Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Send A Yacht

FUSTY: I thought I would post a picture of warmer and drier days.  It's not too bad here, though. Many of you are having much worse weather.

RUSTY:  Hey, Percy, you spelled my name wrong.  I'm Rusty, not Fusty!

PERCY:  Sorry, Rusty.  A slip of the paw.  As you know we have to make a fast post and get out of Jan's way.

BUDDY:  Yes, she has lots to do.  It's been a busy couple of days and it's going to be busier today.

CYNDI:  Jan spent part of Monday reading the instructions for the new monitor.  You'd think instructions would have come with it but she had to download a 60-page booklet from the CD.

CAMERON:  Since she couldn't read the instructions on the computer if something went wrong setting it up, she had to go through the instructions, copy and paste and print what she needed.

MERCI:  It was a bit overwhelming since she thought she was getting a regular monitor, but it turns out it has extra software that can be used.  The most interesting is the divided desktop one.

MICAH:  She hasn't had a chance to install any of it yet because things got a bit hectic around here yesterday.

SAM:  But the monitor is installed as of Tuesday morning.  We have to wear sunglasses to see the screen.

MARCUS:  We do?  I don't see any of us wearing any.

PERCY:  Sam was joking.  He means it is so bright and clear Jan can actually see what she's doing.

MARCUS:  Oh, I thought the reason she can see what she is doing is because she went from a 19" screen to a 24".  I think I look extra cute on the bigger screen.

CYNDI:  Of course, you think you look extra cute, Marcus.  But you're actually the same big-eared photo hog you've always been.

BUDDY:  The reason we have to rush is because we also had a flooded bathroom Tuesday and someone is coming to do some work this morning.

MERCI:  Jan has been running around like a headless chicken so we need to get out of her way.  Like now!

CAMERON:  We hope our Thankful Thursday post will be about a dry bathroom.

MICAH:  If not, please send a rowboat for us.

RUSTY:  A rowboat?  We won't all fit in a rowboat, especially with Brick Butt.

SAM:  You shouldn't talk about Jan like that!

RUSTY:  I wasn't talking about Jan.  I was referring to you, Sam. 

BUDDY:  Forget the rowboat.  Send a yacht!  And a referee!


  1. I am so glad the computer stuff is coming along..i also got a new one and as yet have not completed the requisite 900 page manual...or cd...yikes..hope you do not need a yacht! hugs Fozziemum xx

  2. Sometimes they make computers and monitors and printers and all electronics SO COMPLICATED! Hope the bathroom issues gets fixed soon.

  3. I have my paws crossed - that Jan gets everything figured out and life at you house slows down a little bit.


  4. Jan will work everything out
    Lily & Edward

  5. Well so glad that the monitor worked so well but sorry to hear about the bathroom!

  6. Lots going on there! Let us know if you need a boat. We don't have a yacht but we could send a canoe!!!

  7. Oh My! I hope Jan's got a paddle!!

  8. Hooray for the new monitor being up and running! Jan was smart to cut and paste what she needed ahead of time.

    Sorry to hear about the flooded bathroom. Yikes. Hopefully you won't need a rowboat, yacht, or anything else that floats!


  9. Oh No a flood. Weez so sorry yous pawdee box room got flooded and sure hope yous get it all fixed up and dwy soon. Hope there wuz no cawpet in there. As fur da monitor, MOL Mommy sez da same fing. All thses pawsum lectwonics and not one stitch of purrinted stwuctions. Makes mommy so mad. Hers a stwuction reader and is so fwaid hers gunna push a wong button and lose da stwuctions dat she duz da same fing as Jan. Good Luck.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  10. Oh gosh... I had better hope that my first peep never has to install somethin' like that. She would fail, for sure.


  11. eeks! a flood? Not good news for kitties...

    Noodle and crew

  12. Good your den, if its not one thing on the fritz, its another:(

    We sure hope you get the flooding problem fixed ...water does lots of naughty things when its in the wrong place.

    Glad the new monitor is good! Phew!

  13. We hope you don't need a yacht, or a submarine ! Purrs

  14. UGH! Computer problems are the worst!
    Glad some things are starting to work out though! Hope the new monitor works out for you.
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!


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