Friday, November 30, 2012

Chatting with Sparkle, Binga & Boodie

We are pleased to have Sparkle the Designer Cat, along with her roommates Binga & Boodie, as our interview subjects today.  If you already know Sparkle, you know she is a very busy working kitty, so we were fortunate to get her to sit down and answer some questions. 

Binga & Boodie are quiet and pretty.  Sparkle did the talking,while they nodded and smiled.  A very sweet kitty family.

 We hope you will go by Mousebreath to read their story: Sparkle the Designer Cat … with Binga & Boodie.

And they'd be happy to have you stop by to say hello on Sparkle the Designer Cat blog too.

We really need to get a new badge.  Poor Micah is going to spend the rest of his life in therapy.  Percy hates him and after 2 months, he's still not on our badge.  Hang in with us, Micah!  We'll get you there as soon as we can.  (Ann of Zoolatry designed our Funny Farmer Feline badges - this one and the "I was interviewed" badge, and as you all know she's extra busy.)

Judi of Sammy & Andy's blog died Wednesday afternoon after months of illness and she will be missed by many.. 


  1. Oh, we're heading over to read the interview!

    We hope you all have a good weekend!

  2. Blogville will REALLY miss Judi Bug fur SURE. She was one in 87 Million.

  3. we bee trooly sorree ta lurn bout yur mom's friend...N micha...we still think ya shuld offer sum trout ta percy N see what happens !!! haza grate week oh end everee one !!

  4. That's so sad about Judi-Bug. We are purring and praying for her family.

    We love, love, love Sparkle, Binga and Boodie. We are headed to read the interview now!

    P.S. - Micah, we sure hope that new badge comes SOON!

  5. Headed right over to read this interview with Sparkle.
    We are sorry to hear about Judi too.

  6. I will tell you a secret - I actually put a GAG on Binga! Thanks for the great interview!

    P.S. I was very, very saddened to hear about Judi. She will be missed a lot around here.

  7. Miss Jan.... THANK YOU SOOOOOO Very Much for the wonderful and caring Email. We really appreciate that you took the time to do that fur us.
    Frankie & Ernie & Lana

  8. Me too! Sparkle, Binga and Boodie are fun to read about.

  9. Lovin' da interviews! Fanks for coming to read about Mom's scrambled brains. She wuz warming da eggs up in da sun for a recipe. What wuz she finkin'?

  10. We LOVED the interview! Great job as usualy guys!!

  11. Wez didn't nose Judi Bug but our pawrayer's go to her family..Gonna pop over and read the interview :) xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  12. I headed straight over for the interview. Loved it!

  13. I'm gonna check out the interview.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  14. Looking forward to reading the interview.

  15. Yous guys is the best interviewers ever! Me really enjoyed learning more about Sparkle, Binga and Bodi


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