Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Bum Warmer

RUSTY:  We've been listening to Jan complain about kids not needing to learn cursive in school any more.

MERCI:  Do any of you know what cursive is?  Jan mumbles when she talks about it and I have not yet figured out what she's talking about.

PERCY:  Don't worry.  We don't need to learn it.  We have a computer.

MICAH: Funny, that's just what the grandson said to his grandmother in the video we just watched.

SAM:  Cursive is handwriting.  We can't do handwriting since we don't have hands, we have paws. 

CYNDI:  Oh, so that's what all the fuss is about.  I thought it was something like knitting and Jan was upset because no one would know how to knit her a bum warmer.

MARCUS:  Why would she care if no one knits her a bun warmer.  How often does she eat buns?

CAMERON:  Not a bun warmer, a bum warmer.  She probably wants one for church since she's been freezing her bum off sitting on those cold metal chairs this winter.   

BUDDY:  We thought we would post a funny video for the humans.  Jeanne Robertson explains to her grandson why cursive is important and that he should learn cursive on his own.  And she has some incentive! 

If the video doesn't play, click here.


  1. Whatever it is, it looks warm and comfy to US!

  2. Our MOM (the BEtired teacher) says that "THEY" have RE THOUGHT this and are going back to Teaching it... and starting to teach it to the OLDER ones who have missed out...
    THEY didn't stop teaching Math Facts... when Calculators became available... so WHY would THEY stop teaching Cursive Writing just beclaws of Computers????? Typewriters have been around fur like 87 years and "THEY" still taught Cursive.... If "THEY" give up Cursive... one must ask... why teach MANUSCRIPT (Printing)?? Mom says... SOMETIMES..... "THEY" are dumber than a box of rocks. Just sayin.

  3. Oh our momma laughed and laughed at this......thanks for sharing....stella rose

  4. We love when grandmothers resort to bribery. hehehe

  5. That video is really funny! It is unbelievable what teachers are not allowed to teach any longer. It is scary how much technology has replaced human intelligence. LOL!

  6. Goodness what is handwriting going to stop? Are we going to use our fingerprint for ID? (instead of a signature?)

  7. Your post is really funny, but it makes us sad that forms of communication like cursive writing are no longer being taught in school. Sometimes it seems the human race is becoming over-dependent upon technology...

  8. Yep, upsets mommy too dat kids not have to learn to write or do maff or make commplete sentences. All cuz of teck stuffs. It's not wight, just not wight at all. Funny video.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  9. As a K-12 teacher, Mum is glad that none even thinks about it in Switzerland ! It's not just only about writing, it's about reading and learning too... Funny video ! Purrs

  10. Oh yea, that was good!

  11. My human's handwriting is so bad, she can barely read it herself! She is kind of glad it has gone out of fashion as a means of communication because it never worked well for her, MOL!

  12. We need to keep those curly words. We hope F&E are right!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  13. I want a bum warmer too!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  14. Bum warmer, MOL!

    Meowmy was at a meeting today and she had to quickly pen a verse for a game they were doing...and she asked her tablemate to proof read she said she didn't know how, OMC! That is sad really...and how then will they be able to write thankyou notes or cards, etc...

    We need to get the basics taught from the get go...anyone remember anything about the three R's??

  15. Hey ...the human is helping on a documentary on just that subject!

    Noodle and crew

  16. Thanks for the laugh! Good incentive for learning cursive! Hope someone knits Jan a nice bum warmer. Rascal and Rocco

  17. That was funny! I remember back in the dawn of time when I was at Primary school, I could not get the letter P right, (I kept rounding off the back of the upright) and my teacher made me keep doing it until I got it right. It's funny how those distant memories come back.


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