend went to Reimagine Thomaston.  She brought home a whole box of food but she won't share it.

MICAH:  Well, you have to admit, we aren't into drinking cranberry juice and we aren't allowed to have raisins. They could kill us.

CYNDI:  Yes, I guess there wasn't really anything in the box we could eat.

BUDDY:  It seems unfair we had to stay home while she had a good time.  And everything was free, so she didn't have any excuse.  Jan could have afforded free admission for all of us.

TAYLOR:  Jan got to chat with some humans she hasn't seen in a while and we got to nap in silence.  That seems like a fair trade to me.

MARCUS:  She took a few pictures.  They're not very good because I'm not in any of them, but they'll have to do for today's post. 

Norman Allen is on the ballot for County Chairman.  He is retired Navy so he would likely run a tight ship.  Good luck, Norm.

There was face painting for the kids.

Tim Gordy (blue shirt) heads A.C.T.S. Outreach of Georgia.  The initials stand for Always Choose To Serve.  Tim and some volunteers from Mountain View Baptist Church handed out food.  When Jan and her friend arrived, there was nothing left except hot dogs, but Jan ate two so she didn't starve.

Free haircuts.

Live entertainment.

Free clothes.  There were lots more on the other side of the white trailer.

Entertaining fun for the kids.

Free food.  They were giving out boxes filled with juices, applesauce, raisins, spaghetti and canned sauce, etc.  

Lanie and Michelle had some fun posting for a picture.  

Tim (right) and a friend stopped chatting long enough to pose for the camera. 

Two nice ladies from Silvertown Baptist Church worked at the clothing giveaway.

MARCUS: That's all we have for you today. Just a little fun outing for Jan. Never mind that we were left home alone to die of starvation.

CYNDI: Don't be melodramatic, Marcus! You've never starved since you came to live here.

MARCUS: Are you sure? I can hear my tummy rumbling. I wonder where I can find a box of dog biscuits to tide me over until dinner?


  1. Hari OM
    Oh I say, what a wonderful day - for Jan... but am also glad that (most of) you appreciated a little quiet time... Hugs wags and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. It looks like Jan had a great time...and you got quiet nap time and did NOT starve to death!!

    The Florida Furkids

  3. What a nice way to help the community. I'm glad that nobody starved from neglect! LOL!

  4. A fun day and a great way to support the community. Even at the cost of you poor starving pets.

  5. OMD we GUESS it is Okay fur Miss Jan to have ONE day away from all of you. We just HOPE she doesn't try to make a habit of it... RIGHT???

    It DOES look like a Fabulous place fur her to have visited.

  6. Sure sounds like a fun day cause foodables were involved
    Lily & Edward

  7. OH I bet your Jan did have a wonderful day, what a great event. stella rose

  8. It looks like Jan had a nice day at that event. Free food is always good!

  9. Dat's wunnerful. We hope Jan got lots of goodies to eat.

    Luv ya'


  10. It sure looks like someone was having some out n' about fun without you guys!

  11. Glad you let Jan out for some fun with other humans. Looks like it was a fun and lovely day.

  12. It sounds like Jan had a nice day and that's a good thing. Besides if she got free food, that would mean she can buy more treats for you kitties and woofies. :)

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  13. That looked like it was a fun event, and your Miss Jan sure scored if she brought home box of food.

    But well, she did come home again so you were not too neglected, LOL!

  14. A great day outdoors with community friends. Thanks for the photo opportunity and words of encouragement. Norman Allen

  15. That looks like a great community event! We're so glad Jan got to go, and enjoyed herself!


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