Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Cleaning Computer Files

SAM:  What are you doing, Marcus?   I thought you don't like to type.

MARCUS:  I'm not going to type.  I'm going to delete.

SAM:  Cleaning up the computer for Jan, are you?

MARCUS:  Sort of.  I just read an email telling us we have a computer virus.

SAM:  I didn't see any email.  Was it addressed to us?

MARCUS:  Not exactly.  It was addressed to Jan.  I just thought I'd save her some time and take care of it myself.

SAM:  Can I see the email?

MARCUS:  Sure!  Here it is.  I'll just open it for you.

SAM:  Marcus, you haven't started deleting anything yet, have you?

MARCUS:  Not yet. First I have to let all our friends know in case they have the same virus.

SAM:  Well, don't tell anyone or delete anything!

MARCUS:  But this sounds serious.  Time is of the essence.

SAM:  Try reading the message slowly ... out loud.

MARCUS:    VARNING: MinnySoda Compewtr Virus.  Ve haf just sent you da NORVEGIAN VIRUS. Since ve do not haf any programming experience and do not know how to actually demage your computir, dis Virus verks on da honor system. Please forward dis Virus to eferyvone on your mailing list and den manually delete all of da files on your hard drive.  Tank you for your cooperation, Sven and Ole.

SAM:  Did you listen to the words as you read them?

MARCUS:  Of course.  These guys are very helpful and polite.  Perhaps I should send them a thank you note for saving our computer.

SAM: Back away from the computer without touching another key!  If you don't I'll tie you up and stuff you in the closet with the vacuum cleaner.

MARCUS:  Hey, that sounds like fun, Sam, but maybe another time. I think I hear a soccer ball calling my name.


  1. UhOh....Mommy is rollin around on da floor and can't seem to stop cacklin'. Dat is da funniest ting me heard all week! BOL BOL

  2. We don't like it when our files get dirty either!

  3. Awww, such polite fellows and such good helpers! MOL!

  4. We think you may have some spam...not ham. LOL

  5. We have not heard of that virus...it is hilarious.

  6. That's the funniest virus we've ever seen ! Purrs

  7. OMC How do yous peeps get these emails. Altho da be a whetowical question. Purrlease DON'T send it to us. MOL

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  8. We think we'd be okay with THAT kind of virus. But no need to send it along. MOL!

  9. Sven and Ole seem like real,nice guys!

  10. BOL..Mama says thank you for the giggle!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  11. Tee-hee! We think you are gullible, We giggled and giggled. Hope it really wasn't a real virus...them are meanies.

  12. MOL the Norwegian Virus MOL!!


  13. hello funny farmers its dennis the vizsla dog hay do not reply to that eemail!!! it is frum the sweedish chef and he is trying to git yore lokayshun so he can inundayt yoo with unwanted sweedish meetballs!!! in fakt ummm just forward the eemail on to me and i wil tayk kayr of it for yoo!!! ok bye

  14. wait. Mommy says she's half Norwegian. Which half, I don't know. But both halfs laughed!


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