Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Flapping and Gliding

MERCI:  This is what the sky looked like when we started to walk Jan yesterday morning. 

MARCUS:  Do you see them?  They were all around us, flying low, a small convention directly overhead and over nearby houses.  They were alternately flapping and gliding.  We think they were hawks but have never seen one up close, especially not from the underside, so we're not positive.

Update:  We've been told they are vultures searching for food. 

MERCI:  Marcus was anxious to get walking but Jan just stood there gawking at the big birds circling in the sky. 

MARCUS:  We have seen these birds circling from a distance in the past but never so close.  I could have almost leaped high enough to catch one. 

MERCI:  They were low, just over the roof of our house.  Jan tried to run us back inside.  Marcus kicked up a fuss.  He attempted to run out the door when Jan grabbed the camera and closed us inside.  Did he ever holler in protest! 

MARCUS:  It served her right that when she got back outside they had disappeared. She turned off the camera and was reaching for the door knob when they returned. 

MERCI:  She turned the camera back on and discovered she had accidentally hit the button that turned off the LED screen and she didn't remember which button would turn it back on, so she just aimed the camera in the general direction of several birds at a time and clicked the shutter.

MARCUS:  I'm glad they finally flew away so Merci and I could have our walk.  Sam and Buddy missed this.  They preferred to sleep in Monday morning.

MERCI:  One day you'll be an old dog, Marcus, and you'll want to sleep in too. It must be a guy thing.  I'm older than all of you and I was up and raring to go.  I did not, however, throw a temper tantrum like a certain big-eared dog did when our walk was delayed.

MARCUS:  Well, I was starving.  We don't get breakfast until after our walk.  And I didn't throw a tantrum, I voiced my displeasure.

BUDDY:  Could you voice it a bit more quietly next time?  It was hard to sleep through all that caterwauling. 


  1. THE BIRDS!!! It made Mom think of the movie!

  2. I believe you were watching Vultures searching for food. We've had injured ones at AWARE, the wildlife place I volunteer for, and they are very neat, cool birds. Also big! There are Black Vultures and Turkey Vultures.
    I feel so privileged to be able to see these amazing birds up close and personal :)

  3. We agree with Cats~Goats~Quotes. There are always vultures circling the woods by our home. They look just like that. We also have a lot of hawks and they are beautiful flyers.

  4. YOU have VULTURES???? ALREADY???????????????? OURS don't come back until MARCH 15th... they ALWAYS arrive in HINKLEY, OH on that EXACT same Date...
    Spring is Coming if the Vultures are back...

  5. PeeS.... We saw TWO ROBINS on our hill yesterday.

  6. Those are beautiful photos!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  7. Yes, we also have those very same birds that live across the highway from us, and roost on the tower right outside of the jail. WE are sure there is a reason for it but haven't figured that out yet.
    stella rose

  8. We have those too, and sometimes hawks,turkeys, geese, herons and cranes....not to mention crows. All big birds that are interesting in their own ways. Our fave has to be the cranes. We love how the do flying dances and in synch even! They are amazing to watch and the noise they make is furry distinctive.
    You did good, 'capturing' those vultures!


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