Monday, January 05, 2015

Flying Punch Line

MARCUS:  Hey, Buddy, can you teach me how to tell a joke?

BUDDY:  Of course, Marcus.  I'm an expert.

CYNDI:  You are?  I haven't heard any of us tell a good one yet.

BUDDY:  Well, sit down and prepare to learn.  Have either of you ever heard of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson?

MARCUS:  Sure, they have their own television show.

BUDDY:  No, not the imposters on TV.  The original Sherlock and Holmes from Baker Street in London, England.

CYNDI:  No, I haven't heard of them.  Who are they?

BUDDY:   Holmes was a great detective, quite famous for solving mysteries.  Watson was his trusted sidekick. Holmes' powers of deduction were quite sharp.

MARCUS:  So we're going to solve a mystery?

BUDDY:  Yes, we are.  You see, Holmes and Watson went camping.  They pitched their tent under the stars and were soon snoring away.

CYNDI:  And a bear came into camp looking for food?

BUDDY:  No, in the early hours of the morning, Sherlock woke Watson and said, "Look up at the stars and tell me what you see."

MARCUS:  So what did he see?  The Big Dipper pouring chocolate on the Milky Way?

BUDDY:  Watson told Holmes he saw millions and millions of stars.

MARCUS:  Millions?  Is that more than twenty?

CYNDI:  It sure is.  Probably a hundred or so more.

BUDDY:  "So what do you deduce from this?" Holmes asked Watson.

MARCUS:  What did Watson reply?

BUDDY:  Watson replied that if even a few of those millions of stars have planets, there might be some planets like earth and therefore there might be life on other planets.

MARCUS:  Wow, Watson was a very smart man.  I would never have thought of that.

BUDDY:  Not so fast, Marcus.  Holmes looked at Watson and said, "Watson, you're an idiot!  It means someone stole our tent."

MARCUS:  It does?  Did Holmes figure out who stole their tent and put him in jail? 

BUDDY:  You asked me to teach you how to tell a joke.  I just did but I think the punch line flew right over your head.  Let me know when you find it.


  1. bahhahahahahhahahah////stella rose

  2. How are you guys today? We hope there is improvement in the Computer area. It's good starting out with a funny on Monday.

  3. We know some humans like that...jokes totally go over their heads.

  4. Oh yea, we know humans like that too!

  5. guys...we hurd a bearz steelin pic a nik baskits but never tents !!! ..good one buddy ♥♥♥

  6. OMD it is TOUGH to tell a joke to a HECKLER... isn't it?

  7. MOL MOL! That's a pretty good one. We'll have to remember that.

  8. Sorry, but...BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Whew! I needed that. ☺

  9. good one, thanks for the smile!


  10. har har har - great joke dr buddy!

  11. Buddy, your talents are wasted on the rest of the crew. But it was funny!

  12. MOL ! Well done, Buddy, but it looks like you have to try again ! Purrs

  13. MOL Very cute.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  14. Bwahahahaha! We liked that one, Buddy!

  15. Chuckling all the way to the next blog...BOL!!
    Our peeps can be that way with jokes, too...evfurryone is giggling but then there is a big delay and its their turn! OMD!


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